Dreams Related To Hotel

A nice hotel

A dream in which you stay for the night in a clean, cozy, well furnished and adorned hotel is usually a favorable sign. Such a dream foretells an approaching period of delight and prosperity in your life, filled with the success, pleasures and riches you have long desired for. As an alternative, the described dream could prophesize amusing journeys and extraordinary experiences waiting for you in the nearest future. Do your best to seize these opportunities and get the most out of them, as they may be the breath of fresh air you have been long expecting to come your way.

A hotel in bad shape

Dreaming of yourself being accommodated in an untidy, low-grade hotel with unattentive or even impolite employees, is usually an unfavorable sign. It may be the symbol of fruitless undertakings and unsuccessful ventures or projects. A similar dream could also reflect a certain wrong decision in your life which turned out to be this way in a hard or painful fashion as if somebody or something had put a curse on you. It is impossible to say how long ago this decision was made or which aspect of the dreamer's life it was related to.

Staying in a hotel overnight

Envisioning yourself staying for just a single night in a hotel of some sort may speak of inner worries and doubts concerning your current life in general or any of its aspects particularly. For example, these feelings may be related to certain challenges you could be experiencing in providing for your family. Or you could be dealing with a presentiment that your current romantic alliance would soon develop into a frustrating and hurtful experience as a result of inattentiveness and lack of affection on your or their part.

A hotel in general

Generally, dreaming of yourself staying in a hotel, regardless of the reason for such an accommodation, is an ill omen foretelling bad luck, failure in current projects and endeavors, financial losses and even restriction of your freedom in one way or another. For people working in the marketing and sales niche, such a dream is a confident harbinger of upcoming poor performance. For those in a romantic relationship, similar dreams prophesize an approaching breakup, resulting from either an inner conflict or external circumstances.

A lot of people in your hotel room

Dreaming of yourself returning to your hotel room and finding it crowded by other individuals speaks of possible inner concerns about the trustworthiness of the people you are surrounded by. You may believe they are not dependable or fear that they would bring you more trouble than aid if you choose to ask them for help or entrust them with some of your own responsibilities and duties. For entrepreneurs, such a dream may be a sign of displeasure with the latest results of his or her workers' performance.

Leaving a hotel

A dream in which you see yourself checking out of a hotel, for example, at the end of a journey abroad or a holiday trip, signifies your readiness and willingness to embrace personal growth, abandon bad habits and cast off unhealthy connections. Such a dream is to be considered as a gesture of encouragement to finally take control over the aspects of your existence that prevent you from achieving your innermost aspirations and get rid of existing roadblocks for the sake of a better life in the future.

Being lost in a hotel

Hotels as symbols in the dreamscape depict a level of comfort and success which is typically an auspicious sign. However, being unable to find your way around the hotel means you are self-aware about the effects of worldly delights or temptations. You refuse to be lulled or hypnotized by the ease afforded by prosperity. Perhaps a life of luxury is making you question your purpose in life.

Staying in a hotel room

Staying in a hotel room during the course of a dream vision usually reflects some inner worries or concerns bothering you in wake life. In most cases, this type of vision refers to general concerns pertaining to your daily life, like the people you interact with or the tasks you have to accomplish each day. For instance, you may be worried about someone younger engaging in premarital sex, putting them at risk of disease or unplanned pregnancy. Alternatively, you may be concerned about the amount of hours your work or your hourly wage being enough to cover the bills and put food on the table.

Surprised by the hotel

Envisioning yourself in a dream reserving a hotel room and afterward finding it much more comfortable, cozy and stylish than you have initially expected it to be, is usually a bad omen. Such a dream foretells upcoming events that are bound to leave you unemployed. These occurrences may be the result of your personal attitude or a general change in the company's policy, maybe in the form of a scaling down in the office. Regardless of the specific circumstances that would result in yourself losing your current job, it is recommended to prepare for this scenario beforehand and start looking for an alternative job or source of income.

Dirty water flooding inside of a hotel

I was sitting in a chair outside a hotel room when brown dirty and yellow clumpy water from the bathroom flowed out and was seeping under the doors of the rooms. I lifted and put my feet up yo avoid it, while a young man with a push broom kept pushing it away.

The symbolic vision of being outside of a hotel you have experienced in this dream reflects your hesitation or concerns about going on some planned trip or vacation to a distant location. You could have been having second thoughts about the quality of stay or the treatment you would get there. You are questioning the whole idea of going away and could be thinking that you are not prepared to go for some reason known to you. The vision of overflowing dirty water in dream interpretation signifies a series of disagreements or confrontations with people around you. It could be that you would have to settle several issues with people close to you either before going away or on when you arrive to location of your stay.

A five-star hotel

A dream in which your journey leads you to an opulent, luxurious five-star hotel may be an indicator of your distanced, apathetic and laid-back attitude regarding all aspects of your life in general. Most likely, you would rather relax on a couch and enjoy a TV show instead of going out and pursuing your dreams, even though the means for that could be just at hand. Know that such an idle behavior never leads to success and never moves your goals closer to their fulfillment, so do not expect any significant changes in your routine before you first attempt to change your usual pattern of living.

Owning a hotel

A dream depicting yourself as the owner of a hotel or as the person running it is usually to be interpreted as a favorable sign of good luck and approaching success. The odds are in your favor, so do your best to seize the related opportunities in their fullest. Such a dream may also foretell the cleaning up of possible roadblocks in your way, allowing you to proceed in the achievement of something valuable that you could have been hesitant to pursue.

Looking for a hotel

A dream in which you envision yourself searching for a hotel during a journey or travel may be foretelling upcoming trials and hardships in the achievement of current goals and progressing in your projects or other undertakings. Such a vision could indicate that regardless of the amount of time and efforts you invest into your endeavors, impassable obstacles could arise in your way blocking the road to success. This scenario would be most likely time-limited, so brace yourself and wait patiently for a more favorable time to reach your goals.

Living in a hotel

A dream in which you envision yourself having a hotel as a place of long-term living or permanent residence is a symbol of your inner displeasure and discomfort concerning your current place of inhabitancy in waking life. This scenario could be the result of problematic relationships in your family circle, which constantly make you feel intimidated, trapped in your own home like an animal in a cage. This interpretation is especially true if the dream in question is a recurrent one. If so, it is recommended to thoroughly analyze the current status quo in your home and think about possible ways to improve it.

A hotel from a distance

A dream in which you observe a hotel from a distance, as well as a dream in which you are gradually approaching it, foretells upcoming changes of great magnitude in your life. As a rule, these changes are related to moving to another place of inhabitance while searching for a better working conditions or general circumstances of living. Such a dislocation could also be the result of untreatable disagreements you may currently have with the people surrounding you at the moment.

Entering a hotel

A dream in which you witness yourself entering a hotel may indicate that you want to get away from you own past in general or from a specific event, regardless of whether you perceive it as pleasant or hurtful. Your mind may be trying to find a way to move forward and stop dwelling in days now gone, reflecting this desire in the form of a hotel in your dream. This interpretation is true regardless of whether the envisioned hotel was an expensive establishment or no more than a humble bed under a countryside roof.

Weird things in a hotel room

Me and Tyler kids had this huge hotel room, it may have as well been a house. So they were in one bed and me and Jackie are in another, and the first thing that happened was the fire alarm kept going off while we were trying to sleep, but when we got outside, it was daylight at the moment, we went back inside and it was night. After the fire alarm was done going off Jackie fell asleep, I woke up cause I started hearing and seeing things.

The most prominent symbol in this dream vision that stands out is the inconsistency between night and day. Having a dream in which there seems to be both day and night occurring at the same time usually represents a great love in life. This could be related to someone you are already in a relationship with, meaning that some event may come to pass which would strengthen your love for this person. Alternatively, it could be a completely new person appearing on your horizon soon who flips everything upside down and makes you feel special. In either case, there is unlikely to be another love experience like this one.

Meeting an ex in a hotel

I went to a nice hotel to move in with an ex and had a friend, asked if I could take a shower, the ex said no. I saw another room next to ours. I went inside and told everyone that the luggage looked familiar, then my ex husband came in with my kids. Turns out that ex hubby was with an underage girl. I took the kids and left everyone.

This vision contains a number of symbols that suggest you need to reevaluate some aspects of your life, particularly your own behavior and who you spend time with. For instance, moving into a hotel is the first symbol, and it is a prominent, vivid portent associated with dissatisfaction with parts of your reality. Your unconscious mind is already fed up, and is using this vision to bring these feelings to the forefront of your mind. Next, your ex's insistence that you do not shower alludes to not keeping company with men or women who can improve your life. This is supported by the image of the familiar looking luggage, a sign that reveals emotional baggage is rearing its ugly head again in your life. Finally, the source of your troubles is seen in the image of your ex-husband with the underaged girl. This disturbing image actually represents your own naïve, gullible nature. Rather than having anything to do with him, this symbol means your blindness to the true nature of some people in your life is preventing you from making the best choices for yourself.

Unable to book a hotel

A dream depicting yourself in the role of a wandering traveler unable to find a hotel to rest your head for the night may be a symbol of your isolated and lonesome nature. This is a reflection of the challenges you experience in communicating with the people around you and forming lasting connections with them. As a result, you may feel you cannot have confidence in anybody or expect aid and support in times of need.

Being a hotel employee

Dreaming of yourself occupying the position of a hotel employee indicates your tenacity and willingness to invest significant time and efforts into your work. This attitude you exhibit may result in salary raise in your current position or even a noticeable promotion inside your company. As an alternative, you may soon find a better working opportunity and successfully be hired for the position. In any case, these events would soon lead to a significantly more prosperous life in general.

Incidents at a hotel

It starts that I am about to enter a hotel. The hotel starts to flood. While opening the 2nd-floor door dead or dying fish float in. Next, in a car going down a dirt road. Similar to Costa Rica a place where guys were filming a movie. I am hating what I am wearing, in a washroom, meet two lovely local women. We sit and chat in the middle of the floor. I start to misplace items, a purse, a friend's jumper I borrowed, shoes, and memory. Meet cute guy, he gets my #. A friend is mean. I leave, but can't remember the name of the hotel.

Your dream as a whole alludes to a significant shift or transformation in your life. The luxury and comforts provided by a hotel refer to your current contentment with your status quo. Your existing lifestyle may however suffer a blow. Floods signify an upcoming misfortune. It could mean an upcoming illness, defamation of character coming from people who dislike you, or a long and useless court proceeding. The dead or dying fishes point to the resulting sorrow and losses from the challenges you are about to encounter, this could be related to material possessions or emotional and psychological aspects of your life. Possibly, as a way to recover from turbulent times, there could be a need to let go and unburden yourself of unnecessary baggage, material or emotional. Misplacing things and forgetting memories is symbolic of shedding parts of yourself that are no longer relevant to your soon-to-be-transformed self.

At a hotel wearing formal attire

A distinct dream where I have a black dress on with black high heels. I'm at a hotel and saying I only want room number 17 and it must be an executive suite.

Trying to get a room at a hotel and specifically requesting a suite may mean you are about to go through a series of trials and tribulations, most likely something to do with an important project or task you would soon undertake. The number 17, then, takes on a special significance, as it indicates frustration and mental fatigue upon facing these challenges. It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and tired after days and weeks of long nights and little peace. However, the black dress and matching heels predict bad news, in this case, that your hard work is all for naught. Whatever you hoped the outcome to be, there is little chance it could come to fruition. It may be better to cut your losses early or choose a plan of action that is more likely to succeed.

Luxury hotel

Staying at or visiting a luxury hotel, according to modern dream workers, is a sign of good things to come in your family or personal life. The symbolism behind the wealth and opulence of a fancy hotel cannot be overstated. In the future, your personal life would be filled with pleasant interactions and surprises. Furthermore, little problems that have troubled you for some time now would almost miraculously disappear.