Dreams Related To Hospital

Visiting someone in a hospital

Having a dream vision where you visit an injured or sick person staying in a hospital is often a prediction of discovering some unpleasant, potentially shocking news in the near future. What you learn from this news could completely change your opinion about the person or topic involved. This is especially true if you knew the person you were visiting in this dream. If you did not recognize the person you paid a visit to, it can indicate an upcoming situation in which your assistance is requested and you whole-heartedly wish to help. You could be involved with a particular person or act as a volunteer in a larger organization.

Deceased mother and grandmother in hospital

I arrived finally at this hospital I've never been to before, when I walk into the room that I was going to, I saw someone with their back to me with another person standing next to them facing the same way. When I started walking toward them they both turned around. It was my mom and my mom's mom (both are deceased 5yrs/7yrs) but they both had medical tape holding theirs eyes closed.

Going to the hospital during a dream vision is normally considered a negative symbol predicting shocking and unpleasant news coming your way. This is juxtaposed with the image of your deceased mother and grandmother, who under normal circumstances would be considered happy symbols of love and support. However, in this vision their eyes are covered, suggesting a limited understanding of what is going on around you. In essence, this vision is warning for you not to let unhappiness and bad circumstances blind you from the fact that you have friends and family who would be willing to do anything for you as long as you ask for help.

Being a patient in a hospital

Envisioning yourself as a patient at a hospital, whether you were recently admitted or recovering, is often the manifestation of such event in the real world, namely that you may require medical care for a serious condition at a hospital or clinic. The disease or ailment you suffer from could come on suddenly or be a persistent condition. Additionally, being a patient in a hospital can also represent being stressed to the point of sickness due to overwork or spreading yourself too thin. You may need to take more personal time and delegate tasks which do not need your direct intervention.

Leaving a hospital

Exiting a hospital in a dream vision, especially after having been cured of an illness or taken care of after an accident, is often interpreted as a positive sign in regards to conflicts or rivalries you may currently be experiencing. More specifically, this symbol suggests that even though this person or group has been trying to ruin your plans and turn others against you, you are likely to be victorious in upcoming disputes. Additionally, exiting a hospital can also mean overcoming existing health problems, leading to a healthier and happier life.

A hospital in general

Seeing a hospital in a dream vision, whether you see it as a building or just subconsciously aware of its presence, points toward an upcoming christening that you are likely to attend. This could be of a child that is related to you or the child of a very close friend. Additionally, hospitals are generally considered to be positive signs in relation to personal health and wealth, indicating success in your endeavors and good luck in matters which are not directly under your control.

Seeing injured patients at a hospital

Entering the critical ward of a hospital and seeing injured or disfigured patients is usually interpreted as a negative sign in regards to your communication with others. It normally predicts a period of time in which people treat you with indifference or nonchalance, not caring about the things which matter so much to you. In the worst cases, people may even be extremely hostile toward you.

Emergency room at a hospital

Taking a trip to the emergency room or being admitted to the hospital under serious circumstances is often thought to represent internal fears or a sixth sense that something dangerous is about to occur. However, being able to sense and recognize upcoming danger could also give you some inner peace. As a result of this vision, you may be inspired to seek forgiveness from someone you have wronged or to mend a relationship which ended badly. Doing so before disaster strikes could prevent you from feeling you have unfinished business. Additionally, being in an emergency room could indicate persistent thoughts about a person who left this world a short time ago.

Overcrowded hospital

Being inside a hospital that is filled to the brim with patients and staff could predict the onset of war or armed conflict. The increase in the amount of injured and maimed can be imagined easily based on the picture painted by this vision. The military operations or fighting that is likely to take place may occur relatively close to you or could affect an unusually high percentage of your friends and family both directly and indirectly.

Treatment with water at a hospital

Being diagnosed with or treated by water within a hospital indicates being able to put off an unwanted or ill-timed event, such as a meeting or appointment, until the situation better suits you. This means you are able to postpone the encounter until some later point in time or completely avoid the interaction in general. If the water treatment has only been suggested but not carried out within the context of the vision, it may predict using a lot of time and resources to get people to see your view regarding a certain situation.

Psychiatric ward of a hospital

Having a dream about the psychiatric ward of a hospital, whether you were a patient in this vision or just were passing through, indicates an upcoming period of time in your life characterized by increasing levels of stress and anxiety, especially from outside sources which are pressuring you. The challenges you find yourself against during his time may be difficult to solve, particularly if you struggle to cope with your emotional state at the same time.

Someone taken to a hospital

Envisioning a person being transported to the hospital after obtaining a serious, life-threatening injury, such as after a fight, car accident or terrorist attack, could be the manifestation of genuine concern for the health and safety of others. Just like standing by while trained professionals care for the injured, so does this dream suggest wanting to be there for someone who is suffering. This vision can also be interpreted as a sign of wanting a certain someone to rely on you for help, advice or guidance.

Giving someone a ride to the hospital

Taking someone to the hospital in a dream vision, whether you drove them of your own volition or as part of your job, predicts receiving surprising but positive news in the near future. While the information you attain may be confusing at first, it is likely to bring you much happiness and contentment once the initial shock has worn off and the truth of the matter becomes more clear.

Being kept in a hospital against own will

I was in a facility. Almost like a hospital except me and my dad were getting hauled off for something we had done. As I was following behind him, I got lost. And wandered into a girl's bedroom. For some reason, I couldn't escape and a woman would feed me daily. A little girl was there with me and she helped me leave. As I was trying to find my dad, I woke up. I am also a girl.

Dreaming of being in a hospital, especially if it was perceived as an institution depriving you of your freedom, suggests an upcoming period of time in your life characterized by increasing levels of stress and anxiety. The sources of stress are likely external forces pressuring you to do something you disagree with. This may end up causing a rift or distance between you and your loved ones. The challenges you find yourself facing during his time may be difficult to solve, particularly if you struggle to cope with your emotional state at the same time.

Treated by useless methods at a hospital

Being admitted to a hospital as a patient and being subjected to ineffective or useless treatments which do not help you represents your struggle to find balance and stability among the multiple duties and responsibilities you have every day. You are probably trying you best to get everything under control and do the things you know you should, such as exercising and work projects, but fear you are falling behind others. You may even be scrutinizing your life based on what you see other people posting on social media. However, each person's life is very different, and continuing to torment yourself may lower your self-esteem with no benefit for you or your life.

Being employed at a hospital

Being part of hospital staff, such as a doctor, nurse, or technician, predicts an upcoming situation in which you may be responsible for helping other people deal with or solve their problems. This could include providing counseling and advice or may mean that you actually step in a physically fix the problem yourself. This sign could also indicate the presence of latent psychological issues or trauma in the mind of the dreamer which have developed due to issues that have arisen in their life.

Hospital building from a distance

Seeing a hospital from a distance, such as from down the street or across a park, can be interpreted as a sign that your life in the near future is likely to be stress-free and enjoyable. This usually includes a boost to your current financial situation and other minor improvements to your quality of life.

General admissions hospital

Envisioning yourself at the general admissions counter of a hospital, such as for your yearly checkup or a physical, is the manifestation of a deep desire to connect with someone. This means you either want to invite someone into your life or be integrated into the life of someone you know. This vision is often suggestive of needing the approval or support of others, including being dependent on others for your happiness. This is because the relationship between doctors and patients are usually one-sided in terms of need.

Being pregnant and in a hospital

I have seen a dream where I were in a place looking like a hospital, but not so much arranged with small rooms. I have seen one or two rooms then a girl who was pregnant lying on a bed and I think I know her, but in the dream I was communicating something with her. Then in next scene I saw myself also having a child birth and then I have seen my father holding my child and I was informing them about this. Later on I realized how they all would react as I am still unmarried and I was unable to understand even not after getting up in the morning.

Perhaps you are very interested in learning more or communicate with other women, or even families, who are already parents and have children or who are about to give birth. Many rooms in this dream could represent that you have been in contact with several individuals or families, but the information they provided you with was either insufficient or unclear to you. You also have obvious inclinations to seek advice from your parents or older people in the family, and it is interesting that your mother somehow did not appear in this dream. There could be personal circumstances known only to you as to why she was not present in this dream.

Waking up a patient in a hospital

A guy woke up when I entered the hospital room, he was a patient.

Dreaming about running into or walking through hospital patients predicts facing a period in your life that would be characterized by indifference, ignorance or even outright hostility toward you. The notion of the patient waking up upon your entry could also mean that you may have been doing something recently, not necessarily wrong, to evoke or magnify these kinds of attitudes in those you are surrounded by.

Getting tested in hospital connected to school

I've been having this same dream every night that I'm in a hospital that's connected to a school. I'm lying on something getting pressure tests done and all sorts of tests to see if my body is healthy enough to travel to space (Mars). The tests always make me weak, so I always walk through these doors into the school and go into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Then the doctor gets me to have me do more tests and the dream is over.

Dreaming about being treated or tested at a hospital could mean that you are having some difficulties balancing your duties, responsibilities and projects, perhaps fearing you are letting some of them fall behind while focusing too much on others. Since you were being tested by an unfamiliar doctor, this could also signal that you could be slowly accumulating feelings of despair or hopelessness during your waking hours. Similarly, dreaming of looking at yourself in the mirror could also mean growing disagreements with people around you, when you could be wasting too much energy during these conflicts.

Reluctant to leave the hospital

Being in a situation where you are hesitant or unsure whether you should exit or be discharged from a hospital in a dream vision is usually considered a manifestation of fears in real life. More specifically, this sign points toward growing anxiety when dealing with people and affairs outside the safety and comfort of your home. Because hospitals are usually places people seek help or relief from their suffering, you may be projecting your need to be protected and cared for through this vision. If you can remember the specific reason you were admitted to the hospital in the first place, you might get a clue as to what area of your life could use the most attention and help.

Being a doctor at a hospital

Seeing yourself as a doctor or physician in a large hospital represents an upcoming opportunity to show a previously unknown side of yourself to the person you are seeing or romantically involved with. This newfound knowledge may surprise or even shock your partner, but it is unlikely to scare them away or worry them. In fact, it may even bring the two of you closer together, improving the quality of your relationship and giving you something new to discuss and share over time.

Being examined at a hospital

Being examined by a doctor or nurse in the context of a hospital, whether it is routine screening or more invasive testing, carries a positive prediction for physical health ailments that have been bothering you as well as projects you are working on. In the case of health, this vision portends achieving an improved physical condition if you have recently had persistent troubles, such as a stubborn cough or aching back. For business, this vision indicates improved outcomes on a project which, until now, has performed below expectations. Being poked and prodded by a physician can also be interpreted as a subconscious reminder to get a check up in wake life too. Finally, specifically envisioning laboratory tests may suggest an upcoming opportunity which looks promising on the surface but actually eats up a lot more of your time and resources than you were originally willing to invest.

Hospice as a hospital

Having a dream where you visit a hospice or another facility for the elderly or terminally ill is often interpreted as a sign that someone in your life may need your assistance or expertise. This means they are in a complicated or delicate situation which needs your advice or negotiating skills to get them out of the mess. If, instead of visiting this facility you were admitted or interned there, it may suggest finding the answer to a question or problem which has plagued your mind for a long time, giving you a sense of accomplishment and relief.

A hospital you previously stayed in

Being re-admitted to a hospital, particularly if the past experience happened in wake life, could indicate the presence of a chronic or debilitating disease which may require special medical attention at a hospital. This could be a new ailment or a problem that reoccurs with time. Being inside a hospital you have previously spent some length of time in can also represent feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety or depression, most likely stemming from having a difficult time finding your purpose or calling in life.

Being in a hospital bed

Finding yourself in a hospital bed during REM sleep is often thought to predict such an event in wake life, at least according to modern dream interpreters. In essence, this symbol suggests you may become ill and need medical attention from a hospital or clinic. This symbol by itself does not reveal whether this would be an ongoing issue or a one-time event. You would have to look at other images in the dream to figure out what you might be dealing with.

Feeling threatened in front of a hospital

My mom, my sister and I are standing in front of a large hospital, I feel that we are in danger, so we split up, my mom and sister go one way and I go the other. I see a stranger, a man I don't know wave to a man in the sky on a hang glider and out of nowhere a poisonous arrow was shot into the stranger's hand and at this point I find my mom and sister and run inside the hospital for help.

Standing in front of a large hospital can be interpreted as a sign that your life in the near future is likely to be stress-free and enjoyable. The idea of going separate ways while running away signifies saying goodbye to your old habits, particularly ones that were a waste of money or did not add value to your life. However, old habits die hard, and you may find yourself running back to them if you are not vigilant.

Unable to visit mother in hospital

In my dream my mum was in hospital with hours to live, she was completely unresponsive. When visiting her I could not go in her room. I had to watch from a computer screen, like a web cam. I was pleading to tell her I love her and she had done a great job but was not allowed in the room. My mum is alive and well in real life. I see her everyday. I am a 26 year old female.

Dreaming about a close relative dying in a hospital bed is not a literal warning of what could happen, however, it could signal that some future events could take place regarding this specific person. Your mother, in this case, could become the source of some surprising news which could change your opinion about her and perhaps cause you to feel disappointed or embarrassed. But your willingness to let go of the older version of your mother and accept the new one is the key to learning how to deal with the issue. Your mother dying in the dream could be a metaphor for your own perception of who she is used to be up to this moment.

Being in an empty hospital

To dream that you are wandering the hallways of a hospital with no people indicates a general sense of emptiness. This could mean you are feeling abandoned and you may want your emotional needs to be addressed, but you do not know where to start. It is also likely that the hospital setting signifies outstanding medical needs, including expenses brought about by an illness, and perhaps you are not seeing viable solutions to your problems.

Working in a hospital

Working in a hospital in your dream is a symbol of your inner healing power that works best in strengthening your personal relationships. People seek your presence for advice and friendly words for help in times of trouble. You can easily understand their emotions and empathize with their emotions as a result. Having this vision is also a sign of being decisive in the most crucial times of your life. You can easily look for answers because of this ability.