Dreams Related To Hook

Someone removing a hook from the nose

Setting: near a body of water, grass to ankles, trees surrounding background. It's dark and only the moon is lighting. There's a foggy mist everywhere that never reaches above the knees. My dream: I see a dark and shadowy figure which I could only imagine was a lady's arm reach out to my face and pull out a massive hook from my nose. I felt instant relief and a sense of freedom. The figure still being there and still indistinguishable except that I thought it looked like a woman with long hair.

The dark, moonlit night of your dream vision reveals that you are seeing a reflection of your subconscious. This is mirrored by the fog, a sign of darker, depressing thoughts. There are likely many things weighing heavily on your mind right now, like your health, finances or the political or economic stability of your area. The shadowy woman who pulled a hook from your nose is, in this dream, meant to represent a spirit guide. She is pulling the hook, a sign of independence, from a nose, a symbol associated with moral decisions, to show you that you have the power to influence situation with your own two hands. Now is the time to get involved with a cause you care about rather than sit in the dark dwelling on darker thoughts. For example, if the plight of the homeless upsets you, maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen and reach out to individuals to learn why they are homeless. Then you can feel like you are part of the solution rather than just doing nothing while fixating on the problem.