Dreams Related To Home

Forced to leave home

I am a 32 year old woman who lives alone. I have a reoccurring dream about being forced to leave my home at the last minute and have to take only what I can carry and rush to decide which things are most important to take.

Being forced to leave your home suddenly or without warning is a negative symbol to behold in the dream realm. It suggests you are surrounded by men and women who seek to ruin your reputation, literally forcing you to evacuate without the support of those who were once your friends. This is especially illustrated by your rushing to figure out what you should take with you. These enemies would try to turn your true supporters against you by spreading gossip that hurts your image and damages your credibility. You would need to be very open and honest with your dealings in the near future to avoid any rumors that you are hiding something.

Childhood home

Dreaming of your childhood home can indicate stress or nostalgia. Usually, the appearance of your childhood home symbolizes your desire to regain lost innocence or go back to simpler times. This is typically triggered by problems at work, relationship issues or loneliness. Maybe you want to feel safe and carefree again which is something that is probably not an option in your current situation. At the very least this could be a source of comfort while you sleep before facing reality again when you wake up.

Moving to another home

You can expect to receive important news soon if you dream of moving into a home that is very different from your own. This news may come unexpectedly to you. The dream may also be a sign of finding yourself traveling somewhere you had not anticipated. The travel would come unexpectedly and give you little time to prepare for your journey.

Home as a high-rise apartment building

The type of home that you see yourself living in while dreaming has a lot to do with what the dream symbolizes. To find yourself living in a high-rise apartment is a sign of strong confidence. There is a lot of faith in your ability to communicate your points clearly, and the impact that it may have on your personal success. Dialect and high self-esteem contribute to everything in your life, from the work that is attained to the respect that you gain from all of your colleagues and family. The strengths that are reflected through this dream show that there could be a lucrative career opportunities in your future.

Police at your home

Envisioning the police at your house, whether they are inside or just on the premises, predicts a rapid recovery from some illness. Most likely this health issue was affecting you or someone in your household, though it may also be someone emotionally close to you like a good friend. Police symbolize protection, while the home represents your very being. Therefore, this dream vision points not only to recovery, but also to protection from other diseases in the future.

Your home flooded

Water flooding your home is symbolic of the battle between good and evil that may be going on around you or within you. This could be a battle against moral issues that you may be facing at work or with friends. The issue could also revolve around a position that you have been placed in, trying to decide what is right to do versus what is profitable. If in the dream you see that the flood water is receding, this is a foretelling that you may lose the fight against a dangerous influence or that your struggle in an undesirable circumstance will flounder.

Your home occupied by others

The symbolism of seeing your home occupied by other people or a strange creature, specifically while dreaming, could be an indicative of an unstable relationship. This would be someone that you are around frequently, and their company has become cumbersome for you. They may depend on you for everything, or not give as much attention as you do in the relationship. This one-sidedness has made a serious impact on how you live your life.

If you are constantly surrounded by sadness or instability in your dreams, then it is a sign that it is time to face the causes of these feelings and deal with them once and for all. This dream is telling you that the cycle of instability that you have been in needs to be broken, and that doing so will improve your well-being radically. Listen to yourself, face your feelings and you will be much happier.

A new and big home

To dream of living in a brand new mansion is a sign of new projects and endeavors in your future. Look for new deals or investments that may have recently presented themselves and decide if you would like to pursue them. The option to undergo these exploits will be completely up to you and you may say yes or no to them at any time.

Hiding inside your home

Dreaming about hiding inside your home, whether it is a part of some game or in fear of the outside world, is a positive sign indicating a special talent for avoiding disaster. Barricading yourself within your personal space, just as a child finds comfort in a certain blanket or toy, represents luck or a sixth sense for getting out of harm's way or situations which might damage you, either physically or emotionally, or cause you some trouble.

Your mother at your home

Envisioning your mother being present at your home, whether she lives there or is just visiting, is a positive sign which means success. Seeing a mother in a dream vision often points toward overcoming obstacles, especially if you have not seen or contacted her for some time. This victory or triumph may be related to some task that you have been working hard on for awhile or an endeavor you have been planning to undertake, but have not had a chance to begin until now.

Your home in good condition

Look forward to good news in your future if your home is in good condition in your dream. The comfort in which you are living in your home means that you will experience a happy and prosperous life because of this news. A raise at work or some other form of advancement can become a reality in the nearest future.

Leaking roof inside your home

When, while dreaming, you see a leak in your roof, from inside the home or outside, it symbolizes a change in your location. This relocation could occur due to different reasons, such as unsafe living conditions or moving closer to your job. In this way, the move would be the best solution to a problem or situation that you may find yourself going through.

Unable to leave home

Dreaming about being unable to leave home, whether because it is a maze or because you have been trapped, is a negative omen to see in a dream vision. Having difficulty exiting your own house or apartment usually points to being let down or disappointed by the lack of progress or failure in plans you have been working on for some time.

Decorating your home

Envisioning yourself decorating your home, such as for an upcoming holiday or a special occasion, predicts growing families. Just as preparing for a noteworthy event takes time and care, dreams about sprucing up the home often point to the addition of a child to a family in the near future. This may involve your own family or the family of someone you know well and care about, such as a relative, neighbor or good friend.

Mopping floors at home

Dreaming of mopping floors inside your home is a sign of someone leaving very soon whom you are close to. This could be a close friend or someone in your immediate family. This departure could mean that they will be moving away very soon, and leaving the role that they have had in your life for so long. On the other hand, the coming departure may be more permanent, and tells that soon you will have a friend or family member pass away. Whatever the case, you will feel the loss very deeply, and may even feel as though you have lost a part of yourself.

Do not be set on this dream meaning that it is another person who will be departing from you, as the separation of the close friend or family member could be because of your own wandering or excursion. The dream could also symbolize that, due to some sort of argument or other disagreeable circumstance, you could push that close person away.

Home of a celebrity

While you may see dreaming of visiting a celebrity’s home as an entertaining and even a positive experience, the meaning of this dream is quite the opposite. This vision is an omen that you might receive some bad information or advice, and warns to think twice before you act upon it. The material that you are given may be just a simple misinformed opinion from an acquaintance, or it could be intentional bad data passed your way in order to get you to react. Another interpretation of this dream is that you may experience a brief time in your life where you would have a number of deplorable circumstances rise up against you. These would only last a short period though, and you would be able to make it through this difficult time.

Painting your home

Dreams about painting the inside of your house or apartment are positive signs indicating being the beneficiary of the hospitality of other people. While this dream does not necessarily predict this aid being given in a dire situation, it does show that there are those around you who care deeply for you and your well-being, and are always kind enough to provide help in the form of physical assistance, emotional support or financial aid.

Buying a new home

Dreams about buying a new home are positive signs predicting being offered a special chance or opportunity. This offer may be in the form of either a business deal or a private investment, and it is likely to be very successful or profitable. Purchasing a new residence in a dream signifies gains obtained in your endeavors and the subsequent joy, peace of mind and financial security you would enjoy as a result.

A dead tree next to your home

A dead tree near your home or right next to it in a dream is a symbol of loss and sorrow. You can expect to find yourself at an upcoming funeral for a family member or close friend. The dead tree tells that there may be hard times ahead, and that there will be hardship and heartache in the future for your family, loved ones or relatives. The hard times you may endure could include financial struggles, embarrassment or personal failure.

Someone building you a home

The meaning behind having someone build you a new home in a dream is a sign of coming change in your waking life. You can look forward to a bonus or even a promotion at your job or in your entrepreneurial activity. There could also be an improvement in your financial situation to look forward to, that will offer you a variety of different advantages in the future. These positive changes will have a beneficial impact on you and your loved ones.

The meaning of a dream of someone building you a home could be slightly different if you are regularly dating someone or are intimately involved. The dream could then be a sign that your relationship is shifting to a different and more meaningful level. You could be moving further along with that person in this representation, towards something like a possible engagement or even marriage.

Home in a countryside

Envisioning a home in the countryside, whether it belongs to you or someone else, may indicate changes sweeping into your life when witnessed in a dream vision. Seeing a house, such as a cottage or manor, in a rural area is often interpreted as meaning some life-changing event is about to take place, like a wedding, new job or big move. It may also predict some almost unbelievable event taking place, likely something you have to see to believe. Therefore, this dream may be a warning to expect the unexpected.

Family members moving out of home

Dreaming about family members moving out or leaving your home, especially if it is due to a happy occasion such as a wedding or moving away for college, often has a positive meaning associated with the wife or main female presence in the home. This dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that this woman may receive some gift or service which will improve the quality of her life or the life of her entire family.

Inviting your girlfriend home

Dreaming about inviting your girlfriend over to your house or apartment can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming conflict, particularly with a significant other, romantic partner or a new crush. The image of letting someone you care about deeply into your private living space indicates being overly trusting of others. Your lack of suspicion in relation to other people and possible tendency of being gullible is likely the source of this problem, possibly due to the fact that you have or could be easily taken advantage of.

Cleaning inside your home

When you find yourself cleaning your abode in your dream, as in dusting or sweeping, you can look forward to a meeting with people that you have not seen in a very long time. This could be reconnecting with old friends or family. You could also soon be joined by some unexpected company, such as a visiting acquaintance or sibling.

A little girl entering your home

Envisioning a little girl entering your home predicts someone unexpectedly dropping by your house. Young children, particularly females, indicate that someone you know, either a close friend or someone who is more of an acquaintance, will stop by, possibly placing demands on your time and money.They may request to spend some time at your place, require your attention and energy to care for their wants and needs, or take advantage of your hospitality if you are not careful with setting boundaries.

A tornado destroying your home

A dream in which a tornado was seen landing on or even destroying your home is a symbol that you are trying a variety of different things with a look towards a positive outcome. These are usually impactful and highly significant things such as changing jobs or your living conditions. The goal for these transformations is to make your life much happier and place yourself in better circumstances compared to the ones you are currently in.

Being stuck at home

If you have a vision, while dreaming, of being stuck in your home and unable to get out for some reason or another, then it may be prudent to be aware of possible rumors being spread behind your back. This slandering would be causing you unhappiness in your life, and you may wish to analyze whom you keep in your company. The dream could also be a sign of unfavorable circumstances that you will soon endure.

Your home destroyed by others

Seeing people destroying your home in your dreams, indicates that you may have found yourself with someone who sees you as competition. This dream can be interpreted as a message to you that someone is intentionally trying to sabotage you. The disruption of your goals has practically become an obsession for this person, and they work diligently to hinder you in every way possible. Keep an eye out at work, this person may be a coworker who sees you as a threat. If you are involved in sports at all, you may have an adversary on another team, or maybe even another teammate, who is looking to make you look bad. Be cautious of who is around you, and fight for what you want.

Your home as a shack

A home made of bamboo is sign that there is a significant amount of trust in a higher power to direct the course of your life. There is meekness about your personality, one that seeks a higher authority. The idea of a higher power directing your life helps to keep a state of peace and comfort inside you, knowing that there is something much bigger and better in store for you gives meaning and purpose to your life. Find strength in faith but learn to help yourself as well in order to achieve a happy balance in your life.

A cozy and comfortable home

Dreaming about being at or living in a cozy and comfortable home may warn of rumors or malicious gossip coming to your attention in the near future. These unkind and possibly untrue tidbits are likely about someone with whom you have a close or intimate relationship, such as a family member, close friend, or lover, and whatever you learn may forever change the way you look at or think about this person.

A casket brought to your home

Seeing a casket being brought into your home, whether it contains the physical body of the recently departed or is completely empty, is a positive sign despite the morbid imagery. Dreaming of a coffin within the confines of your home portends being the recipient of good news, particularly related to some task or course of action on which you have been working. This may be a promotion that you have been working hard for for a long time or a new job that will challenge you and expand your skills.

Your home full of bees

Seeing a dream vision where your home is full of bees is an ill omen representing loss and misfortune. Dreaming of a hive of angry, agitated bees infiltrating your house or living space may indicate the passing of someone who lives there, either due to an accident or to a preexisting illness. Additionally, a swarm of bees or hornets taking over the home may predict bad luck and disaster to those living there, most likely due to reasons outside their control. This same terrible outcome may affect a person who dreams of bees becoming tangled in their hair.

Your home on fire

The vision of your home being on fire and eventually burning to the ground in your dream is actually a sign that you will gain more faithful friends and people that you know you can trust. You would be able to depend on these friends through any hardship that you endure, and they will be your companions for life. If you have children, the burning house signifies good behavior and that they would be more obedient whenever you are around or in charge.

A pine tree inside your home

After dreaming that a pine tree has flourished inside of your home, you can look forward to good things in your future! The dream can be interpreted that you are on the right path in your attempts toward financial gain. This could be changes that you have made in your work situation, a plan that you have for a new business, an investment that you have recently made or even a new business partner that you have acquired. Whatever it may be that you are implementing to make a change for your future finances, it is headed towards a profitable outcome.

Home flooded because of rain

When, in a dream, your home is being flooded due to rain, this is an indicator of a peaceful and calm household. You seldom see any troubles in your home, and it is even more rare for anyone to ever be upset or hurt by another person. Your home is a place of peace and tranquility, and your family is always very empathetic towards one another, in almost every situation.

Unable to find home

When unable to find your home in a dream, it means that encounters that you have had with others, who were manipulative and controlling, has had an impact on your faith in people. This loss of confidence may have stemmed from being lied to repeatedly, or someone you know may have deceived you in a malicious way. However it was that you have been betrayed, the outcome of these actions has left you with uncertainty and distrust towards others.

A wild party at home

Watching or observing a wild party taking place at your home, especially if you are on the outside looking in, is a negative sign to see in a dream vision predicting being part of or attending a funeral service. Just as watching a party taking place without you being present brings forth feelings of sadness and isolation, this dream indicates the loss of a loved one, particularly someone you may have been attached to, such as a family member or close friend.

Poorly-furnished home

Dreaming about living in a poorly-furnished home, either one with sub-standard furniture or lackluster decorations, represents upcoming conflicts or situations which you would be unable to deal with on your own. Just as decorations make a house a home, it will take more than just your own power to solve these potential problems. The image of the house specifically points to relying on people close to you, such as family and long-time friends, who can help you out in your time of need.

Dreams about living in an unfinished house, such as one that has only been partially outfitted with walls and outlets, indicate a mind preoccupied with financial issues. This type of dream may indicate over-obsession with monetary matters, such as possible gains or declines in assets and the acquisition or selling of properties. For your peace of mind, this dream may be signaling a need to not be so concerned with material matters you could be immersing yourself in excessively.

Your home auctioned

Dreaming about your home being auctioned off to the highest bidder is a positive dream vision predicting vast increases in wealth and personal worth. The public selling of a home, especially if it includes the household items that once filled it, represents gaining assets, and the greater the amount sold, the greater the amount gained. Dreams of this nature may also indicate the acquisition or access to some item or information that you have coveted for a long time.

Items in double quantity at home

Envisioning items at home being double their normal quantity is symbolic of things you were concerned about or afraid of actually coming true. These could be phobias or fear of embarrassment, like becoming trapped in an elevator or having a major fashion malfunction, or it may be related to some arduous task you were hoping to avoid but were stuck with anyway, like babysitting a neighbor's bratty child or having to take visiting execs around the office and city while still trying to complete your normal workload. The best thing that can be done in this situation is to try not to stress over what you cannot control and try to keep a positive attitude throughout your day.

Moving things around at home

Dreaming about moving things around in your home or apartment, such as furniture, decorations or household objects, indicates a sudden, welcome visit by someone you care deeply about. This person may be a close relative or a good friend whom you have fallen out of contact with or have not had the chance to meet for some time. By dropping by unexpectedly, this dear companion will likely brighten both of your days and possibly rekindle the relationship.

Your home involved in court matters

Dreaming about your home being involved in a legal dispute, such as a court case over ownership with your husband or wife or a settlement with a large building company, is actually a positive sign predicting upcoming joys. Seeing your home as a playing chip in a lawsuit or other legal affair indicates that even though you may be experiencing some difficulties, sadness, or trying times now, the future holds positive things in store which will eventually fill your life with happiness and satisfaction.

A frog inside the house

Dreaming about a frog inside your home is a positive symbol, and seeing one within your living quarters suggests experiencing a length or portion of time where you are very happy and at peace. This newfound joy and contentment may be the result of being the recipient of some news which allays all your worries or some unexpected announcement which would benefit you personally. This dream may be even more auspicious if the frog was croaking and making a lot of noise.

Your home affected by storm

Envisioning a storm, such as a hurricane or typhoon, causing destruction or completely ruining your home is a negative sign which means going through a long period of challenges and strife. Just as a violent storm destroys everything in its wake, this vision can be interpreted to mean you will face a series of difficult issues or trials without the aid of those around you. Your friends and family, though they may wish to assist you in your troubles, will likely be too preoccupied with meeting their own requirements and solving their own problems to lend you a hand in your time of need.

Leaving home

Leaving home at some point during a dream vision suggests you are at a point in your life where meeting new people is useful or desirable for some reason. However, those you are attempting to get close with could actually be hurting your overall image. For instance, posting pictures on Instagram with a controversial celebrity or checking in at a certain event may lead others to perceive you as someone who shares all the same values as that person or group, be they good or bad. It may be wise to think carefully about whom you choose to be seen with in the coming weeks.

Not being able to get home

Your inability to go home, perhaps due to a lack of transportation or obstacles in your way, indicates the presence of malevolent forces in your life. A specific suggestive interpretation of this dream symbol is that you have been abused, whether emotionally or physically, by someone you trust. This could be a family member or a close friend. As a result, your aura is clouded and dark due to the trauma you have been carrying all these years. You may need to seek out professional help in order for you to address your personal demons.

A new fish tank at home

When dreaming of a brand new fish tank at home, it has a few different meanings that you should be cautious of. There is a possibility that you will find yourself doing something that could get you in a very large amount of trouble. This could be trouble with law enforcement, friends or a loved one. The new fish tank at home could also be an indicator that you need to apologize for an abuse that you have committed upon someone that you care about, and that you need to do all that you can to repair the damage that was caused by your actions.

A wolf entering your home

A wolf entering your home is a dream with ominous symbolism. The wolf represents a possible conflict with the authorities. This is not limited to the police or FBI, but could also include anyone who holds authority over an organization that you are involved with or even your boss at work. A parental figure or even a sibling could be the authority figure that you might be soon having a conflict with as well.

In the midst of dreaming about a wolf entering your home, pay close attention to its actions. If the wolf does not cause any damage to you or to any of your property, then you will need to be prepared to receive a visit from a high-ranking official or person of significant importance to you.

A wolf wrecking your home

If you are to find yourself dreaming of a wolf entering your home and destroying the place, this can be a threatening sign. There is a possibility that you will be threatened with prosecution or legal action against you. The dream could also be an indicator that there will be an investigation into something that you have done in the past. This could be the IRS looking into your tax history or could be your significant other catching you in a lie.

A cypress tree inside your home

If you experience a dream where you have a cypress tree growing in your home, you can interpret this to be a sign of good fortune in your near future. The cypress tree is a sign of a happy and worthwhile existence, and that there are many good things headed your way.

Bamboo trees around your home

A dream of bamboo shoots growing all around your home is a good sign. You have a very happy lifestyle, one in which you have many exciting experiences. These moments keep bringing you great happiness and joy, such as a new child entering your family, being surrounded by your closest friends or amazing adventures with a partner.

Looking at rain from inside your home

A dream in which you are watching the rain fall onto the streets and homes of your surroundings while you are safely tucked away inside your home means that you should watch your close friends. This dream means that you may see a renewed romantic relationship happen for one of them. Your ability to see this relationship from the outside may be what they need to discern the meaning of the reconnection and whether or not it is a good thing.

Home filled with blood

While dreaming of your home being filled with blood everywhere may not seem like a good sign, it actually symbolizes great things to come. Soon you will have a new family member that will change the very perceptions that people have about your family. This new addition to the family will grow to be very successful and prosperous. They may even grow up to be a famous musician or movie star, and their life will have a great impact on the way everyone views you and your relatives.

Not having a home

Dreaming about learning that you do not have a home of your own is a warning. Be aware that there may be bad luck coming your way. There could be a number of negative circumstances that you are involved in that may lead to your misfortunes, such as losing your car keys causing you to be late to work and missing an important meeting, or even debris hitting your vehicle and causing you to have a collision. This bad luck could also be a spike in unexpected spending which would come your way as well, such as higher taxes or unforeseen medical expenses.

Leaving your home

Be wary of dreams in which you are leaving your home. This dream means that you are surrounded by people who want to make you look bad and ruin your reputation. This could be friends who are spreading rumors about you to your peers, or coworkers who are trying to make you seem incompetent in your work. The motive behind these actions is to damage how you are viewed by others, especially those who you are close to or depend on.

Your home in bad condition

When you dream of your home being in disrepair or decay, it means that unfavorable situations are about to occur and that you will not be able to just ignore them. These situations will be prevalent in your life and impactful, forcing you to face the plight and deal with it. This conflict could be in your personal or professional life, and will probably have an impact on others as well.

Destroyed home

There are a number of life-changing events that could take place if you dream of your home being partially or completely destroyed. One of the meanings behind this dream could be that you might soon be moving to a different location. This could be a move to lower housing costs and ease financial troubles. You could also expect to hear of a death in your family, as the meaning of the dream could also indicate the loss. There is also a possibility of divorce, which this dream may be indicating for your future. Take the dream as a warning to safeguard what you have and be prepared for big changes.

In a dream where your home is destroyed and is no longer able to be used as a shelter at all because of the damage, the home will no longer be able to protect you or your family. The warning being presented in this dream is telling you that it is important for you to consider and understand some of the situations that you may be in. These circumstances are causing disturbances in your life and need to be evaluated as to how they are impacting your life as a whole and the best way to correct them. Heeding the warning in this dream could save you having to deal with potential struggles.

Looking at your home

When dreaming that you are looking at your home from a distance, whether it be a home from your past or the one that you are living in now, you should take this vision as a symbolic warning. There may be some very serious and difficult troubles that you are venturing into. This dream could also be indicative of finding yourself face to face with a situation that may cause substantial loss in your life.

Building your home

When you dream that you are building a home for yourself, you can interpret this vision as a sign of good things to come. Look forward to improvements in your life which will be quite substantial. While these developments could be any number of different things, they will mean a transformation in your life, no matter what your current situation is. The coming adjustment will no doubt be for the better, so do not be afraid to branch out and follow your instincts.

A dream of having your home built when you are sick is a foreboding omen indeed. This sickness that you have may not be one that easily passes. The dream you had is one that forebodes that in the near future, you will meet a premature death due to your illness. This knowledge, given from the dreams prediction, may be just in time to warn you of your death, and allow you the time you need to take care of any unattended business or people before you pass.

Putting a roof on your home

A dream vision about having a new roof added to your residence indicates that you should take this as a warning and watch out. The meaning behind this dream is that there may be a loss to your personal property, such as through a theft or destruction of your possessions. This dream could also mean that there could be costs that would come up unexpectedly and have a detrimental impact on your finances.

Home burning

To dream of seeing your home on fire is actually a good sign. It symbolizes an unexpected but cheerful moment happening soon. This circumstance will encourage and motivate you towards your future and all that it could bring. Through understanding this dream and following through with it, you will lead a satisfied life for a long time.

Someone's home

A dream of seeing or entering someone’s home, specifically a place that you are unaccustomed to, means that you could soon have a rendezvous with someone. This meeting would be one you were not expecting, and would involve someone who wants to become a part of your life. An example of such an encounter could be an old flame or a friend that you have fallen out of touch with.

When having a dream about going into a home you have never been before, it is a sign that you should check your interactions with other people in your waking life. The symbolism here is that you are interfering with someone else’s life. This could be a co worker, whom you may be pushing your unwelcome ideas on, or it could be a friend or family member who is trying to move forward in their life, but are not getting the support that they need from you. Take a step back and pay attention to the impact that you may be having on other people's lives and reshape yourself accordingly.

Invited to someone's home

When you are invited to someone’s home in a dream, whether by the owner or someone else who lives in the household, then it could be a premonition that someone that you are close to will need help soon. This person is preparing to ask you for assistance because they have found themselves in a very difficult circumstance, and it would be kind of you to hear them out. Take time to find out if they need financial assistance or just someone to talk to, just spending some of your time with them may go a long way.

Sneaking into someone's home

If you dream that you are entering a home without the owner’s permission, this means that soon you may find yourself in the position of having a major influence on someone that you know. For whatever reason, the impact that you are looking to have on this person will be intentional, so you may want to figure out your reasons. Be careful so that you are not trying to manipulate someone else's thoughts and opinions for your own personal gain. Having an impact on the way someone thinks and acts can be very powerful, but should be done in a positive and uplifting way.

A small home

To have a small home in your dreams is an indication of new people coming into your life and starting a new friendship or relationship with them. These new acquaintances will eventually become very important to you as your relationship with them continues to grow and solidify. They will play a significant role in your future life, and you will find that they have become an essential part of your existence.

An old home

When you live in a home that has become aged through time, in your dreams, it symbolizes that soon you will resolve issues that you may have had with someone from your past. This could be someone whose existence you had almost forgotten about, although they had once been a critical part of your life. You will find it important to mend whatever it was that set the two of you apart, and rekindle the relationship that you had before. Pay attention to the surroundings of the home itself. If you see that the house if full of old furniture, paintings and decorations, then this action on your part would be more urgent and of a high priority.

If, in your dream, however, the home is not only older, but also a source of admiration and esteem for anyone who may visit, the dream's interpretation is quite the opposite than if the home is simply an antique. This dream means that you might soon lose friends, significant others or family relations which have been in place for a long time.You can expect to start having arguments and bickering with those whom you used to treat as your best friends and acquaintances.

Walking into your home

A dream of walking into your home is a promising sign of being productive in the near future. An endeavor of great benefit will be presenting itself soon, and good fortune will come from its finality. These good fortunes will lead to amazing outcomes in life, helping your aspirtations of great success come to fruition. Make sure to say yes to coming projects and experiences, because it is through these things that your life could change for the better.

Moving into an empty home

A large increase in wealth is waiting for you if you dream about moving into an empty home, whether by yourself or with your family. You have been working hard, and all that effort that you have put into your projects will be paying off soon. You can expect to see a large monetary gain in your finances, allowing you to purchase the new things that you have been wishing for.

Neighbors around your home

To dream of having a lot of neighbors around your home means that you will soon find yourself spending vast amounts of time with a coworker. This could be time spent working on a joint project or some other venture. The dream could also mean that you could soon be switching to a profession in which you would have a lot of clients, and networking with them would be a large part of your new career. An example of such change would be a position in sales or even an entrepreneurship into your own business.

Unfinished home

After dreaming that your home is unfinished and is still being built, you can interpret this dream as a representation of your resolve to do something that is not supposed to happen yet. The outcomes after completion of this idea or project could be very promising, but something is getting in your way. It may be that you are not financially ready for your venture, or it could be that it is just not the right place or time for it. Sometimes the things that we desire take time and patience, and there is no way to force them. Take solace in knowing that what you are looking to complete is not entirely impossible, and may happen in your future, but most likely not at this time.

Home falling apart

An image of your home falling apart right in front of you in a dream means that someone is keeping you from reaching your goals. You feel that someone is definitely getting in your way, even though they are supposed to be helping you. Look past your frustration and analyze this situation rationally so that you may figure out what you are trying to accomplish and why you are hindered in your progression towards attainment of your objective. You may need to confront the one that is supposed to be aiding you, and help them to see how they are making things difficult as well as what they can do to help you along.

Your home as a small house

When dreaming, if you find your residence to be a small wooden house, it is a representation of your shy personality. It is comforting for attention to be on other things rather than on you or what you do. You intentionally stay out of the spotlight, and would be happy living completely isolated from others. A flip side to this dream could be a lack of determination. You find it difficult to find the motivation to accomplish your goals, and may need to find other ways to aid you in fulfilling your ideas. Have faith in yourself and confidence to know that you can succeed.

Swapping homes

Dreaming of swapping a house with someone else, whether it is someone you know well or only an acquaintance, indicates sweeping changes coming into your life soon. Just as moving house in real life forever alters your living situation, dreams of switching houses predict experiencing some major transitional periods in your life, such as a new job, moving, new relationships, etc. However, whether these changes are for better or worse is dependent on your own abilities and attitude.

Home foundation

Dreaming about laying the foundation to a new home, either by yourself or with the aid of others, is a positive sign predicting good fortune, particularly in monetary matters. Specifically, this dream vision points to being offered a deal or being invited to participate in some venture that could result in high returns on your investment. In turn, this fortuitous enterprise may endow you with long term financial security and peace of mind.

Someone living in a new home

Envisioning someone you know moving houses or living in a new place is an ill omen to see in a dream vision. Dreams of seeing a familiar face, either a close friend or acquaintance, setting up house in a new environment predict that this person will face great hardship or go through a period fraught with heavy loss which could, as moving homes symbolizes, literally uproot them from their current situation and throw their lives off-kilter. This dream may act as a push to reach out to this person and offer whatever assistance you can. Likely, it is only with your help that they will be able to weather this storm.

Home becoming small to live in

Dreaming about your home becoming too small to live in, either because it is increasingly shrinking or because more people and things continue to be added to it, is a negative sign predicting loss of material possessions. These might be physical objects destroyed by wear, natural disaster or misuse, or it may be the loss of other assets, such as investments or property. Just as a shrinking living space limits your ability to do things, this dream vision symbolizes having to exist with fewer or without some important parts of your life which you once valued.

Home with no doors or windows

Dreaming about looking at or living in a place you call home and which does not have doors or windows is an ill omen indicating the loss of someone close to you. Dream visions about houses without a way to enter or exit often predict someone, either a family member or dear friend, passing away in the near future, possibly due to something outside anyone's direct control. This passing is likely to have a deep impact on your life, causing pain and sadness from the grief.

Lavishly-furnished home

Dreaming about being in a well-furnished home, whether it belongs to you or someone else, points towards unrealized dreams or a desire to make changes to your life in the future. Envisioning lavish decor or expensive furnishings inside your home in a dream vision indicates an unfulfilled goal that you have held off acting on until now. However, this dream can also be taken as a sign that it is time to start working on those ambitions or planning for your future.

Strange noises inside your home

Hearing strange noises or unusual sounds in a dream vision is usually a negative sign predicting that you will meet or become acquainted with a person who is extremely superstitious or behaves irrationally. Your interactions with this person may leave you feeling off-kilter and annoyed, and it is likely that this person's ideas and actions will wreak havoc in your daily life, making usually simple tasks exceedingly difficult and complicated for no apparent reason.

Home renovated by neighbors or relatives

Dreaming about your home being renovated or fixed up by family members or neighbors represents being in the middle of a difficult situation which you may be unable to find a satisfactory solution for. This issue is likely something that has been nagging you for some time, but no amount of individual research or thinking has been able to reveal an answer. Just like relying on those around you to help with a delicate task, like repairing your home, may yield assistance from people not necessarily experienced with such matters, being unable to solve this problem on your own may lead you to unintentionally seek worthless advice from people not qualified to provide it while simultaneously ignoring relevant help from those who may be knowledgeable about your needs.

Locked out of your home

Being locked out of your home in a dream vision is a negative sign that can indicate situations arising which may result in adverse effects on your life or livelihood. It may even feel like you have literally been prevented from participating or accessing the best parts of your life, just like being alone on the outside looking into the home of a happy, loving family. Dreaming about being unable to enter your home despite numerous attempts may also predict the passing of a member of the house in the near future, either due to a fight with a persistent illness or a sudden accident.

Spacious home

Envisioning a spacious home, whether it belongs to you or someone else, is a positive sign indicating coming success or victory. Sizeable homes in a dream, especially those with high ceilings, large rooms and big windows, usually point to being about to reach your goals, make your dreams come true, or overcome obstacles to victory. Your attainment of these aims is likely to lead to immediate and prolonged happiness both for you and those around you, such as your family and close friends, who supported you in your endeavors.

Home with little space

Dreaming of a home with little space, such as an old home with small rooms or an apartment with inadequate living space, is an ill omen predicting obstacles or challenges to your completion of a project or the meeting of a goal. Just as a cramped, compact living space is difficult to move about in and causes issues for those living there, so does this dream indicate when you may be unable to solve issues which pop up as you try to accomplish some planned action. Your inability to fix the issues and get your schedule back on track is likely to cause frustration and disappointment.

Uncomfortable in your home

Dreaming about being uncomfortable in your home, such as feeling some emotional pain or nervousness while inside, indicates some upcoming issues with your health. Feelings of discomfort or agitation while in your home, in a dream vision, are symbolic of not feeling comfortable in your own skin, likely from a minor illness or small injury. This vision may also be related to a decline in overall health and wellness, especially if you are putting yourself under a lot of stress or spreading yourself too thin.

Recently renovated home

Dreaming about being or living in a recently renovated home is a positive symbol which predicts a situation, where the result is up in the air, landing in your favor. This may be some work-related circumstances, such as a promotion or special project, or possibly something in your personal life, like having an offer accepted on a house or winning a small prize. This happy ending may benefit you in the short term, but just as easily could have some long-lasting effects.

Renting your home to others

Envisioning yourself renting or subletting your home to someone else is a positive sign to see in a dream vision. Dreaming of making money from a property you already own is associated with advancing in your career, such as receiving a promotion or getting a new job, or making profitable business deals which earn you both money and admiration from colleagues and supervisors. Profits in a dream are often an indication of financial gains in the real world and represent both your hard work and resulting wealth and fortune.

Getting dressed inside your home

Envisioning yourself getting dressed inside your home in a dream, either for the day or for a night out, is a symbol representing difficulties in making choices. It could be that there are too many options available, making the task of deciding long and arduous, or it may be that you have a tendency to follow choices which do not actually meet your long term wants and needs either accidentally or on purpose. Putting on clothes and accessories in your own living space may also indicate stumbling onto something that was hidden from you for a long time, such as a secret or a skeleton in the closet.

Military entering your home

Envisioning the military or an army entering your home is a positive sign precursing sudden changes to your way of life. Military personnel, such as soldiers, represent strength and upheaval, and the symbol of the house indicates your life or everyday existence. Together, these two images predict some event occurring which may shift some aspect of your life for the better, particularly some fortunate occurrence or situation which you do not have direct control over.

A tiger entering your home

Seeing a tiger or tigress enter your home in a dream vision is a positive sign predicting success or advancement, especially in the context of work or a career. Envisioning a tiger in your home or resisting one that is trying to get into your house is suggestive of being promoted or being nominated for a special position or task. This dream could also represent new business or personal endeavors, either for profit or volunteer work, which will prove to be successful and improve the quality of your life.

A pig inside your home

Dreaming about a pig inside your home, whether it broke in or lives there, is symbolic of health and wellness. This means being able to enjoy a period of time free of health concerns or accidents which may take away from your quality of life. On the other hand, if you currently suffer from some illness or condition, seeing a pig or hog inside your home in your dream may predict a quick and painless recovery.

Criminals entering your home

Dreaming of criminals entering your home is an ill omen which means disturbances or problems coming into your life. Whether the criminals you envision are actively seeking to harm you and take your property or simply hiding to avoid incarceration, seeing such a symbol in a dream vision indicates experiencing challenges which could negatively affect your life. In particular, just as thieves have a tendency to steal your possessions causing loss of property, this dream may indicate a situation or event which may affect your financial well-being or security. For another another interpretation, this dream may represent someone coming into your personal life who is set on wreaking havoc and making your life more difficult.

Envisioning someone commit a crime and then try to enter your home, whether they succeed or not, has a negative connotation indicating not having enough means to adequately sustain your living. This may point toward not having enough funds or resources to provide for things or services your family needs to have, or it may represent basic necessities that are missing. These difficulties may cause stress and frustration within your familial relationships if a solution is not found soon.

Your home affected by ants

Dreaming about your home being affected by ants, particularly if perceived as an infestation, is a negative sign predicting some accident that is about to occur. If the ants in the dream surrounded or encircled you, you may soon find yourself to be the victim of a crime due to someone's designs against you. This person may be plotting to exploit you either by deceiving you, stealing your identity, blackmailing you or just robbing you point blank.

Home infested with mice

Finding out that or seeing your home infested with mice in a dream vision is a negative symbol which is traditionally interpreted as the possibility of becoming a victim of malicious attacks in the near future. While physical confrontation is unlikely, this dream portends hidden or secret rivals making plans to sabotage your success. They may be plotting to deliberately destroy or obstruct your plans, or they may be working covertly to turn others against you and your ideas.

Can't find your way home

Being unable to find your way home, whether it is because you cannot remember or the streets are dark, means you are very suspicious of other people. Your tendency to distrust others stems from your multiple bad experiences of falling prey to manipulative and deceptive individuals. Unfortunately, other people can sense this energy about you, so they will in turn avoid interactions and keep you at a distance to avoid conflict. This will make it very difficult for you to forge meaningful friendships or find a lasting romantic partner.

Lost and can't find your way home

You may feel a lot of anxiety trying to figure out or find answers to questions like what does it mean when you dream you are lost and can't find your way home. This symbol could represent a loss of faith in others, usually specific individuals whom you thought you would be able to trust without a problem. This person's or these people's deceitful actions against you would burn you and make you feel trapped and very hesitant about getting close to others for some time.

Trying to get home but can't

Home is a symbol of comfort and stability. If you envision yourself unable to find your way home, it means you could be feeling unmoored at the moment. A dream which involves trying to get home but can't is a vivid metaphor for the feeling of helplessness associated with a loss or a lack of direction. For example, you could be having trouble finding a stable job or a recent breakup may have shattered a lot of your personal plans.

An old home disappearing

In my dream I was standing facing an empty lot where my home used to be. There was no sign of it and I didn't know what happened to it.

Losing your home means that a major obstruction in your plans could impact your life. The routines of daily life and careless leisure activities may become overshadowed by tectonic shifts of events that could impact you in a negative way. Building spiritual and physical strength is your priority now in order to help yourself overcome tough times. It is not time for major investing, spending or indulging yourself, since the misfortune is unspecific, but of a kind that may throw you out of balance in a much more serious way than your experience could handle. Ultimately, at a very minimum, you might be left with little or no control over issues and events and you should exercise increased vigilance to prevent the worst from happening.

Dreaming about homeland

My husband is currently incarcerated, he has been having different dreams of himself in his country of Honduras.

Your husband's dreams of his homeland suggest a longing for a more idyllic past. Perhaps his current situation is causing the vision of Honduras to manifest while he sleeps. It is an escape to more innocent years, as well as a recollection of fond memories. It is also possible that he associates his country with freedom as a counterpoint to his present-day existence. Along with his life in his country of birth could be valuable lessons he wishes he has taken to heart to avoid a life behind bars. Furthermore, homeland could simply imply home, wherever that may be. It is only his most salient association with the word which explains its recurrence in his subconscious states.

An old home rotting

I dreamed that I was with my deceased parents in our old home and it was fine on the outside, but was rotting on the inside.

Dreams about deceased relatives reflect grief and longing. You could be missing your parents or seeking their guidance during a crucial period. Perhaps you are still grieving their death which is why they manifested in the dream world. The juxtaposition of the solid exterior and the crumbling interior represents your emotional state. Outwardly you may putting on a brave face whilst inside you are breaking down. This may be your subconscious showing you the effect of your parents departure to your well-being, whether you are aware of it or not. This vision shows that acceptance is crucial in the process of moving forward during difficult times.

Returning home with unpleasant appearance

I frequently dream that I have returned to my place of birth barefoot and looking untidy.

This vision is a highly ominous warning that should not be taken lightly. Being barefoot in the course of a dream suggests constant anticipation that some aspect of your future is uncertain or dim, meaning that you feel future events may strongly sway the course of your life for better or for worse. This is supported by your untidy appearance, which also represents possibly falling victim to the lies of someone you thought you could trust. Should things unfold in this way, you may find yourself going back to your family for both moral and financial support.

Unable to find way back home

I left my kids at home whilst I went to the shop round the corner and I got lost and couldn't find my way home. I rang my mum to go to my room after them because I felt my baby was crying, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get home.

Getting lost while out and about is often associated with the idea of misunderstandings and communication troubles between you and those around you. In this case, your mother could be one of the main sources of your frustration in this regard, given her presence in the vision. You may also feel some distance between you and your children which is represented by the physical separation experienced in this vision. It may be wise to be more clear about your wants and desires when talking, but also to listen carefully both to what others are saying and what they are not saying.

Returning home which is broken into

In my dream I return home and I find my house open?

Finding your house opened or broken into means you are having trouble understanding yourself. A troubling incident will introduce you to surprising things you did not know you were capable of. This trait you will uncover is going to be negative, making it more difficult for you to accept your capacity for evil. To forward your own ambition, for instance, you have no problem sabotaging others, even if you were friends at one point or another. You can either strive to do better or learn to live with the consequences of your actions.