Dreams Related To Hole

A hole in the ground

A hole in the ground represents loss and ill fortune in regards to money. After seeing this symbol in a vision, you may run into financial difficulties or lose money in a rather dramatic and sudden fashion. More generally, this dream symbol is connected to difficulty and hardship, so it is possible that not all your problems would be related to money. Rather, you may face challenges on multiple fronts for some time to come.

Daughter being buried in the hole

My daughter had a dream that she was outside with her dog digging a hole and her dog was helping her, then something pulled her by her ankles and pulled her down into the hole. Then her dog just looked at her turned around and began kicking dirt on her to bury her, then a tree was placed on top of her.

Digging around in the yard or garden may reflect your daughter's growth as an individual. As she becomes older, she meets new people and has various experiences that shape her into the individual she will become. The presence of her pet dog can be interpreted as a sign that, throughout these periods of growth and change, she would have trusted men and women by her side, like you. Being buried at the end of the dream and the tree that is planted upon her predict great wealth and prosperity in her future. This can refer both to material wealth and to the happiness and richness that comes from a fulfilling family life.

A hole in a wall

The image of a hole in a wall, whether you notice it in passing or take the time to peer through it, suggests you would soon come into some useful or interesting information. Upon hearing this news or seeing something in print, you would be able to fulfill a desire or acquire something you have always wanted. For example, you may see an advertisement for a particular item you have had your eyes on or learn your enemy's greatest weakness.

Falling into a hole

If you fall into a hole or a pit during the course of a dream vision, it means you are currently under the influence of someone who is not guiding you down the right path. You may have recently met someone you really want to please or impress, so you have been acting in a way that is contrary to your moral character. Alternatively, you may feel indebted to someone who is not actually worthy of your gratefulness.

A hole in the floor

A hole in the floor is symbolically linked to the idea of going down or falling. In particular, this image suggests loss of money or wealth, resulting in either a low standard of living or complete bankruptcy. Therefore, this symbol is particularly ominous for those in banking or investing. Seeing this sign predicts soon falling on hard times. You may not even be able to afford the most basic of daily necessities. If you are currently in a good position in regards to money, it would be wise to set some aside for a rainy day.

Holes in your body

Finding holes all over your body, like bullet holes or unexplained gashes, indicates psychological trauma. This symbol often appears when the dreamer has suffered through a personal tragedy and feels broken inside. Biblical dream analysis associates holes with mistakes, so this can also indicate regret. You feel diminished due to your bad decisions and you wish you can turn back time in order to correct transgressions or blunders.

Holes in the bedroom floor

I dreamt that I found holes in my bedroom floor when I moved the furniture. I could see down into the crawl space.

Bedroom furniture is often thought to symbolically represent wealth and financial security, therefore, moving furniture could reflect your attempts to balance your finances or find ways to bolster your savings. This is opposed with the image of the hole in the floor, as this symbol is associated with the idea of being distracted or not paying attention to important matters. While your financial situation does deserve being kept an eye on, it is possible you are spending too much time obsessing over money. Other areas of your life may suffer, particularly relationships with your friends and loved ones.

A hole in the door

Envisioning a door with a gaping hole in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign that your behavior or personality is the hot topic for conversation among your enemies and competitors. Those who are plotting against you are likely planning to use your habits and proclivities to their advantage in their schemes to beat you. For example, if you tend to react in a hot-headed, rash manner, they would likely try to provoke you into making a decision you would not have made under calmer circumstances. Alternatively, they may strike at a time when they know you would be preoccupied with some other activity. To avoid falling for their traps, you would need to pay close attention to your schedule and personal habits.

Unable to get out of the hole in the ground

I am a female and I dream most of my life. I dream that I was in a hole and I was trying to get out but the more I try to jump on top, the more sand was preventing me. There was one person that was sitting at the top and try to get me out but there was something distracting and I woke up.

Dreaming that you are in a hole is a sign of depression. You feel surrounded by darkness and hopelessness, and you do not know how to lift yourself out of this bleak emotional state. This dream symbol would often recur during low points in your life, if you have just ended a relationship or you are faced with another failure. Meanwhile, the sand keeping you from getting out of this hole denotes instability. You lack the discipline and the determination to hold down a job and manage your finances. You could also be sabotaging yourself, making rash decisions and actions which prevent other people from helping you. You tend to push people away because of your pride and defensive nature.

A hole in the ceiling

Finding a hole in your ceiling or roof could reveal your current vices or sinful behavior which are making themselves apparent in your consciousness. It is possible you are in the grips of sin and lack the moral decency to live life in a wholesome, holy manner. Alternatively, this vision could be seen by those having a crisis of faith or by those who have turned away from their religious upbringing in favor of a secular way of life.

A hole in your shoe

A hole in either one or both of your shoes could represent poor health or a decrease in your overall well-being. If you are currently healthy, you may find yourself getting winded when walking upstairs or that bending over to tie your shoes is more difficult that you remember. For those suffering from certain conditions or diseases, this symbol may be a sign that you need to see your doctor to check for a worsening condition or the onset of a related problem.

A hole in your clothes

Finding holes in a pair of pants or a favorite shirt during a dream vision could point toward upcoming debt. You may soon owe someone or some company either a large sum or money or part of your other valuable assets. It would be wise to do things that would mitigate the need to go into debt in the first place, such as careful budgeting, cutting down on luxuries or picking up a second job.

Noticing holes appearing on leggings

I was walking down a street and I looked down and small holes appeared in my black leggings.

Dreaming about noticing holes starting to appear on your leggings could serve as an indication that people around you could be taking your recent actions, behavior or attitude as frivolous or inappropriate. Their perception of you at this moment could be of little importance to them or has no impact on you (since the holes in the dream appeared to be small), but the situation may grow out of proportions if you do not take it under control.

Holes in household items

Finding holes throughout your house or in multiple items within your household could be interpreted as a sign of money troubles. In particular, this symbol is often seen by those with poor budgeting habits or those who have recently spent money in a less than prudent manner. You may need to reevaluate your finances and think more carefully about future purchases, as you could be digging yourself into a very deep hole in the future.