Dreams Related To Hive

A hive with empty chambers

I dreamed there was a hive, either a wasp or hornets hive or nest. It was empty of wasps or hornets. My husband was tearing it apart. As he tore into it, you could see each little chamber, there were lots of chambers, all empty. At the very back, there was something, not sure what, he left. It wasn't a wasp or hornet, something, not sure what. The main thing was the empty nest, tearing it apart, seeing the chambers inside.

A hive usually symbolizes activity and productivity, so finding an empty hive in a dream represents stagnation or an idle existence. Both of you may be feeling unproductive, hence you are seeking a purpose to fill your days. While it seems like there is nothing left to accomplish, the discovery of something at the very back of this seemingly empty hive means you do have something to be passionate about. You only need to look within yourself to find out what gives your life meaning and pursue this in order to find fulfillment once more.