Dreams Related To Hitting

Hitting another person and he does not feel pain

I am hitting someone and he doesn't feel any pain...no matter how hard I hit.

Dreaming about hitting someone is a sign of unexpected news you are about to receive. It can also signify your fear towards the person you were hitting in your dream who in reality may behave aggressively towards you. Seeing this person not feeling any pain in this dream means that the root cause of your fear or antipathy in relation to this person may never be identified. Try to assess your feelings as to why you are so averse towards this individual.

Hitting a pedestrian with a car

I'm driving and on the shoulder, facing toward me is a car broken down. In front of the car, looking under the hood is one of the greeters from Walmart. He is an elderly Asian man with a cane. Such a nice man. He always bows. Anyway, as I am approaching the car, he doesn't look and steps out into my lane. I, of course, hit him. Which is when I wake up horrified. Any ideas?

The broken-down car in your dream represents looming problems or upcoming bad news that would take you by surprise. The man in the dream may not be directly referring to the real-world version of him. Perhaps he is merely a representation of blue-collar workers or maybe familiar personality in your day-to-day routines. Hitting this person with your car suggests past trespasses you have made against someone to push forward your personal agendas. It may have been done unwittingly or without due consideration of the consequences. Oftentimes we forget to think about the repercussions of our actions when we are motivated by self-interest. Nevertheless, you could be taken back to resolve this transgression.

Hit with a whip

Someone beating each of us with a whip.

Being hit with a whip often signifies that you tend to engage in selfish behavior at the expense of other people's happiness and well-being. You are likely to be met, however, with a great deal of criticism and disapproval from those closest to you if you do not change your ways. Failure to be more generous and thoughtful could cause serious conflicts arising in and affecting these relationships.

Someone hitting you

Dreams about being beaten or suddenly attacked by someone often relate to issues of control in your life, and your own vulnerability. Being attacked in a dream is not usually about wanting to hurt yourself or others, but can be about your existing unresolved internal conflict or dilemma.

Hitting someone with a car

Hitting someone while driving in a dream can be a concerning experience, as it can indicate a fear of causing harm or being involved in a serious accident. According to evangelist Joshua, the damage you gave to the body is an allusion to a fear of physical harm or injury and a feeling of being out of control. Moreover, the dream also suggests a fear of causing harm to others in your waking life, either intentionally or unintentionally. The dream encourages you to be more aware of your actions and the potential consequences they have on others. It is also a sign to slow down and approach life more cautiously.

Hitting a car

Dreaming of hitting a car whether parked or while driving can represent a warning about behaving recklessly in waking life while driving. It symbolizes an accident or crash waiting to happen if you do not change your habits. Alternatively, the dream could suggest that you are lucidly aware of the consequences of your actions and are taking steps to avoid any potential accidents. It also indicates a fear of losing control of your life and a situation or relationship that you are afraid of damaging. In a nutshell, this dream serves as a cautionary message to be more mindful and responsible in your waking life.

Someone hitting me on the head

Dreams of being attacked or hit on the head often represent a feeling of betrayal or vulnerability in waking life. The injury or hurt experienced in the dream point to a problem or mystery that needs to be solved. Alternatively, it could be a warning to be cautious of someone or something that may cause harm. A spiritual interpretation of this dream suggests a need for protection or healing, both physically and emotionally. The mnemonic potential of the dream can be used to recall important lessons about trust and self-protection.

Hitting your mother

Hitting or beating your mother in the dream realm suggests negative emotions that you carry in your waking life. You might be easily irritated by things around you, but you try your best to keep your feelings under the surface. Arguing with your mom also points to your paranoid tendency that people always look at your flaws, making you feel angry for nothing. Perhaps it is best to keep your emotions and behavior in check to avoid tarnishing your relationship with the people around you.