Dreams Related To High

Being high

Being high on marijuana or some other drug while in a dream vision is an ominous symbol to portend. It suggests a significant decline in overall health, possibly due to a past condition resurfacing. In this case, something like a returning cancer or a case of the shingles is totally possible, although it may also be something less serious as well. Alternatively, this symbol can suggest current lifestyle choices may be leading you down a path toward poor health. For instance, consuming a lot of fast food or sugary beverages may lead to diabetes, while using a tanning bed may lead to skin cancer or premature aging of the skin.

Being up high and can't get down

Being up high on a tall swing and unable to get down in a dream shows a feeling of being overwhelmed or out of your emotional depth in your waking life. The high swing is a sign of a sense of responsibility or pressure, whereas the inability to get down may indicate a lack of confidence in your ability to handle a particular situation or an event. In essence, through this dream your subconscious is making you aware of your shortcomings, and even encouraging you to step up in regards to things you are generally afraid of.

Being high up

According to the teachings of John Paul Jackson on dream interpretations dreaming about being high up indicates a sense of achievement or progress in your life. It often represents a feeling of elevation or a rise to a higher position or level of success. This dream, therefore, reflects your efforts to reach your goals and accomplish your desires. It also represents a sense of fear or anxiety, as it often feels being or becoming vulnerable or precarious to be in such a position.