Dreams Related To Hiding

Hiding from someone

Hiding from someone, in a game of hide and seek or something more fear-driven and sinister, reveals your reluctance in giving up valuable possessions or sentimental items especially when you are thinking about tidying up your space. This could also represent your unwillingness to let go of grudges and similar emotional baggages. If you were found during a hide and seek game, then you can expect blessings to come pouring your way. However, if enemies find you in the vision or you are driven into hiding because of fear, then this means that you may soon lose someone near and dear to your heart.

Hiding from a friend

I am a female. In my dream, I was avoiding one of my friends (who is a male), every time he got near me and tried to talk to me I ran away and found a new place to hide. One of my friends was there trying to help me hide, but also telling me that I should just talk to the guy. I don't remember what friend it was. At the end of the dream I was sitting in a corner with my friend, she was still trying to convince me to talk to him, but it never ended up happening.

Seeing particular friends in the dream realm, even if you cannot recognize or remember them when you awaken, often is a reflection of their constant presence in wake life. You may have spoken to one or both of them recently or were reminded of a past experience with them when scrolling through the images online or getting a pop-up reminder on a social media website. Avoiding this male friend, if you do harbor some feelings for him in reality, could point toward a desire to get to know him better without committing to a relationship. Considering his multiple attempts to communicate with you, your subconscious seems to think you should at least give things a chance. If you do not have any feelings for this friend, maybe your subconscious is picking up on some vibes he is sending your way.

Hiding something

Dreaming that you are hiding something, whether it is a secret or an object that you are keeping in a safe and concealed place, points to possible involvement in a complex and challenging situation. This may or may not lead to a negative outcome, although you would have to go through a lot of troubles for this. For women, this dream symbol means being talked about behind your back. Although this would be put to an end or put to rest once the truth comes out. You may even have to put out an official statement just to clear things up.

Another dream interpretation for hiding something has to do with wealth accumulation or an outpouring of blessings. These blessings may manifest in the workplace as salary increase, promotion, accomplishments or benefits. This could also occur in your personal relationships as you meet positive influences and supportive friends. If another person is hiding something in the dream, then this individual may be part of your success, either as a partner or team player.

Hiding out of fear

Hiding in a bunker or a panic room out of fear, such as in an apocalyptic dream scenario or a home invasion context, suggests that a recent action or decision is weighing heavily on you. You could be worried that you did something bad or you made a terrible decision that would have serious consequences to you and to other people involved. This guilt may be giving you a lot of stress that could also be manifesting in your health and well-being. As such, you may have to accept what you have done and prepare yourself for whatever comes next.

Playing hide-and-seek

Playing hide and seek in a dream, with kids in a playground or with your siblings in your house, means you may be neglected by loved ones which causes a lot of resentment and familial conflict. Perhaps they are too self-involved that they do not take the time to catch up with important things in your life. It is also possible that you may be too busy with your work or other commitments that you forget to prioritize the people who actually matter and care for you. As such, this is likely a wake up call for you to value your loved ones before a serious issue blows up.

Hiding your flaws

Hiding your flaws, using makeup and concealer or a wig to hide bald spots or a balding head, signifies deception on your part. You may be intentionally concealing your true nature or motivations from others, perhaps even including close friends and family. Your reason for putting on a mask, so to speak, may not necessarily be bad. For example, you may be putting on a strong front to keep your loved ones from worrying and to keep enemies at bay. However, this constant facade of strength or perfection could be exhausting and emotionally draining.

Someone hiding in your house

A subconscious vision of someone hiding in your house can make you feel insecure and unsettled. This dream symbolizes an intruder or an unwelcome presence in your life that you are subconsciously aware of. You should pay attention to any signs of being watched or monitored, and take steps to protect your personal boundaries and sense of security in your waking life.

Hiding from being seen

I move to avoid being seen and am hiding behind a bicycle tire. I continue to move to keep from being seen. In real life I am moving in bed. I have had this dream 3 times and actually fall out of bed onto the floor each time.

Hiding or not wanting to be seen in a dream implies keeping secrets as well as shame. You could be in the possession of some sensitive information and you are afraid of being found out. The recurring aspect of this dream means that the weight of keeping secrets is starting to take its toll on you. You are restless in the dream and in reality possibly because your conscience is constantly keeping you in check. Perhaps some of what you are doing in the waking world goes against your beliefs and values.

An ostrich hiding its head in the sand

Seeing an ostrich that is hiding its head in the sand, such as when you go to the beach or at a zoo, speaks of your attempts at avoiding responsibility or a lack of accountability. Even though you know that you are to blame for a mistake or error committed recently or in your past, you still publicly deny your involvement because you are afraid of the negative repercussions to your reputation and your career. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude prevents personal growth and self-improvement.

Hiding from bad guys

If you happen to be hiding from bad guys in a dream, this indicates your tendency to run away from conflicts and confrontational situations. However, having this vision means that you cannot get away from it, and you have to face it head-on. Similarly, you try to avoid facing your fears, such as going out of your comfort zone and taking risks despite their benefits for your personal growth.

Hiding something before giving it to someone

Dreaming of hiding something before giving it to someone, whether it is a birthday present or cash you hid somewhere in their belongings as a surprise, means there are secrets you refuse to share with this person, perhaps because the information could potentially damage your friendship or relationship. It is also possible that this secret deals with sensitive topics about the other person and to avoid awkwardness between the two of you, you have decided to just keep this knowledge to yourself.

Unable to find someone who is hiding

If you dream that you are unable to find someone who is hiding, such as in a game or a loved one who has gone off-the-grid, it suggests brewing problems and conflicts that would lead to a falling out with this person you are trying to find within the dream. Fortunately, this dream symbol means that this is still preventable, serving as a warning and a reminder for you to be more sensitive to other people's feelings so you can avoid unnecessary arguments or misunderstandings that could permanently damage relationships.

Helping people to hide inside a house

I was staying in a house without a door and a small store room with door. Suddenly communal riots began and few of my relatives and their known people came for shelter. I give them my store room with door to hide and remain in outer hall of the house without the door. Few men with weapons in their hands come for checking, but leave without harming me.

Dreaming of being inside a house without doors or windows could contain a warning. Someone close to you, such as a close friend or family member, might pass away. The death would have a profound impact on their family. Alternatively, the dream could reveal that you tend to feel isolated and avoid dealing with the outside world and other people directly. Nevertheless, you might be forced to start doing this due to some external circumstances. This is suggested by the image of the riot and of having the family and the strangers inside the house due to some emergency. The strangers entering the house could further reveal the possible need to contact or deal with authorities or social agencies for some personal issues or concerns. In the dream, you were not affected by the visitors. This could mean that the mentioned organizations might not be of help in resolving your personal issues or concerns. You would be responsible for solving these issues completely on your own. Still, being sheltered inside the house and barricading yourself translates the ability to ward off any negative circumstances appearing in your life. Overall, the dream speaks of how some external events might force you to deal with displeasing matters. You would have little help, but you would not be exposed to danger or menace.

Hiding from the new owner of the house

I was at my old house. The house had been foreclosed on and already had a new owner. The new owner wasn't there and I was in the house doing stuff like it was still my house. The owner came home and I tried to hide and sneak out of the house.

Dreams related to seeing your old house being occupied by a new owner is a reflection of your unhappiness and uneasy feelings regarding your current way of life. These feelings could be about your current household or family relations, but may also be your reaction to some current developments at workplace or in your social life. This inner emotional imbalance causes you to experience visions (most likely multiple and reoccurring) of your house being under someone else's ownership and management. The notion of sneaking into the house you used to own and hiding from the current owner can be interpreted as your attempts and desire to exert influence on someone's life. This influence is either because of your intentions to help the person, or you could be doing it because you want to control and rule them, regardless of the fact whether they like it or not.

Hiding from fictional characters

I was in my mom's room, Jason the monster who kills people came in my apartment to kill me, so Freddy Krueger and the cartoon characters of Scooby came too. I hid in the closet.

Dreaming of fictional characters often reveals a desire to escape reality, but they can also represent hidden sides or aspects to your personality. In your case, the presence of horror characters means you have a side which you are either repressing or refusing to acknowledge. The fact that the killers in your dream are joined by lighthearted cartoon characters indicate the duality of your nature. Whatever it is you are trying to hide, it may not be all that bad. On the one hand, some of your loved ones may not approve, but it could also be a source of comfort and happiness. Hiding in the closet is an allusion to a secret. As illustrated in your dream, you are unsure whether revealing this secret would hurt your loved ones or be a cause for celebration.

Hiding from a killer

Hiding from some sort of killer or murderer during the course of a dream vision carries special significance according to dream workers like Jung and John Paul Jackson. While running and hiding for your life may seem scary or unnerving, this can actually be interpreted as a positive symbol in regards to personal growth and fortune. In general, the meaning behind this symbol suggests you are blessed with drive and ambition. Furthermore, you have true determination to make your dreams a reality, which is something your enemies will never have and will never understand. The peace and prosperity waiting for you in the future would be untouchable by them.

Someone hiding from you

The meaning of seeing someone hiding from you in the realm of dreams signifies your avoidance of the reality which continues to haunt you. It might be some sort of fear you try to avoid such as facing an end of a relationship, or a person you are keeping a secret from. Having this dream also symbolizes your feeling of insecurity in a relationship in fear of realizing that the person you are with is far from someone you fantasize about.

Someone hiding something from me

Dreaming of someone hiding something from you in a dream reflects the dreamer's emotional state. It suggests a heightened awareness of secrets or withheld information in relationships. This dream may stem from past experiences of being left out, leading to discomfort and anxiety when faced with similar situations in the present. Even in objectively reasonable circumstances where certain information is not openly disclosed, such as a co-worker's personal problems at home or the contents of a partner's diary, the dreamer's insecurity and unease may arise. This dream suggests the dreamer needs to address their past wounds so they can eventually become less sensitive and more understanding to the private matters of others.