Dreams Related To Helicopter

A helicopter crash

Witnessing a helicopter crash in a dream reveals your inability to pay attention to your surroundings. For instance, you could be looking at the crash from a safe distance or perhaps you are a passenger of the helicopter. These dream scenarios all allude to your mind's tendency to wander. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude could get you in trouble. You may even get yourself involved in an accident. For instance, crossing the road without looking at both sides or poor reflexes because you failed to pay attention to external stimuli.

Being pulled inside a helicopter by husband

What does it mean to have visions of my husband pulling me up in a helicopter by my arm. I am a woman.

A flying helicopter in a dream represents the dreamer's tendency to avoid responsibilities or escape emerging problems. By coming up with ways not to solve these issues, you may be ignoring them or passing them onto someone else instead. Because your husband is pulling you up into the helicopter, it is possible that you subconsciously feel that he is forcing you to do more than you want to do or more than your fair share. Perhaps you need to talk with him directly and come up with a better division of labor.

A helicopter in general

Helicopters as dream symbols generally reveal the dreamer's tendency to avoid responsibilities or escape real-world problems. Instead of finding ways to solve issues, you may have a tendency to ignore them or pass them to someone else. Alternatively, this could also allude to your odd rationalization that your love for a certain person would make you wealthier. Perhaps you are putting your future in the hands of your significant other instead of working towards finding success of your own.

A helicopter could also represent your deviance or non-conformity in reality. This out-of-the-box way of life is represented by the movement of the helicopter's blades cutting through air as it takes off. You probably dislike going with the flow because you find that this cripples your imagination or creative thinking. As such, you may be compelled to keep on finding ways to subvert the rules or pursue difficult paths paved with innovative ideas.

Being a victim of a helicopter crash

Dreaming that you are a victim of a helicopter crash, maybe as a passenger or a bystander at the crash site, may be an indication of an opportunity. Specifically, if you have been dealing with a dilemma or challenges in reality, this dream symbol is a positive sign telling you that the answer to your problems is close at hand. You may have to wait for the right time to execute your plans or find the perfect moment to deal with an issue. There could even be further symbols in your vision hinting at the perfect timing.

A war helicopter

A war or military helicopter is a dream symbol foretelling potential danger in your waking life. In a sense, the tactical helicopter represents your fight mode which needs to be activated so you would be properly equipped to handle the challenges ahead. Alternatively, this may also allude to your escapist nature. Instead of facing responsibilities and resolving problems, you tend to sweep things under the rug, pretend they do not exist and distract yourself with useless or impractical pursuits.

A helicopter burning in the sky

I saw leaves enter into a small big beautiful circle formed in the sky and in the sky in cloud helicopter fully burnt without fire inside the sky, without flames, smoke but only voice of a man crying in burning. I can hear his crying and in that place where helicopter burned inside sky the leaves enter into that place.

The burnt helicopter in your dream represents broken dreams. Failure and disappointment could be in your future. Perhaps you are reaching for goals beyond your grasp despite being ill-equipped to follow those lofty aspirations. Fortunately, the circle of leaves symbolizes hope in the face of adversity. It means that your personal journey would come full circle. After the crushing blow of failure, you would find opportunities for growth and obtain the prosperity you desire.

Helicopter attack

Envisioning a helicopter shooting at the ground in some form of an attack represents danger in awakening and angering various spirits from another realm. Dreamers who perceive this symbol should consider it a warning that they may be dabbling in arts they have no business being in or may be about to disturb some relic that is protected by an ancient spirit. You should tread lightly or else you may regret what unfolds.

Being on board of a helicopter

Dreaming that you are on board a helicopter as a passenger may reveal your obsessive personality. You like having a system and putting order in everything that you do. When things do not make sense or seem out of place, it can rattle you and keep you from moving forward with your goals or projects. As a result, other people working for you or with you may end up confused or unable to perform their jobs or functions properly whenever you start nitpicking over tiny details instead of having a clear vision.

Flying a helicopter

Flying a helicopter in a dream means there is an immediate need for you to provide more clarity to your plans and create clear-cut goals. You may have a lot of good ideas and you have the enthusiasm to pursue them, however you are having difficulty implementing your plans or making your ideas materialize. As such, you may need to be more focused and channel your energy into something more specific so you can start plotting out a clear and tangible framework that you can follow in order to make your dreams a reality.

Browsing the land while flying in a helicopter

Envisioning yourself as a passenger of a helicopter and surveying the landscape below speaks of your methodical work ethic. You could be flying over a mountainous terrain or rural flatlands in this dream. Either way, the act of browsing or looking at the land below means you are goal-oriented and systematic when it comes to accomplishing your tasks and responsibilities. As a result, you could get a substantial raise or even be promoted soon after your superiors evaluate your excellent performance and productivity.

A rescue helicopter ignoring you

A dream wherein you are waving or trying to catch the attention of a helicopter and yet your cries for help are being ignored is an indication of your worrisome nature. You could be prone to making things seem worse than they are in reality. Perhaps overthinking also contributes to your worries and anxieties. Even if certain events and scenarios have not happened yet, you may already be thinking about negative outcomes and grim situations. More often than not, your worries may be unfounded and improbable anyway.

A helicopter flying in the distance

Seeing a helicopter flying in the distance in a dream scenario portends an upcoming project that could be significant for your career growth. The movement of the helicopter and the distance from where you are standing in the dream allude to the speed of completion and how much time you would be given to accomplish your tasks, respectively. As such, if the helicopter is moving erratically, then you could face challenges along the way which may slow down your progress.

Flying in a helicopter with the boss

Flying in a helicopter with boss.

Dreams involving flying in a helicopter with your superior from work predicts soon embarking on a very important project or assignment. The quality of your work and attention to details you would give while performing your task are directly related to your future success and how you will be regarded by those who put trust and confidence in choosing you to complete this assignment.

Hiding from a storm under a helicopter

I was walking in a wealthy neighborhood with two helicopters and people outside drinking wine. A storm came and I took cover under a helicopter, then it left. Later, another storm came from a distance, I don't remember the colors of the helicopters, but it wasn't a bad color.

The wealthy neighborhood, the helicopters, and the wine all represent your dreams and aspirations to move higher up the social ladder. However, in order to achieve your dreams, you must weather several difficulties and obstacles along the way as symbolized by the storms in this vision. Taking shelter underneath a helicopter means that you have the ability to remain steadfast and focused on your goals allowing you to forge ahead in your path to achieving them.

Being killed by someone in a helicopter

I had a repeating nightmare about fighting someone I couldn't see on an impossibly large helicopter. And then it crashing and I am inhaling glass and the invisible man becomes visible and it's pretty gruesome. And it just watches me as it creates this bomb and I can only wake up after it has blown me up and (assuming) I die. I am a guy.

A helicopter represents power and lofty ambitions. In the context of your dream, the invisible man in the helicopter may be a powerful and influential adversary who is preventing you from moving up or progressing in your chosen path. This individual may be holding a grudge against you for a past transgression or something that adversely affected your relations. Furthermore, the bomb represents overwhelming animosity and rage. Perhaps you need to take care of loose ends and diffuse possibly destructive relationships before they damage your aspirations.

With children in a helicopter and a cave

I dreamt of looking at a stormy sea then getting into a helicopter. My children are with me but they are small. We fly over the stormy sea smoothly. There is no fear but a certain awe looking at the sea. The next thing I know I am in a dim-lit cave with an old man. The presence of my children is felt but not seen. The cave is small and I can see the sea but no water comes in. The old man digs and I see a cross made out of straw some of the edge is missing. I urge my children to hurry. I woke up.

Flying over a stormy sea in your dream vision means that there are challenging times ahead for you and your family. The state of the sea could be a metaphor for unstable psyche and emotional turbulence. There could be disagreements or problems which can make you and other members of your family highly emotional. Meanwhile, the helicopter represents your aspirations. Perhaps you and your family are prone to living beyond your means or focusing on impractical goals and aspirations. As such, this need to project perfection and conform to other people's expectations may cause conflict and rifts between you and your loved ones. Finally, the cave at the end of the dream alludes to safety and refuge. The old man likely symbolizes wisdom and experience. Your mind could be telling you to use your rational and pragmatic side to find solutions to your problems. Only when you become enlightened would you be able to find peace and serenity.

Being spotted by a helicopter

Saw a helicopter using spotlights to spot me and I tried to hide yet it found me.

Helicopters in dreams represent goals and aspirations. As such, your dream reveals your reservations about pursuing your dreams. Perhaps insecurity and indecisiveness are at play in your current dilemma. Yet you seem to be really passionate about your goals, so no matter how much you deny your desire to pursue your passions, your subconscious keeps reminding you to follow your instincts. The spotlights could mean that realizing your dreams may entail being scrutinized. This may be the part which you fear the most.

Helicopter landing

The image of a helicopter landing on a field or in a designated area alludes to financial decisions you would need to make in the near future. This symbol seems to take into account major life events, alerting the dreamer that now is the time to get grounded and realistic about their current finances and their goals for the future.

Helicopter chasing me

Running from a helicopter that appears to be chasing you, such as a police helicopter or military vehicle, means you may feel your financial situation is controlling you rather than the other way around. Until you stop running and face your problems fully, you would not have rest or peace of mind.