Dreams Related To Healing

Receiving items from a healer

A traditional healer gave me a bronze crown and told me that he will tell others that I have numbers as well.

Healers appear in dreams when an ailment afflicts you. This can apply to both physical and spiritual problems. The bronze crown represents the value of taking care of your health and well-being. To succeed, you need to take care of your health. The numbers the healer was talking about probably refer to the number of years ahead of you. The more you take care of yourself, the longer your life will be.

Healing power

Some sort of healing power manifesting in dreams, such as a spiritual guru performing a healing ritual, indicates a positive change in your life. A feeling of well-being and contentment will start to permeate your existence after a depressive bout. Perhaps a new person in your life helps put things into perspective and allows you to gain a renewed appreciation for what you have, instead of focusing on a desire which you have so far failed to manifest. For others, this could be a sign of making healthier choices after a health scare.

Healing others

If you are healing other people in your dream state, it means you are embracing your power to influence others. You are likely fortunate enough to possess good instincts and an ability to read people. This feeling of empathy allows you to help people in your life achieve their full potential. Instead of trying to change people, you bank on their unique strengths to help them thrive in this world. This can also symbolize your spiritual nature. When faced with tough situations, your instinct is to quiet your mind and pray for guidance.

Healing hands

To possess healing hands, or to encounter someone who can heal with their hands, reveals an innate ability to anticipate the needs of other people. Perhaps you find purpose in serving others. Feeling like you are contributing to the well-being of a group or community gives you immense pleasure. Your selfless nature will attract loyal allies who will help you achieve fortune and prosperity in your life. This dream symbol can also give you a clue about where your skills will be well placed. For instance, being service-oriented could make you adept at spiritual matters.

Healing someone

According to Biblical teachings, healing a sick person in a dream is a positive symbol. It implies the existence of one of your hidden gifts, such as being able to bring a positive change in people's perception of themselves and their emotional state. You have the ability to reassure others about feeling confident in the power of praying and how it can change their lives and bring about unexpected outcomes. Alternatively, the dream may also express a sense of self-healing or a need to focus on personal growth and development.