Dreams Related To Hawk

Two hawks and a snake

Two hawks staring down at a snake, one coming towards me as if to warn me or get to know me. I am a woman.

The hawks in your vision allude to some individuals in your life who are hoping to take advantage of you in some way. Alerting you to the danger posed by the snake may be their way of getting you to trust them. For example, these men or women may pretend to point out someone who is spreading gossip behind your back when they in fact are the ones starting the rumors. You may want to distance yourself from them and take some time to determine who your real friends are.

A white hawk that looks like an owl

I dreamt of a very large white owl (the size of 40cm tall and 20cm wide) flying low overhead looking down at me. When I woke in the morning I walked my dog and a smaller bird looked like a white owl was actually white hawk perched on top of a dead tree looking down at me. What does it mean?

The white owl in your dream vision refers to an intimate relationship with someone you admire. The size of the owl means this romance will loom large in your life and affect you in profound ways. Unfortunately, there will be people trying to break up this relationship. Most notably, the hawk perched on top of a dead tree forewarns hardship due to an individual who will take advantage of you. This relationship could be used against you, perhaps because it is inappropriate or by twisting it into something malicious. Either way, you need to remain alert about unscrupulous individuals trying to draw sensitive information from you because this could then be used to smear your reputation.