Dreams Related To Hate

My hater

Encountering your hater in the dream world suggests a growing fondness towards someone you know in reality. Unfortunately, you will only be wasting your time fawning over this person because your crush does not feel the same. Your unrequited feelings are better off diverted towards someone who is actually interested in you. Alternatively, a hater also suggests humiliating yourself in public which will make your loved ones, parents or siblings, suffer tremendously. You might lose your temper and cause a scene in a public space which will become viral or you could say something racist which will horrify your friends and family.

Hating someone

Hating someone in a dream, especially someone you do not know well, reveals your feelings of distrust and unease towards someone in reality. They probably make you feel uncomfortable because of their inconsistent stories or evasive tactics whenever details of their personal life are being discussed. In addition, your suspicions may also stem from this person's interaction with someone you know personally. For instance, they could have lied to your friend on more than one occasion or betrayed you beyond your trust. Until their true intentions become clear, you are probably going to keep your distance to avoid becoming an accessory to their questionable motives or sneaky agenda.

Deceased mother who now hates

I am a 39 y.o. female. My mother died 17 years ago. Recently in the last two weeks I keep having dreams that my mother is still alive but she hates me. I know my mother loved me, so I don't understand the dreams and why I'm having them all of a sudden. The dream is in present day. The scenarios may differ but the concept is always the same - she hates me and I get very upset because I don't know why she hates me.

Seeing your dead mother in a dream is an urgent message for you about how to find a solution to your current problems. Usually, the mother represents past experiences and situations that taught you valuable lessons. In effect, your subconscious is saying that to make your troubles go away, the key is to find wisdom from your past. However, since repeated dream visions portray your deceased mother as being angry at you, it means you are falling into your destructive patterns. Instead of learning from your bad experiences, you keep repeating your mistakes. So, your mother appears hateful because you are refusing to recognize the error of your ways. The only way for your mind to be at ease is if you finally recognize your failings and do something to break the pattern.