Dreams Related To Handkerchief

Giving handkerchief

Giving a handkerchief to someone who has sneezed or was crying in a dream implies that your head is full of subconscious knowledge that helps you be a good friend to those in your inner circle. It is a sign you could pick anyone you know and, through your deep intimate knowledge of them, find a way to improve their lives or just make their day a little extra special.

Pink handkerchief

A pink handkerchief, hanky or bandana are considered a type of subconscious code or allusion to being gay. Rather than flagging you or someone in your life with a particular sexual orientation, however, this symbol reveals a sympathy for the gender and sexual expression of others. Even if you do not personally agree with gay marriage, your natural empathy toward the hardship of others suggests you understand their struggles and want to find ways to be supportive, even if it means changing your stance on certain issues.

White handkerchief

A white handkerchief is emblematic of spiritual awakening or growth. It is considered a holy symbol in Christian dream interpretation tradition, and is generally considered a sign of good fortune throughout all cultures. It is possible that seeing this symbol would allow you to tap into some latent spiritual ability, possibly even one that lets you communicate with the spirits of those who have already passed to the other side.