Dreams Related To Hairdryer

People trying to take away a hairdryer

Female. Dreamed two girls who I don't know tried to take my hairdryer from me at a social event. I stood up for myself and was proud they weren't able to take it from me. Then a man with large hands whom I did recognize (used to be friends, but now ignores me) was talking to me and being very friendly but it was a trick as when he got close to me he used his foot to crush my hairdryer and was laughing about it with the two women who had tried to take it from me. At the end I run away crying.

The hairdryer in this vision seems to refer to your own pride and self-efficacy. You see yourself as a strong, capable woman who is able to take care of herself. The two girls who attempted to take it away reflect this confidence you have in yourself because they did not succeed. Your ex-friend's sly behavior to get the hairdryer from you and break it means you are likely surrounded by some manipulative individuals. For example, your parents may be trying to influence your behavior in a way that you do not like. Perhaps you need to find a polite or gentle way to express your opinion so that you can maintain your power and keep them happy.