Dreams Related To Haircut

Hair cut too short

I dreamed a coworker had just had her hair cut, she wears it short, and it looked good. There was a dark skinned man (India) that was cutting hair, I decided to let him cut mine. Mine is very long, so I told him just a little. He cut the back too short, and the front about half off. It looked OK, but I think he cut too much. I like my hair long, so don't think I really will get it cut, but in the dream I did.

This dream centers around the theme of cutting hair, and it represents changes that you are thinking of making in reality. Specifically, envisioning that your co-worker has gotten a haircut means you recognize that others in your reality are making positive changes in their life. Maybe you have a friend who has recently given up a bad habit or a family member who has started exercising and taking care of their body. You may also be inspired to take on some improvement in your day to day life, but you might be scared to make such a drastic change, hence the haircut and your later feelings that it was too much. Perhaps this dream is a message from your subconscious that you can make smaller but meaningful changes to your life without doing anything drastic, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or bringing lunch from home rather than eating out.

A haircut with scissors

Dreaming about having a haircut for which the barber or hairdresser uses a pair of scissors instead of another haircutting tool such as an electric trimmer indicates higher chances of succeeding in life. Due mainly to your own efforts and contributions, the project or business you are currently a part of would take off and yield positive results, much to the delight of all members and stakeholders. From then on, your partners would mainly rely on you to keep the momentum going.

Unattractive poorly-done haircut

Having a dream about sporting an unkempt, unattractive or poorly-done haircut is a symbol of unwanted attraction. A person with whom you share no romantic feelings would actively and relentlessly pursue you or show interest in you in an attempt to win your heart over. Whether you would give this person a shot at love or turn the offer down outright is a matter which only you can decide upon.

Getting a new haircut

To dream about having a new haircut is symbolic of fresh starts or new beginnings. You will be given a new lease in something which would allow you to pick yourself up from a failed attempt once again. Just like in the past, your entire family would be the only people who would stay behind you and support you in this endeavor. It would prove that no one else in this world would be willing to give you that many chances except your family, and you should be grateful for every opportunity. However, you must do your best to make it right this time.

Dreaming about long hair or unusual haircuts meaning

A cute or unusual haircut

Dreaming about sporting a cute or unusual haircut is an indication of having a one-of-a-kind talent or skill in real life. This extraordinary ability would work to your advantage in the sense that you could make people root for you. For instance, you could use it to attract a potential mate or get a job. As long as you use it in a good way, it would make life a lot easier and more fun for you.

Fixing your haircut

A dream about fixing or saving your botched haircut is a prediction of personal or family loss and suffering. Someone from your close-knit circle could fall ill or experience a health scare which could affect you or temporarily disrupt the normal course of your life in one way or another. For example, you might be compelled to miss some days of work in order to be with this sick person. On the other hand, this dream vision predicts the possibility of losing some valuable assets and properties, or losing the love of your life.

A very short haircut

A dream about getting a very short haircut predicts a period of financial difficulties and money shortages. You could soon fall off your budget or run out of money, and you may be forced to swallow your pride and borrow money from people who used to think you would never end up in such an embarrassing and cringe-worthy situation. The greater the volume of hair snipped in your dream, the more cash-strapped you would be in real life.

Unhappy with the hair cut short

I dreamt that someone I know cut my hair short. She cut her hair, but mine ended up cut short as well. I didn't like it, so I put extensions.

Dreams about getting or having someone give you a short haircut are usually associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing shortly. You may find yourself in a situation in which you will need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times.

An old-fashioned haircut

A dream about someone sporting an old-fashioned haircut, for instance a flamboyant hairstyle which dates back to the Renaissance, is symbolic of second chances at love. You could soon bump into a former lover, and this chance meeting could reignite the flame of your love for each other. This dream vision indicates that love may be sweeter the second time around.

Unable to get the right haircut

Dreaming about having a haircut but not being able to get the right hairstyle is symbolic of dashed hopes due to a significant shift in direction or derailment in a current project or undertaking. For reasons which you may or may not have initiated, a current undertaking might result in something very far from your expectations. A change in plans, a reshuffling in the organization or an unexpected turn of events might keep something from happening the way you would have wanted it to be, much to your disappointment.

Running a comb through a haircut

Dreaming about running a comb through the hair during or after a haircut is a symbol of pessimism. Instead of looking at the brighter side of things, you may have grown used to whining and complaining about the inconveniences and discomforts of life. As a result, you could be making an already bad situation a whole lot worse because of your negative attitude.

If you are a female reader, dreaming about combing your hair is a symbol of your lack of self-confidence. You would need the reassurance of your close friends and family members. They can help you find your true worth and make you believe in yourself once again. All it takes is a few words of encouragement and some make-up skills. Someone once said of make-up kits, *There are no more ugly women, only lazy ones.* If you can work that magic on you with a little push from your friends, people would start noticing you in no time.

Someone's haircut being fixed

Observing someone having a bad haircut fixed in a dream is a symbol of this person's submissiveness and lack of initiative. It is possible that this person has been dependent on someone else all his or her life. This person may not have the drive or enthusiasm seen in most people who are strong and independent. Otherwise, the dream vision may indicate the person's sexual deviation or dramatic shift in sexual preference. It could also mean gradually losing touch with the self, that is, becoming more and more dependent on others.

Getting a haircut at a hair salon

Dreaming about getting a haircut at a hairdressing salon is a sign of betrayal or deception. You are hereby warned not to trust strangers, people you just met or acquaintances you may have known only superficially. Their appearance may be innocent and friendly enough, but it is the people who look like your trusted neighbors who are often the ones harboring evil intentions. You need to learn the art of detecting a wolf in sheep's clothing in order to avoid losing money, your dignity or your life.

If you are female and you had a dream vision about having a haircut at a hairdressing salon, it indicates that your future affairs outside of your marriage or romantic relationship would ruin you reputation and make you look like a loose woman in the eyes of many. You should be careful not to cross that line. The gratification and cheap thrills you might get out of these acts of indiscretion would be nothing compared to the pain you would cause to your partner and many others directly or indirectly involved in the affairs.

Getting a haircut done by someone you know

A dream about getting your haircut done by someone you know is a sign of betrayal and deception in close circles. You could become a victim of treachery by a person you fully trust. Such an incident might shake you to the very core of your social beliefs and change the way you would look at relationships forever. The person who would play Judas on you could be anyone from your family or group of friends, but not necessarily the person who cut your hair in the dream.

A fluffy haircut for a female

If you are a female reader, a dream about having a fluffy haircut indicates unwanted attention. You might consider examining the way you would normally conduct yourself in public, especially among men. You may not be aware of it, but your carefree and playful nature might be construed as a "come-on", or a show of sexual interest, and you could easily fall victim to sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Getting a very tall haircut

Dreaming about having a haircut to achieve a tall hairstyle, such as the Mohawk style for men or the beehive style for women, is a subconscious appearance of success or reaching great heights in reality. You could literally stand tall and proud by your upcoming achievements in your career, business or romantic relationship in real life the way you would carry yourself with those fierce-looking, funky locks in the dream.

A haircut with coloring

A dream about having your hair colored or dyed during a haircut symbolizes the adverse effects coming from a rumormonger. Someone from your close-knit circle could be spreading ugly rumors about you which, although entirely false and ungrounded, could damage your reputation and affect the way people would look at you. This dream vision reminds you that these types of people cannot harm you unless you allow them.

Getting a haircut for males

If you are a male reader, having a haircut in a dream is symbolic of a fateful romantic meeting. You would soon encounter someone who is everything a lady should be as far as you are concerned, and you would be instantly smitten. The good thing is, she would think the same way about you, that is, she would find the man of her dreams in you. Presuming this meeting would blossom into a romantic relationship, it is highly likely that you would end up getting married.

Someone who is not a barber doing a good haircut

Someone I know giving another person I know a haircut in my room. But in reality the person cutting the hair isn't a barber. But when I asked everybody around me, he told me he's very good in doing that, and surely he gave the girl a very nice and stylish haircut, but in my room with my own barbering machine.

Observing someone having a haircut fixed by another person perceived not to be a barber or hairstylist in a dream is a symbol of this person's (the one whose hair was being cut and styled) submissiveness and lack of initiative. It is possible that this person has been dependent on someone else all his or her life. This person may not have the drive or enthusiasm seen in most people who are strong and independent. Otherwise, the dream vision may indicate the person's sexual deviation or dramatic shift in sexual preference. It could also mean gradually losing touch with the self, that is, becoming more and more dependent on others.

Getting a haircut and a sudden smoke

First, I had a dream that I got to a place where there was a man I thought the man of God and I gave ghc.100.00 and I said I would come and give another ghc.100.00. "There," he said I should sit down and I did and he started doing my haircut. The second was I was outside of the house, all of a sudden, there was a lot of smoke all over the place. I could not see well, somebody called me to come into the room and I went.

Giving money to this man of God symbolically represents going through some difficulties which are out of your control. You are possibly being tested by a higher power about your commitment to your work or religious life. Receiving a haircut, however, speaks of having a fresh start, so it is possible that this hardship brings you to a new place in your life should you pass the trial. Where there is smoke there is often fire, and this sign suggests that you may face some danger before this journey is over. It may be wise to pay closer attention to your surroundings.

Cutting own hair wrong

Last night I dreamt that I cut off about a third of my hair with an arms-length Katana. I then proceeded to run around misplacing the Katana and two other blades used to cut the hair. I kept attempting to cut the hair at different angles to correct this horrifying series of events. I never fixed it before waking up. My boyfriend, a coworker and coworkers cousin were also in this dream. My boyfriend paid no mind to me freaking out and was laughing away with the others about nonsense.

Cutting your hair in a dream vision is a highly ominous symbol associated with cutting ties with someone close to you. The messy, unprofessional nature of the cut suggests that your attempts to remove the offending party from your life without maintaining a sound dialogue may not go well, meaning your words are likely to cause more drama the more you try to explain yourself. The image of the katana could point to your boyfriend being the one you are thinking of pushing out of your life. This is also supported by the image of him laughing at you, which predicts either separation or growing distance between the two of you in the future.

Cutting hair after it caught on fire

My hair caught fire and I had to get all my red hair cut to shoulder length it felt horrible, but I saw a four-leaf clover as well I think.

Envisioning any part of yourself on fire during the course of a dream is highly ominous, suggesting you need to immediately reevaluate certain aspects of your life. In particular, this symbol suggests you worry too much about unimportant things while failing to act on tasks or assignments that hold weight in wake life. Cutting your hair due to the damage, then, predicts being able to move past this weakness by cutting ties with the people who egg you on unnecessarily and distract you from the important things in life. A four-leaf clover at the end of the vision supports the idea that removing this person of these people from your list of social connections could have a positive impact on your existence.

White clothes and new haircut

Wearing white pants and white suit jacket with low hills and hair freshly done straight.

Wearing white clothes in your dream refers to substantial changes in your life that would happen in the near future. However, these events or circumstances would have a negative impact on your current situation and thus would likely lead to undesirable outcomes. Alternatively, it means you are trying to be optimistic about your life. The straightened hair points to achieving clarity through a more pragmatic and down-to-earth perspective.