Dreams Related To Gunman

Trying to escape from a gunman

My second daughter, myself and a man were trapped in a building used for science experiments, by a man who said he was going to shoot me in front of my daughter. I kept looking for ways to escape but knew we wouldn't get far because there were cameras watching our every move.

Dreaming about yourself being a target of a murderer and unable to escape could be a warning to be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of your own actions or behavior that can lead to losing respect or trust of your daughter. Cameras watching your every move inside the building in this same dream could be an indication that you suspect or recently discovered that your actions became known or revealed to someone whom you do not really trust to possess this kind of information or knowledge which could be used against you.

Hiding from a gunman under a crib

A gunman shooting people, I go into a small room, a baby crib is there. People are hiding, I crawl under the crib. I see gunman's boots as he walks by shooting people, he doesn't see me.

Witnessing a murder scene in a dream reveals your own pent up anger or resentment towards someone or some people present in your waking life. Trying to hide under a crib could mean that your actions or intentions may have been considered immature or even foolish by this person who provoked these feelings in you. Your position close to the floor level also symbolizes your current state of mind when you are trying to regroup and come up with ways to calm yourself down and resolve this situation by improving the relationship with whomever you think had wronged you.