Dreams Related To Guilt

Guilty of a crime

Being guilty of a crime in the dream world, whether you are the only one aware of your guilt or you have been condemned by a court of law, suggests you are on the verge of taking a huge step forward in reality. Even though this might seem like a bad thing given the context of the vision, the outcome of your action could be positive or negative. More specifically, this symbol suggests you would take a risk that could have a major reward if you are successful. For instance, if you are planning to ask someone to marry you, the other person's response would have a major impact on you whether they answer in the affirmative or the negative.

Feeling guilty after betraying a friend

Female. I had a dream I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend, who is also my friend and I felt extremely guilty.

Betraying your best friend in this dream can be an indication of jealousy on your part. It is not necessarily about her boyfriend, but perhaps there are certain aspects of her life which you want for yourself. This is manifesting in your vision because you are trying so hard to repress this feeling because you only want to be supportive and happy for her. On the other hand, sex can also refer to a union and a need to feel closer to someone. Other than love and intimacy, there is something about her and her boyfriend that fascinates you. You could even admire him for his loyalty and other noteworthy traits which you want to embody. You want to transform yourself and maybe even define yourself apart from your best friend.