Dreams Related To Ground

Finding a safe ground in a raging fire

I calmly wake walking toward the living room and realize the house was on fire. The flames on the floor were not burning me. I run to the bedroom to get my sleeping child, got out of the house, and realize everything else was on fire. And I run caring my son toward a safe ground to which the fire couldn't reach out to. I found a few other people there. The field was burning and flames were getting higher and the place shaking a bit. Nothing could reach out to us on safe ground. I woke up.

A vision of a fire razing down your house or a neighborhood suggests a looming personal transformation. There could be a tragedy on the horizon or a difficult period that could test your mettle. Saving your child as the fire rages reveals your stronger, more resilient, self in the wake of the setbacks and hurdles in your personal or professional worlds. This challenging period could reveal who your real friends are. Those who stay to offer support or help you out no matter the consequences are the ones worth keeping. All of you, going through similar experiences under dire circumstances, would forge a bond akin to being a family.

Sinking ground

Dreaming of the earth cracking and sinking around me as I am saving people, a baby and my dogs from the wreckage. It felt as though I was in this dream forever.

Dreaming of cracked earth and sinking ground, such as the devastation caused by an earthquake, alludes to threats lurking in the real world. News of problems and calamities from far-flung places may affect your existence in negative ways. Perhaps your community or social circle is on edge due to bad news from around the world and they are acting defensive and overly sensitive. Rescuing the dog and the baby from danger means that your loved ones may lean on you during this period of uncertainty and upheaval. Your yearning for stability and level-headed nature could save them not only from external harm, but also from their personal demons.

Hitting the ground and being injured

Two dreams. Both about hanging on to something and falling. In the first dream I hit the ground and am hurt. In another, I'm able to save myself and get down safely, but a lady friend falls and is injured.

When you dream about falling and hurting yourself, it could predict an onset of some bad things happening in your life, such as being abandoned by the people closest to you, suffering great losses or losing hope. The second dream of being able to save yourself could mean you have the courage and resources to escape this situation, but you could harbor concerns that your friend is going to go through the same ordeal and you are worried about her walking down the same path.

Ground shaking while shopping

It started with me going to Target store. I am pushing an empty red cart. Suddenly the ground shakes and knocks me down and all the lights go out. Something is keeping me from getting up but I am not sure what. It was an invisible force. Then I saw my red car, being crushed and mangled. I suddenly knew I was dreaming and tried to wake up. Then I was in the bed I fell asleep in, but there was a blonde girl who spoke of something that made me really uncomfortable and I did not know beside me.

Dreaming that the ground is shaking, such as during an earthquake, implies financial instability and monetary problems. The empty red cart symbolizes your lack of funds and inability to buy your needs or certain items you may want for yourself. This dream scenario could have manifested because you are currently planning or wanting to buy something that is way beyond your financial capacity, so your subconscious is projecting your frustrations into this dream. Meanwhile, the blonde girl near you is an aspect of your personality which is a threat to your finances. It could be your hedonistic side or worldly character that would be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on frivolous things. Finally, your awareness of dreaming means you are working hard to take control and restore your discipline on practical matters, so you are probably already considering specific measures on following a strict budget.

Flying and unable to touch the ground

In many of my dreams I am hovering above the ground and no matter how hard I try I am unable to touch my feet to the ground. It is very frustrating and I wake up exhausted, physically and mentally.

Dreaming about hovering very close to the ground is often interpreted as a neutral dream symbol. It serves as a reminder to avoid taking advice or suggestions from dear friends or close family members and to follow the promptings of your heart when it comes to making important life decisions. The frustration you feel in these visions is a reflection of the frustration you and those around you might feel during this time. Your friends and family members probably have your best interests at heart, but they do not know the inner workings of your heart. A firm "Thank you, but I need to do this for myself" should help them understand your position and give you more peace of mind.

Pouring water on the ground

The act of pouring water on the floor or ground during the course of a dream vision has highly spiritual connotations and is related to the mysteries of the great beyond. According to the evangelist Joshua, the spilled water, whether it was an accident or not, has multiple interpretations, and all of them are rather bad. Some less serious meanings point toward discussions that sap away your happiness or short-lived success followed by debt and dissatisfaction. More troubling interpretations suggest that this vision is a premonition of how vulnerable we are towards the end of our life. As such, seeing this symbol should be a warning to get your ducks in a row lest you want to tempt fate.

Ground opening up

Dreaming about the ground opening up can be a powerful and sometimes unsettling experience. In this dream, the opening of the ground symbolizes a serious disruption or challenge in the dreamer's life. Moreover, the opening of the earth also suggests that there may be something going on that is causing them to feel unstable or that their foundation is shifting. The type of ground opening up can also be significant. For instance, if it is a sinkhole, it indicates that there is something that is draining their energy or resources. If it is a crack in the earth, it may indicate a small but balanced change that they need to be aware of.