Dreams Related To Grim Reaper

Spared by the Grim Reaper

The Reaper comes out and kills everyone I love then comes right up to me and lets me live before going back to where he came from.

The Reaper in your dream is a representation of your own darkness. Killing everyone you love means alienating your loved ones because of your pride, stubbornness or prickly personality. You are just going to feel isolated and alone if you refuse to show some grace and kindness to the people who actually care about you. Alternatively, the Grim Reaper can also point to health issues. Physical ailments would keep you from spending quality time with your loved ones, especially during joyous occasions and get together.

Receiving advice from Grim Reaper

Sitting around a table with Grim Reaper and lost loved ones. The Reaper said, "Dreams are a gateway to communicate with the other side".

This vision is symbolic of both the troubles you face and how those troubles can be overcome. Sitting face to face with death itself is a highly ominous sign associated with difficulties, particularly health-related ones. It could represent going through a period where your diagnosis is unclear or if it is understood, going through a long, arduous treatment process. The presence of deceased family and friends, however, suggests you are to have support on this journey in the form of love and prayers from those who want the best for you, both living and already gone.