Dreams Related To Grass

Feeding an animal with grass

Feeding grass to an animal in a dream vision, whether it was freshly picked or dry hay, may reveal your heart's longing to be fully open and honest with the person you love most. In some cases, this means confessing your feelings to the man or woman you want to be with, but in many situations it actually refers to having a deep conversation about important issues with your significant other. Single people are not excluded from this interpretation. It only means that instead of a lover you may need to have a heart to heart talk with someone who is important to your everyday life.

Dreams about green lush grass or lawn interpretation

Green grass

Lush, green grass, in general, is a fairly positive image to perceive in the universe of dreams. This symbol is often associated with wealth and prosperity, although not always in a material sense. Those dealing with money, like salespeople or financial advisors, may soon improve their own sources of income, while those in the sports and arts could see a spike in their popularity and influence. For lovers or those recently entered into a relationship, this same image represents a happy and fulfilling partnership with their significant other.

Mowing grass

Mowing the lawn during the course of a dream vision, whether you considered it as a difficult responsibility or a pleasant task, is often considered a positive image to perceive when dreaming at night. It suggests that your current efforts and resolution to succeed would bring great wealth and prosperity to you. This success would come even in the face of great obstacles, hardship or lack of support from those around you.

Grass surrounded by mountains

The image of a lawn of green grass surrounded by the tall, jagged walls of a mountain is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. It predicts possible threats or danger in reality, probably from those who hold the high ground. You may want to exercise more caution in your day to day interactions and avoid any unnecessary confrontations, expenditures or accidents.

Patches of dying grass

The image of a bright green lawn marred by the presence of yellow-brown patches of dying grass is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream realm. It can predict a number of minor misfortunes, for example, becoming ill and invalid for a period of time or having difficulty with regular business operations related to your field. In either case, you would have to go at a slower pace than you usually like and would probably fall behind on some important tasks or goals.

Dried grass

Grass that is drying out or is already dead could represent upcoming events or situations that would greatly disappoint or upset you. In many cases these feelings would be directed toward some aspect of your everyday life. For instance, you may hit a dead end or have less luck in a particular endeavor than you would have hoped. This roadblock would probably cause you to give up on whatever task or goal you had planned on, adding to your negative emotions.

Lying on the grass

Envisioning yourself splayed across a patch of lush green grass is symbolically associated with meeting or becoming romantically attached to someone particularly important or special. Whether this is a lover who makes you feel like you are on top of the world or a friend you can count on for the rest of your life, you are sure to enjoy their company and affection for many years to come.

Tall grass

Being surrounded by or trudging through tall grass, whether you see this as an adventure or a challenging situation, could predict good fortune and prosperity in your future. Important matters or tasks that have weighed on your mind for some time would be resolved, and the results from your success would bring you much happiness and satisfaction. It is likely you would know or have a direct hand in the turning around of this situation.

Grass clippings

Envisioning cut blades of grass spread across another surface, such as bare ground or pavement, carries an ominous prediction for your future. In the case that you were the one who cut and spread the grass, it suggests someone you care about is about to be seriously injured or die in a terrible accident. If someone else cut the grass and you saw it after the fact, it means you yourself may be at risk for injury, illness or death.

Eating grass

The act of eating grass during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It reveals an upcoming illness or injury that would make it impossible for you to carry out your regular duties and responsibilities. In this way, you would be unable to support those who rely on you. Furthermore, realizing that the grass is particularly dry or brown may mean you would experience loss, although whether this is in a physical or emotional sense depends on other signs present in the vision.

Stomping on grass

Stomping on, squishing or otherwise destroying a patch of grass with your feet may be an indication that you need to reflect on your current words and actions, as some may be inappropriate, rude or controversial. In the pursuit of your goals, your behavior may not be reflecting your usual high standards or those set in place by your family or place or work. Continuing in a similar fashion may yield unfortunate or completely disastrous results.

A specific type of grass

Envisioning or recognizing a particular type of grass in the context of a dream vision, whether you know it as a sturdy variety or that it has some purpose as a medicine, suggests you have a natural knack for combining natural ingredients for homeopathic remedies. The natural properties these medicines have would greatly improve your health and well-being, possibly helping you manage an ongoing condition that has stumped supposed health professionals. Building on this natural talent with research and practice, whether it involves basic herbs like mint and ginger or more controversial substances like cannabis, would improve your chances of success both as an individual and as someone who is able to give advice to others.

Grass on a grave

Seeing grass grow over the surface of a grave as though it has not been cared for or cleaned in some time predicts some challenges arising in the lives of older members of your family or community. In many cases, you hectic lifestyle has prevented you from visiting or helping the elderly in your social sphere, although it is also possible you have forsaken them and shirked your duties in regards to their care. In a sense, the unkempt grave is a metaphor for the lack of care you have shown those most in need of your presence.

Looking for something in the grass

Searching through grass in an attempt to locate something you have lost reflects a personal penchant for meddling in the affairs of others or sticking your nose where it does not belong. In some cases this refers to trying to play matchmaker between two friends or acquaintances, while in other cases it means you are inserting yourself into groups or gossip unnecessarily. This tendency may lead to troubles in the future if you cannot control your impulses to be constantly involved in matters not concerning yourself.

Someone making grass wilt

Envisioning a friend or a stranger walking through a grassy field and causing it to wilt in their wake may represent an individual in your social circle who is only concerned with their personal affairs and well-being. This self-centered, self-serving man or woman may be getting in your way or causing you grief in order to get what they think they deserve. This vision may be a warning sign that this person's usefulness as a friend or companion has run its course and now it is time to separate yourself from them before they cause irreparable damage.

Admiring the texture of grass

Specifically touching or running your fingers through blades of grass in order to admire or enjoy their texture is often considered a sign from your subconscious that you need to take a break from the daily grind and responsibilities you deal with. This could be because you are in danger of becoming too stressed to function properly or simply as a preventative measure to ensure you are in top mental shape. This same image is sometimes also associated with seeing the past come to life before your eyes, so it may also be a reminder to reconnect with those who were once important or influential to your development.

Grass growing in the driveway

The image of grass growing on the formal entrance to your house, whether it is on the driveway or the path leading to your front door, may indicate a subconscious desire to revisit your past. You may have a need to drive by old stomping grounds or hang out with friends from days long gone in order to gain some perspective on how far you have come in life and where you are going. It is possible your current situation has left you without close companions to talk to or get advice from, leaving you lonely and dissatisfied with your current existence.

Walking on green grass

Walking on fresh green grass during a dream vision is considered a fortunate sign according to most modern dream workers. For the average person, seeing themselves in this situation during the course of a dream usually has positive implications for their health. Minor problems that have been bothering you are likely to abate or go away completely with a little work and care.

Cutting green grass

In the dream realm, envisioning yourself cutting green grass from the lawn has a very interesting interpretation. According to evangelist Joshua, these signs show your desire for a clean and well-maintained life. The appearance of the lawn in the dream can also be an important symbol, suggesting that you are concerned about how your life appears to others. You may be focused on keeping up appearances, maintaining a certain image, or taking care of your health. Overall, mowing grass suggests a desire for a well-cared-for life that is focused on health, appearance, and prosperity. Whether you are doing the work yourself or collaborating with others, you are taking an active role in creating the life you want.