Dreams Related To Grandson

Strangled by grandson

I dreamt of my grandson strangling me and saying "Now I have you alone."

Being strangled in a dream suggests your relationship with that person, your grandson, may be suffering. This is likely because neither of you has been putting in the effort to do new things together or keep the bond between you strong. If left much longer, this situation may continue to deteriorate and might collapse altogether.

Grandson upset because of being grounded

Grandson is sobbing, deeply, in my arms while telling me he was grounded for the entire summer, in his room. He was hugging my neck on and off as he was told me this and I was holding him and trying to comfort him while asking questions to validate the details.

Feelings of protectiveness towards your grandson and your family in general are reflected in this dream. You could be worried about his well-being and your subconscious is reminding to be his source of support and reassurance. Perhaps you sense some distance from your loved ones in real life and you miss the bond from previous years, anxious that he would no longer need you as he grows older. This dream vision is a reminder as well as reassurance to always be there for your family, and that your support and wisdom are invaluable to them, even if sometimes not properly acknowledged or reciprocated.

Losing a grandchild while out and about

I was at a yard sale or someone died and they were moving clothes out, said I could have what I wanted, so I kept setting clothes aside to take home. Then the grand baby started crying, so I picked him up and he disappeared in my arms. I started crying and running for help, he was at home when I got there.

Yard or garage sales in dreams signify repeating patterns in your behavior. Maybe you are clinging too much to the past, such as past achievements or past relationships, hence your subconscious is telling you to let go and move on. It is also likely that you keep relying on past experiences to use the lessons learned in your present situation. Babies traditionally represent new beginnings and opportunities, hence the disappearance of the baby implies failures or pursuing pointless goals. You may be looking for growth and pursuing your dreams in the wrong places, so you need to look within yourself to decide what you want in life.

Grandson choked by family members

I dreamed that my grandson was being choked by his mother then by my boyfriend.

Seeing someone getting choked in a dream alludes to control and restriction. It may be a sign that your grandson is unable to voice his opinions due to being overpowered by authority figures, quite possibly his parents, in his life. It is possible he is going through some personal issues but hesitating to share them out of fear of being judged or criticized.

Grandson and baseball game

My grandson was kicked off the baseball team then was begged to come back and play for the same team.

A dream where your grandson plays for a baseball team may be keying in on your connection to your family. You enjoy your children and grandchildren, especially when they have a chance to come visit you or take you somewhere. However, envisioning that he was kicked off the team and begged to stay may mean that you are feeling slightly neglected. Perhaps your family has been too busy to visit or maybe you have done something to cause a slight rift in the relationship. Perhaps you simply need to ask what is wrong and, if there is any wrongdoing, ask for forgiveness.

Deceased brother with his grandson

I saw my deceased brother holding his grandson in his arms in my dream.

Dreaming of a dead relative usually alludes to loose ends, unfinished business or this person's enduring influence in your life. In this scenario, seeing your dead brother with his grandson in his arms means you likely see a lot of your brother in his grandson. This could be in terms of personality or his interests. It could also be an ominous message that his grandson will experience the same problems as your brother and this worries you.