Dreams Related To Grandparents

Grandparents who have passed away

Dreaming about your dearly departed grandparents is often considered an indication that you would soon learn something surprising or baffling. You may get an unexpected piece of news about something you were waiting for, or you may hear from someone who has not been in your life for many years. In either case, you should be prepared to accept this news, be it good or bad, because it could have important connotations for your future.

Deceased grandparents

Dreaming about your deceased grandparents means you are about to receive some astonishing news or go through unexpected developments in your everyday life. A childhood friend or a long-lost relative could suddenly emerge out of nowhere with a surprising piece of information. This could either be happy news or a tragic one. For instance, you could learn that you have a sibling you never knew about or you have been named heir to a fortune of an estranged relative. You may need the guidance of your elders to help you handle this piece of information.

Dead grandparents offering a ride

Both my grandmother and grandfather are no longer alive, but they were offering me a lift to take me home from work, but before I could enter the car I woke up.

Dreaming about your deceased grandparents trying to communicate with you, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive surprising news or announcement. The information might bewilder or astonish you. They were offering you a ride from work. This could be a sign of some type of upcoming or present dangerous or threatening situation you could become involved in. It could also symbolize an approaching serious illness or health problem. The offered lift would be your subconscious way of translating your need of protection and help during the unfolding of this menacing situation. If you did not see yourself actually getting near your relatives or getting inside the car, chances are you would be able to successfully avoid or prevent these negative events from happening.

Grandparents and money

I was in a room. My brother who is in jail was there, who is also a drug addict. He was going to the couch and pulling money out. I was a little disturbed by it and confused at what was taking place. All of a sudden, but like in many of my dreams, my living grandpa was there and not really a threat. Then my living grandma was there. I looked at my hand and I was holding money. Suddenly the money was disappearing from my hand. Lately I have felt a hindrance in my finances. I was angered at the sight of her. I screamed. It's u!!! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! She said there you go again with that and retreated as before.

The central figures in this dream were your family members, with a special focus on your grandmother when you became angry at her. This could predict possible challenges or difficulties you are about to encounter on your life's path soon. You would probably need to exert a lot of effort in order to overcome these. The symbolic image of the money slowly disappearing right in front of you is an indication that you are not happy with your current social status or position in life (for example your job or your place inside a relationship). This unease could be originating from people who seem to be disliking or shunning you, or your significant other not treating you the way you want to be treated. At the same time, even though you want to change this situation for the better, you, for some reason, are incapable of bringing the needed changes into your life. Therefore, you could be feeling frustrated, unappreciated and uncertain.

Being inside grandparents' old house

My grandparents, as their younger selves, came back to life and I dreamt about their old house that's been refurbished but not completed. It's been abandoned for nearly ten years. They bought back the house as they were sad about it being unfinished and left that way. When we entered the house it was all different but at one point during the dream I was the only family member able to walk around. Everyone had frozen and I could walk round the house freely. Why was I the only one not frozen?

Dreaming of dead relatives coming alive is their way of communicating an urgent message to you. This is usually a warning and a reminder for you to use wisdom before making important decisions, especially when it comes to your goals and aspirations. In the context of your dream, their old house represents their legacy and your family's reputation. They want you to let their legacy live on, which is why you were the only one able to move around the house while the rest of your family were frozen. In reality, they are too preoccupied with their own interests and problems that they do not have the time and energy to worry about tradition and your heritage. It seems that you are the only one capable of paying tribute to your grandparents, whether it is about following their footsteps, taking on the family business or to continue what they have started.