Dreams Related To Grandmother

Sick grandmother

Dreaming of a sick grandmother or seeing your grandmother getting sick is a dire warning. You may soon be faced with difficulties that will be challenging to overcome. You should heed the advice of one of your closest friends to help you with your problems.

Deceased grandmother

Seeing your deceased grandmother in your dream is an assuring sign. It tells you that in the midst of all the many troubles you face in life, you will always have a safe place to go to. This will be your shelter against the iniquities of this world.

Talking with grandmother

I'm a man and I was in an outside area talking with an older guy. Then as I looked to my left I saw my grandmother looking at me, she was about 8-10 feet away from me . As I kept talking to the guy I realized "Hey, my grandmother is here too". I walked to her and we walked and talked which seemed to be about 30 min. I don't remember our conversation . Then my dream cut off.

The older man in your dream is actually an aspect of yourself or the person you aspire to be. Specifically, he represents maturity and wisdom which you intend to acquire as you live your life. Meanwhile, your grandmother symbolizes a big challenge ahead of you. You could be having problems in your relationship and you are debating whether to push through or end it. You can also face a challenge about moving abroad and having a fresh start. Therefore, both symbols lead to your personal transformation. After dealing with this obstacle, you will become a more mature and wiser version of yourself.

Animals while visiting grandmother

I'm a female. In my dream I was at my grandmother's with my brothers and sister and mom and granny. There was a horse acting crazy, I petted a leopard, as I went to walk in my grandmother's house a snake jumped out at me but didn't bite me?

The wild, crazy horse in your vision represents an unstable work situation. As you saw this image in your dream along with your family members, it is possible to extrapolate that either you are somewhat responsible for the others financially or that all the members in your family are suffering economically due to these fluctuations. Petting a leopard is a symbol often associated with being successfully duped, deceived or swindled by someone in reality. This could be a business partner or co-worker, but it could also mean a government or religious leader as well. The snake that attacked but failed to bite you suggests that this individual's efforts would ultimately be unsuccessful, but you may face some minor setbacks due to their interference or influence.

Sad-looking grandmother

Seeing a sad-looking grandmother or your own grandmother being unhappy indicates that you have to let go of something that is very essential to you. This can make you feel regretful as well as result in going back to once-started but not finished task to complete it.

Dead grandmother dying again

Going through the death of your grandmother again in the dream realm is often considered a warning from your unconscious mind to be more careful with your words and actions. Traditional sources for dream analysis allude to a recent tendency to say or do things that make those around you uncomfortable. For instance, some off-collar jokes may not be appropriate in all situations or in the current political atmosphere. It would be wise to think about the feelings of others instead of complaining about needing to be more thoughtful.

Meeting with grandmother

Meeting with your grandmother in your dream, regardless of whether she is deceased or alive at the moment, foretells of challenges that will arise in the near future. You would need a lot of your time and energy to solve these problems successfully. This can also be a reminder to settle long-standing debts sometime in the future.

Grandmother crying

Seeing your grandmother crying in your dream with tears running down her cheeks tells of family disagreements, conflicts and sadness. You may be facing either of these in the near future.

Happy grandmother

Seeing a happy grandmother or your own grandmother wearing a smile on her face is a validation of the good choices you have made in life. You were able to live successfully because of the right decisions you have made along the way. It is also an indication that a long-standing debt that was owed to you will be repaid in the near future.

Dead grandmother hugging me

Dreaming of your deceased grandmother hugging you is a projection of your need for affection. You are looking for a nurturing presence in your life because you are usually the one taking care of others. There will be a rough patch ahead of you which will add prominence to your personal issues, perhaps you will become ill and bedridden or you could get laid off from a long-time job. This time of crisis and uncertainty will fortunately attract good Samaritans willing to provide aid in your time of need.

Deceased grandmother being possessed

Male. The other day I dreamt about my grandma who passed away three years ago. She was unlike anything I have ever seen. It's as if she was possessed. She had a green hue to her and she was levitating or hanging there in mid air. She said some horrible things and did some unspeakable things then made the comment "I might as well piss myself and die" and that's exactly what she did.

Usually, dreaming about a deceased grandmother is an assuring sign, something to let you know that you will easily overcome any troubles which you may face in life and will always have a shelter during the worst times. Since you mentioned your grandmother being possessed and saying horrible things, it could mean that you could be feeling unhappy and so you see this symbol of stability and love transforming into something negative to illustrate how difficult your life could be at the moment, perhaps representing the exorcism of your own inner demons and not something directly related to the memory of your grandmother.

Deceased naked grandmother

While dreaming about your grandmother in a state of being undressed may be strange or even disturbing, such a symbol is actually considered to be quite positive according to traditional dream interpretation sources. In many cases, this image is associated with peacefully coexisting with those immediately surrounding you in reality, like family members or close friends. Additionally, you may find mutually beneficial ways of resolving existing issues between you and someone you see regularly in reality, such as a co-worker or school mate.

Being scolded by your grandmother

Dreaming that you are being scolded by your grandmother is a premonition that what you are planning to do at the moment is not being given much needed thought, so it is bound to fail. You might regret the outcomes down the road.

Deceased grandma showing signs and images

My grandmother who passed away in Feb 2016. I had a dream I need some thoughts on. So my grandmother was there. She had signs and was showing me things. One was the Declaration of Independence, the other was Brave Heart, one was a picture frame with me standing next to someone who I cannot see their face. Then I walk into a room with people who I cannot see their faces.

Oftentimes, a dream involving a dead relative signifies nostalgia or a way of coping with the loss. In your case, your grandmother may have been someone you would turn to whenever you needed advice. Since her passing occurred in just under a year, you may still be mourning her death and anytime you are seeking guidance, it triggers memories you shared with her. The items and images she shows you in the vision are aspects of lessons she has taught you while she was still alive. Specifically, the declaration of independence as well as the brave heart may be allusions to her advice which encourages you to be more self-sufficient perhaps. You may be struggling to find your way and her presence in your dream reminds you about how much she believes in your skills and ability to succeed no matter the odds. Hence, the room full of people represents the next chapter in your journey which would test your mettle.

You as a grandmother

Seeing yourself as a grandmother in your dream warns of unforeseen events or situations in the near future. If you have children, it means that they might be experiencing health-related issues which would need immediate attention.

Dead grandmother smiling

The smiling face of your dead grandmother represents an unconscious need to be acknowledged. You are likely feeling a lack of connection or intimacy, and this sense of loss is also causing the feeling that you are not being recognized either in your personal life or career.

Deceased grandmother holding baby

Envisioning your deceased grandmother cradling a baby in her arms represents both new beginnings and something familiar. It is a complex symbol that has been recognized and studied by many dream interpreters throughout the ages. In essence, the symbol means something new is on the horizon for you, whether it is a big move, a new job or a new addition to your family. While things may seem to be changing quickly around you, some things, like the love and support of your friends and family, would be consistent.

Attacked by a deceased grandmother

My deceased grandma who recently passed, we just buried her five days ago and I dreamt she jumped on me aggressively and every time I got away she would jump on me again.

This vision can have two meanings depending on your relationship with your grandmother. If you had a close, loving relationship with her, this vision suggests that she is trying to send you a very strong message. This message is likely related to some goal you have been pursuing. She has seen the outcome and is trying to prevent you from reaching it because the end result is likely not what you expect it will be. She is trying to protect you from disappointment. On the other hand, if you were not close or if you did not see her before she passed away, it may represent some subconscious guilt on your part for not taking care of her and spending time with her while she was still alive.

Grandmother's advice

Hearing your grandmother's advice in your dream tells of major changes that will happen in your life. However, the outcome of these changes will ultimately depend on how you will handle the new developments you are about to encounter.

Hazy image of your grandmother

Seeing a hazy image of your grandmother, for instance not being able to see the face clearly, is a sign that you will receive a generous financial assistance from someone whom you least expect.

Dead grandmother scolding you

Seeing your deceased grandmother scolding or telling you off during a dream vision suggests that those who love you feel it is time you got some tough love. While your friends and family care about you greatly, some of your habits or tendencies may be driving them crazy. For example, maybe your significant other wishes you would spend less time on Facebook and more time cuddling. Alternatively, older family members may not understand or care about the lives of current celebrities or influencers. Perhaps you need to think a little bit more about who you are dealing with in wake life.

Abusive grandmother who is dead

Dreaming of your abusive grandmother who has passed away in reality is a cautionary symbol for you. You are probably involved in another abusive relationship, so your subconscious is reminding you of this dark past to help you avoid falling back into destructive patterns. This abusive person who is currently in your life may be manipulating you and uses gas-lighting as a technique to make you blame yourself for your bad situation. It may be best to seek help from people who genuinely care for you and help you get out of this toxic relationship.

Deceased grandmother protecting from fire

My grandmother died recently and her brother had a dream that him and all his other sisters were surrounded by fire and my dead grandmother was trying to put it out and telling them all to stay away to avoid burning themselves.

Dreaming of someone who has recently departed this life is often interpreted as a sign that that person is trying to communicate with you for some reason. The first image in this dream is a fire, a symbol which can have both a positive or a negative meaning depending on the circumstances. Because of your grandmother's insistence to stay away from the fire in the dream, it seems to point to a negative meaning. Therefore, your grandmother may be warning you to be more careful and cautious. It would be wise to be on the look out for danger, especially in regard to potential household accidents.

Grandmother nursing a bird

I pull my grandmother and a baby who isn't mine out of the bath and wrap them in towels, nan sits in her chair and has this injured bird which she is looking after and drip-feeding.

The baby you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Wrapping the baby and your grandmother in towels suggests you have been taking great care with these plans, indicating their importance to you. This means the reward you reap is likely to be especially sweet and appreciated. Finally, seeing your grandmother nursing a bird back to health is also a positive sign reflecting kindness and nurturing nature.

Being in a car crash with deceased grandmother

I was with my grandmother in a car. I was driving and we crashed into a river. I remember saying "I love you" to her as we were about to hit the water. My grandmother has passed away.

The symbolic vision of losing control of the car and driving into a river with your deceased grandmother could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately inside your family. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take. Not being helped or saved by anyone in the dream could be suggestive of being left alone while trying to take steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. Perhaps you are even looking for some external help or advice, as the image of your deceased grandmother implies.

Grandmother handing a baby

I dreamt my grandma was walking down a long sidewalk and when she approached me she had something in her arms. When she got closer she put a brown skin baby girl in my arm with some pretty hair. I told her how pretty she was and that I was going to name her Amiyah. My grandma told me to be careful when I feed her because her tongue hadn't developed all the way, she couldn't swallow that well. But then I woke up.

The baby girl you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Caring for a baby that is not quite developed yet could also indicate that you are currently making progress in several aspects of your life, but could be unsure which one would bring the most positive and beneficial transformations. If the color of the baby's skin was different from that of your own - expect some outside help or boost from some person or people you would least expect to get it from.

Being own late grandmother and naked

I was my late granny naked in my dream. What does it mean?

Seeing yourself naked in the body of your late grandmother denotes a need for guidance. Maybe you are feeling vulnerable and you are looking for some words of wisdom that your grandmother used to represent for you. Depending on how you feel about the nudity in your dream, you are either self-conscious or beginning to become comfortable in your own skin. You feel you need more knowledge and experience to go far in life, but the first step is always self-acceptance.

Running over grandmother in an SUV

I ran over my grandmother with an SUV and broke her ribs.

Running over your grandmother with an SUV in a dream alludes to a conflict that exists between the two of you. She may not approve of your lifestyle in real life or the path you are taking. Her constant criticism of your choices and ideals may be getting on your nerves. As such, letting your emotions take over during one of those arguments could end up hurting her feelings. Try not to let your temper get the better of you as relationships are more important than defending your personal views.

Dead grandmother being fat and smelly

Had a dream about my grandmother that is deceased and she was really fat, obese, but she smelled really bad and was sweating a lot. What does this mean?

Seeing your deceased grandmother in your dream is an assuring sign. It tells you that in the midst of all the many troubles you face in life, you will always have a safe place to go to. This is opposed, however, with the bad smell and sweat you perceived in the dream. These symbols suggest you may be reticent to rely on those who could provide you with support. By not making yourself open and available, you may be subjecting yourself to more suffering than necessary.

Someone trying to kill grandmother

A man tried to shoot my grandma and I cut him with a broken wine bottle after leaving the bathroom. I called 911 and she told me that I "was a brave little girl". I locked all of the doors and went to grab a knife to replace the wine bottle but couldn't find any. I don't know if he left the house. I keep dreaming of the same man every time during these dreams.

This vision seems to point to growing aggression in waking life toward a particular person, group or idea. The notion that the man shot at your grandmother first could reveal that you have been silently putting up with poor treatment due to this situation for some time. You may have avoided making a big deal out of this situation because you feel they would eventually get what they deserve. However, allowing your feelings to remain bottled up inside you could lead you down a darker path than you expected. You may even be surprised by the violent or ungenerous thoughts you are capable of. It may be better to advocate for yourself instead of waiting for others to get their just desserts.

Grandmother concerned about the kids' safety

This is my mom's dreams, she won't leave me alone. She keeps having the same dream that someone steals my children away. I am a helicopter mom, so hard to see this happening. It's getting really irritating because I think her dream has more of a meaning then just someone is going to kidnap my kids. She keeps telling me, texting me for months that I need to look out because someone is going to kidnap my little kids, help please, thank you. It's distressing.

Your mother's recurring dream about your children being taken away or kidnapped likely reveals her anxieties regarding her own relationship with your children. She may be afraid of losing touch with them or being unable to relate to them as they grow up and develop their own identities. In a sense, the people or forces in her dream taking away your children represent all the changes, both physical and psychological, that may or may not create a distance between her and your children. Perhaps it could also refer to some new information or developments which could change the way they interact and she wants to protect them from the harsh realities of the world.

Deceased grandma being thirsty

My deceased grandma was asking me for water saying she was very thirsty while she was laughing.

Thirst is an allusion to an unsatisfied need, while water symbolizes life and prosperity. Perhaps your grandma wants you to keep her memory alive and pay respects to her legacy. It may also be her way of reminding you of all the wisdom and advice she has given over the years. Maybe you are in a situation where you need some guidance and the lessons you learned from her could help you out. On the other hand, her laughter could also be telling you to lighten up and not worry too much about things that are out of your control.

Grandmother possessed by demons

My grandma screamed she was going to hurt me for looking in the fridge, then became possessed, we ran down a grassy field as she tried to stab me with scissors, I got them and slashed her stomach. The demon possessing her showed me kids who were watching and traumatized by the slashing. Then voices sounding like kids told me she "The Demon" possessed grandma so they would not fly to hell, then the demon told me too kill her and the kids' spirits had to slice the neck, I did twice and woke. I am female.

Demons as dream symbols are the embodiment of negative thoughts and energies present in reality. Turbulent emotions and dark thoughts can often lead to a sense of helplessness and dwindling hope. So, dreams about relatives being possessed actually reveals your own lack of direction. You need the guidance of elders and wiser people to help you sort out your problems. In addition, stabbing your possessed grandma with scissors means you want to take control of your life. In order to do so, you have to swallow your pride and listen to other people's advice, especially those who have more experience than you. Killing your grandma symbolizes maturity and killing the kids represents letting go of childish thoughts and behavior so you can become more responsible and self-sufficient.

With grandmother during a storm

I was at my old grandmother's house. My uncles were vacating that place and gave a TV for us. My first uncle was showing me how to switch on the TV and how to connect the wires. My granny came and told me to come and I followed her, we both came to our old home were mats were spread open in the hall, it was dark and raining heavily with thunderstorm. I was trying to close all the windows and doors, but she was arguing with me not to do so, I continued anyway and she tried to stop me by hand, I woke up.

Your grandmother's old house or a house from your past generally refers to revisiting your childhood. You would be flooded by nostalgia because of an event or encounter that would trigger your memories as a child. The television is your struggle to gather experiences and lessons from your past in an attempt to make sense of a current predicament. Your uncle is showing you how to make the TV work because in reality you are seeking advice from your elders. Similarly, the heavy thunderstorm ravaging your home portends a difficult and life-changing period ahead of you. Your grandma stopping you from closing all the doors and windows is your subconscious telling you to brave the storm instead of crawling into your safe space where no one can hurt you. The lesson evident in this dream vision is the need for you to face your problems and confront past mistakes and issues that are negatively affecting your present relationships.

Deceased grandmother helping at work

Deceased grandma helping me set up a coffee station at work.

The vision of a deceased relative in your dream can be a sign of your affection for this person. It shows that your subconscious is still dealing with mourning the loss and your souls are still attached, so the notion of your grandmother helping you at work suggests your trustfulness and dependence on her. She was probably your refuge who helped you out when you were in trouble. Your dream can be interpreted to mean that you have been through some tough situation recently and could be seeking help from a reliable person.

Aggressive grandmother

Grandmother aggressive, borderline evil.

Envisioning your grandmother being or becoming aggressive or evil portends either disagreeing with her about the way things should be done or reflects the fact that you could be hiding a secret from her.

Making grandmother cry

The act of making your grandmother cry in this dream, whether intentionally or not, is an ill-omen of conflicts or misery within your family. You might find yourself in a disagreement with one family member because of your different perspectives on certain things. On the other hand, your family might face a dreadful event that would bring despair to your household.

Late grandma wearing torn clothes

An image of your grandma in worn-out or torn clothes is an omen for obstacles along your way. You might find yourself a victim of fraudulent activity or get linked to anything of some sort that could damage your reputation. Getting out of this mess might take some time, and you could lose your good relationship with the people around you. Hence, a thorough background check on your future venture or investments is highly advisable.