Dreams Related To Granddaughter

Granddaughter drowning

I was with my grand babies and my granddaughter was riding her bike. I was walking with my grandson. We were ahead of her and all of a sudden I didn't hear her anymore. I turned around and said where is she. When I looked she had fallen into a canal but was still on the bike under water and couldn't get off. I screamed and was trying to get to her but my grandson wouldn't let go of my hand. As I was pulling away from him saying "Let go!" I awoke in panic almost in tears.

The image of your granddaughter riding a bike represents your optimism about her future. Perhaps you view her as a free spirit who will be drawn to the arts or a life filled with adventure. She is probably very curious and likes to explore new places. Unfortunately, witnessing her fall into a canal means her parents are probably strict with her and her brother. Much as you would like to encourage her to follow her passion, perhaps her parents are far too practical and cautious which limits her creativity. Ultimately, you are torn between letting their parents raise your grandchildren according to their parenting style and intervening when you see them unhappy and being forced to pursue activities they have no interest in.

Granddaughter's arm being amputated

My dream was about my granddaughter. I walked in and they cut her hand off, put a prosthesis on and I was telling the doctor he had to put her hand back on, there was no reason for him to chop it off and he grabbed her hand and started cutting all the little fingers off of her little hand and I couldn't stop him. Then my granddaughter walked out and had a prosthetic metal contraption from her shoulder down. I can't tell you how upsetting this dream was to me.

Our arms often get most of our work done. They are oftentimes symbolic of our way of life or our vocation. Hence, a vision of amputation or a loss of this particular limb indicates a loss of motivation as well as a shift in priorities. Perhaps someone close to you will undergo some struggle which will put that person on a different track. There is a possibility that somebody is influential in steering your kin in another direction, hence the prosthetic arm. Furthermore, your subconscious may be telling you to be wary of manipulative people surrounding your family which will put a strain on your relationship with them.