Dreams Related To Grains

Grains in a sack turning to liquid

I saw a big bag of white grains, looked almost like rice. But in my dream was a dog food. Then this stuff just got all watery and since it was a liquid, it spilled out of the bag on the floor. The bag was in my closet. What this means?

A bag of grains in dreams generally symbolizes wealth and success. Since grains nourish living beings, it is seen as an indicator of prosperity. In that sense, having this bag of grains in your closet reveals your capability to succeed in the real world. However, its transformation into liquid form alludes to wasted potential. You may be a very smart and talented individual yet you are not using your skill set to be productive and improve your situation. Similarly, the closet may also point to the fact that you are hiding or not harnessing your full potential. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or disappointment, so you prefer staying in your comfort zone. Maybe its time to take some risk, otherwise you may miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.