Dreams Related To Glass

Flowers around a framed glass

A square shiny glass with silver frame and flowers around it.

A shiny glass symbolizes something precious yet fragile. The flowers around it suggest that this precious thing may be associated with a budding romance. In this context, this dream vision may be reminding you treat this relationship with care because mishandling it could cause irreparable damage. In addition, the silver frame could be an allusion to getting married or settling down. Perhaps this is the reason why you see your bond with this individual as particularly fragile because you have high hopes that this would turn into a lifetime of partnership and love.

Glass in general

Dreaming about glass is generally associated with transparency and sensitive issues. There may be concerns about privacy and having sensitive secrets exposed to the public. There could be fears and apprehensions concerning threatening situations in the waking world. In addition, glass also alludes to fragility. Perhaps you feel that a bond you share with someone is in danger of being broken due to prevailing issues between the two of you.

Broken glass

Broken glass is often thought to represent broken trust or the threat of treachery. However, the interpretation of this vision depends highly on the reason the glass broke. For example, if your actions directly caused the glass to shatter, it is possible you would either knowingly or unknowingly betray someone you are close to in reality. Alternatively, seeing someone else break the glass or only seeing the aftereffects could reveal the presence of someone who would stab you in the back when the price is right.

Chewing glass

Chewing glass is often a negative symbol in dream visions, as it is usually associated with problems in the past causing you trouble in the present. Unresolved issues or regrets from days gone by could be weighing heavily on your heart. Not dealing with these points is probably holding you back in more ways that one. First, you could be allowing old habits to hamper your progress or keep you from being your best self. Second, constantly worrying or feeling down about your previous actions or interactions may make even positive developments less effective because your full attention would not be devoted to improvement. To avoid being hindered by your own feelings or thoughts, you should talk to someone who can help you unravel the mess of emotions within, like a parent, counselor or friend.

Broken glass in a window

A broken glass or window pane, especially in an old abandoned or decrepit building, means you could subject yourself to tremendous stress for the sake of helping someone. Your good will and empathy could make you feel responsible for correcting someone else's mistake or helping him or her out of a rut. Perhaps you would find yourself in a unique position to change someone's fate or future for the better. It would take a lot out of you, but maybe you would feel infinitely better and useful because of those circumstances.

A glassmaker

Meeting or encountering a glassmaker in a dream often reveals the dreamer's desire to take on a new hobby. If you are watching the glassmaker working on his craft, then in reality you could stumble upon a passion project you previously thought impossible to do on your own. Fortunately, because of technology and the resources online, you would be pleasantly surprised how much you can accomplsh with a few choice tools, enough time and practice. As depicted in the dream, this new hobby requires the use of your hands. Additionally, if things go well, the dream suggests that you could earn extra cash from practicing what initially started out as a passion project.

Broken glass on floor

Seeing broken glass strewn about the floor represents seemingly minor issues that could quickly balloon out of proportion. Just as stepping on a piece of glass in reality could really cut up your foot and lead to a lot of bleeding, so does this vision suggest that you are not making a big enough deal out of some problem or challenge you see yourself up against in wake life. If you underestimate the situation or your opponent, you could end up in a world of hurt.

Glass breaking

Dreaming about shattered glass or glass breaking into pieces could mean you are dwelling too much on your past. Loose ends and unresolved issues may continue to haunt you, however part of the problem may be your inability to move on. Refusing to let go of your past may be leading you back into old patterns which can hamper your progress in your current path. Additionally, your nostalgia could cause depression, frustration and overall stagnation. Perhaps it is time to close old chapters and look forward to the next one.

Walking on broken glass

Walking on broken shards of glass in a dream means you may need to be cautious with a new endeavor in the real world. Those sharp bits and pieces of glass point to sensitive issues and seemingly minor concerns that could cut deep when overlooked. This does not only apply to work responsibilities and problems, it can also be a personal warning especially if you have recently entered into a relationship or made a new friend. As such, try to keep a watchful eye on brewing problems and stay diligent when it comes to your work.

Shining pieces of glass

Polished and shiny pieces of glassy surfaces in the dream world denote luck. This auspicious symbol suggests success and triumph in your recent and upcoming unndertakings. Since luck is on your side, this vision suggests taking a little more risk and working a little bit more towards your dreams and goals. As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold.

Replacing a broken glass

Dreaming of replacing a broken glass, from a window pane or car, means some of your plans could get sidetracked. Perhaps you have been working long and hard on a particular project or venture, hoping that you would get properly compensated soon. Unfortunately, this vision suggests you would have to hang in there and muster enough patience because it would take a while before you get your money's worth.

Polishing glass

To dream that you are cleaning or polishing glass or a glassy surface suggests favorable events about to occur in the waking world. The act of wiping the smooth and reflective surface of the glass allludes to your efforts in improving your status quo. Fortunately, fate seems to be on your side as welcome developments in regards to your plans and projects are coming into fruition.

Putting glass in a frame

A dream wherein you are putting glass in a frame, such as a picture frame or the window, reveals nostalgia and sentimental thoughts. You could be looking back to your childhood or past experiences and trying to relive those moments. This could put you in a melancholic mood, especially if you are not too happy about your present existence. Alternatively, it coulld mean that you want some clarity and objectivity on how you view the world. Perhaps you are confronted with a predicament and you want to deal with it in a rational manner.

Stained glass

Seeing or handling stained glass in a dream portends a flurry of activities and commitments in the coming days or weeks. Stained glass usually symbolizes various opportunities and encounters which would enrich your perspective about the world, so expect to be busy socializing and having new experiences in reality. Alternatively, the symbol refers to a tendency to be distracted amid the frenzy of activities you have to attend to. Hence, the vision also serves as a friendly reminder to remain focused and not lose sight of your priorities.

Looking through a glassy surface

A dream in which you are looking through glass, such as a window, portends a blessed future. The clarity of the polished glassy surface denotes focus and a goal-oriented approach to your journey in this world. There may be a lot of distractions and temptations in reality, but this vision suggests you are single-minded in your desire to achieve a worry-free and secure existence.

A matte glass

To see a matte glass or a translucent and dull surface symbolizes uncertainties and confusion in the near future. You could face disappointments and failures which would make you question your abilities and whether you are on the right path. Alternatively, it could be a metaphor for a predicament in which any kind of decision would have negative consequences for you and your loved ones.

Unable to see through glass

An opaque glass in the dream world, or glassy surface which you cannot see through, conveys the opposite message in reality. Instead of being stuck in the moment, this vision actually predicts clarity and certainty in your upcoming plans. If you are still unsure of making an important decision, you do not have to worry because the answer would come to you soon enough. Unfortunately, if you are in a relationship, this vision portends a rough patch ahead characterized by misunderstandings and differences in priorities.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass, from snow or cold temperature, portends a romantic encounter in the waking world. If you have been feeling lonely and miserable, do not fret. This vision is an auspicious sign of true love on your horizon. You may have to let your guard down and be a little more warm in dealing with others to draw the right kind of personalities into your social circle. If you become a little more open, then the frosted glass would clear up to reveal your destiny on the other side.

Breaking glass

To dream of breaking glass or shattering glass into tiny little pieces portends the futility of your efforts in attaining something. You may have envisioned a particular plan or personal goal in the waking world. Unfortunately, according to this dream vision, your efforts to map out a plan or finalize your goals would not bear fruit. Fate is not on your side at this juncture, so prepare to deal with failures and disappointments.

Glass as a gift

Receiving glass or an on object made of glass in the dream world alludes to a siginificant achievement. You may earn a status of respect or credibility in your social group or at work because of a laudable action or your admirable skills. As a result, this would elevate your status and sphere of influence. However, glass also suggests fragility, so this vision also serves to remind you to tread lightly in using your newfound social clout or power because misuse and abuse of your authority could just as easily shatter your credibility.

A clean and clear glass

Dreaming of a clean and clear glass surface suggests contentment and satisfaction. Looking at or through polished and shiny glass portends positive outcomes to your endeavors. The future is stable, even blissful, if things continue as they are in your current existence. It looks like your plans are taking shape and your efforts are paying off both at home and in the workplace.

Freshly washed window glass

A freshly washed window in the dream world has to do with a significant career move you are about to make. This professional development may happen out of the blue and would cause a lot of complications both at work and at home. Additionally, you may have to contend with a lot of envious co-workers as well as overcome challenging tasks in order to maintain your status and gain leverage in your new position.

Cut by broken glass

Getting injured or cut by a broken shard of glass in a dream means you would successfully get the interest of the object of your affection. Glass is usually associated with transparency, so perhaps a good way of catching someone's attention and affection is by being true to yourself. Showing your honesty and being candid with your encounters would help highlight your unique qualities.

Cutting glass

Dreaming of cutting glass, perhaps for some craft work or window installation, suggests upcoming weddings or engagements. Someone close to you, such as a friend or family member, could be tying the knot or gearing up for a proposal. If you are currently in a relationship, then perhaps this vision is a sign of upcoming progress in your romance. Your partner could be ready to level up by means of engagement.

Glare from glass

Seeing a glare from a glass, or being blinded by it, in your dream suggests trouble in paradise. The glassy surface depicts aloof behavior and frigidity in your encounters with your romantic partner. Consequently, the glare represents irrationality and being blinded by your emotions. Unfortunately, if you do not let cooler heads prevail during tense situations, things could spiral out of control and lead to a break up, or if you are married, a divorce.

Breaking glass into pieces

I dreamt that I broke a glass into pieces.

Dreaming about breaking glass or items made of glass into pieces could speak of old connections or relationships resurfacing. You may wish, plan or actually try to reconnect with an old friend or romantic partner, whom you have not seen for quite a while. If this relationship was very significant and important to you, enacting the bond might lead to some deep emotional turmoil and doubting. If the glass was accidentally or unintentionally broken, the dream suggests that you should not dwell in your past. It is shattered glass. Instead, you would benefit from moving forward. If, however, the glass was intentionally crushed, the dream could indicate your forthcoming ability and success. Namely, you would effectively avoid or prevent some upcoming threat or dangerous situation.

A person turning into glass

A person became glass and I hammered it.

This dream could carry a warning. Someone in your social circle might be turning deceitful towards you or is trying to get you in a questionable and potentially harmful situation or activity. By hammering glass and breaking it you are showing yourself you can resists and counteract their intentions. If in the dream you were able to tear the person into pieces, you might succeed at preventing their ill-intended actions. Note that the person in the dream might not be the one who is actually being dishonest with you.

Being able to see through a frosted glass

I dreamt I was looking through frosted glass but I could see right through the glass. Then I dreamt about a man and lady, but he was holding a child that had passed away...

If the glass you were looking through in your dream was frosted because of the cold, it could predict meeting with someone soon who may become your true love. If you were able to see through the glass which was artificially matted, this is a reflection of your ability to predict unfavorable changes or challenges coming your way and successfully avoid potential issues and problems. The second dream vision could point to something related to people you know closely and if they have been through difficulties or tough times, the issues might soon disappear because the man in this relationship would be able to find the right solution to end the hardship.

Broken glass and confrontation with a stranger

With two women, one dark, one fair, my age, child 5-7yrs, whom I told to put something on her feet, so she didn't hurt herself on glass. She then left. A man rolled up in something containing broken glass, I'm hitting him with a sledgehammer, the man is calm. Women are scared, of him, not me. I want to badly hurt him, but am unable to. My age was current, the hut had blue furniture or walls, maybe both.

The most prominent symbol in this dream is the glass broken into pieces, which could be pointing to your excessive preoccupation with the things from your past. They keep coming back and seem to have special significance to you, and you could be spending too much time re-living memories. Another important vision of the furniture and walls you recall from this dream could represent obstacles and challenges that currently prevent you from making progress in your life. Remembering being surrounded or blocked by furniture and walls could also symbolically represent how you feel about life in general, namely that other people tend to get in your way, which is supported by the scenes of fighting with a strange man also appearing in this dream.

Someone washing glasses at work

I dreamt someone in the office is washing dishes. The glasses are already washed and stacked up full of fluff of the cloth. There were a lot of glasses.

Your dream points to the possibility of a significant improvement taking place at your workplace. The person washing dishes and the glasses that had been already washed could symbolize an upcoming renovation or a similar upgrade project happening in the office. This, in turn, could lead to a more positive work environment and an increase in productivity.

A bottomless glass

I have seen that I was standing and I was drinking water, I have drunk the full glass of water, but in a moment the glass was full, I drank again and after a few seconds I saw the glass was full again, then I told my sister to see it in front of her. I drank full water and my glass was empty, but after a few seconds it was full, then I called a few people to see what is happening with me. This time I told one person to make a video of it, I drank the water and the glass was again starting to fill with water.

Drinking a glass of water in a dream is a good omen. It means that when a disaster or a calamity comes, you would be safe from harm. It could also refer to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The notion that it keeps getting refilled after you drink from it alludes to the never-ending search for purpose and meaning. After all, your journey is characterized by continuous learning. In some instances, a drinking glass represents healing and rebirth. If you are in need of refreshment and rejuvenation, then the stars have aligned for you. Soon enough you would find plenty of time to re-energize and regain momentum in your quest for self-fulfillment.

Glass door

Envisioning a glass door is associated with change and opportunity, as they provide a clear view of what lies beyond and allow for easy passage from one place to another. Furthermore, if the sliding door is open in your dream, it could suggest that you are open to new experiences and opportunities. You may be feeling ready to move forward and embrace change, and this could be a positive sign that you are ready to take on new challenges and grow. In essence, it doesn't matter much whether the door is broken, open, reflective, or sliding, the dream is encouraging you to embrace your emotions and feel confident about your future.

Broken glass in your hands

Seeing broken glass in the dream realm can have several interpretations. In this dream, holding shattered glass in your hand symbolizes feelings of fragility, vulnerability, or instability in your waking life. It can also symbolize that things are not as solid or secure as you thought they were and that your grip on them is slipping. On the other hand, pulling the broken glass shards from your hand suggests that you are finding a way to let go of the things that are causing you stress or discomfort. In essence, these visions are a sign for the dreamer to search for answers and try to decipher the messages of the universe about your future and fortune.

Stepping on glass

The sensation of stepping on glass can have different meanings depending on whether or not you were barefoot. If you were not wearing shoes or anything on your feet, stepping on glass and experiencing pain as a result carries a sad, heavy interpretation. It means you are bound by some duty or promise that has placed a lot of limitations on your happiness. You may feel that any wants or desires you have are completely off the table, leaving you without confidence or hope. If you were wearing shoes, the meaning is a little different. It suggests there is a distortion in your life, and something you are experiencing in wake life is not being accurately reflected in your responses. This means you are either under or overreacting to situations in reality. This may affect how others perceive you or even prevent some people from speaking with you altogether.

Spitting out glass

Spitting out broken glass in the dream realm symbolizes something painful that has happened to you, and your struggle to understand it. Sometimes you feel like you have lost something valuable, and the interpretation of this dream points toward a spiritual lesson. There is something you would rather not face or chew on but need to confront to heal. Overall, this dream suggests that you are in a period of turmoil and you need to seek a way to move forward.

Broken glass in your eye

The presence of broken glass in your eye can symbolize a sense of vulnerability and harm caused by someone untrustworthy or harmful in your waking life. It suggests that you may have experienced a deeply intrusive and hurtful situation at the hands of another person. Additionally, the dream carries an indication that witnesses to this abuse remained unhelpful in the aftermath, highlighting feelings of isolation or a lack of support. It is essential to prioritize your well-being and seek assistance or counsel if you have indeed encountered such a distressing situation.