Dreams Related To Gladiator

Killing a friend during a gladiator fight

In my dream I was in a boat traveling, there were armed men who captured me and other men. We went to Patmos Island and were forced to fight in a gladiator pit using swords. I befriended a giant man. We were paired against each other, I was with another man and he had someone on his team. We fought. I out-moved my friend and killed him with my sword. He said "Put these flowers above my fireplace at home". They were white flowers. I cried like a baby with him dead and I went back to the lock room.

The gladiator arena in your dream alludes to a big confrontation in reality where you would have to fight for survival. There could be enemies in your midst trying to take you down or discredit you. In particular, the giant man probably represents influential or respected opponents, personalities who have more power or hold higher positions than you. This is a tricky situation especially if the people in question are your direct supervisors. On the other hand, it could also be a personal issue, such as an insecurity that has been holding you back all these years. Only with sheer power and ambition would you be able to overcome your own weakness, as symbolized by the sword you used to kill the giant.