Dreams Related To Girlfriend

Your girlfriend

To dream about seeing or being with your girlfriend does not speak highly of your real-life interpersonal relationships. You would often find yourself in argument or disagreement with people who are close to you, and the growing tension could create a gap which, if left unexamined, would eventually force you or your loved ones to break away for everybody's sanity and peace of mind. This could mean losing them altogether.

Fighting with your girlfriend

Dreaming about fighting with your girlfriend, be it a verbal dispute or a violent scuffle, suggests a completely opposite situation in real life. This rather undesirable dream vision connotes, quite surprisingly, your knack for building and fostering meaningful relationships with your colleagues, friends and family. This dream also indicates that your current relationships will grow even more deeply, but you would need a lot of care and effort to maintain them and take them to the next level.

Girlfriend cheating

Dreaming that your girlfriend is cheating on you reveals abandonment issues. You may be prone to insecurity when it comes to relationships because of traumatic events from the past when a trusted person had left you. Your fear of being rejected and abandoned may manifest in your romantic relationship and projected on your significant other. In addition, you may feel like you are not good enough for your partner and so the possibility that she would cheat is very real to you.

Girlfriend without a face

Met a girl that made me happy and had a lot of fun with but I couldn't see her face.

Dreaming of encountering a special girl and having fun with her is often considered a mark of vulnerability in dream visions. The notion that she made you happy suggests that you are having trouble with your self-confidence in reality. You may currently be struggling with low self-esteem, and this feeling is preventing you from accomplishing your goals. Not being able to see the face of this girl could imply that you are surrounded by too many people. However, rather than providing you with quality companionship, they may be ignoring your social wants and needs. You may need to step back and take a good look at what relationships are bringing the most value to your life.

Girlfriend being rude and uncaring

I'm a male and in my dreams my girlfriend always acts like she doesn't want to be with me or see me. She's always so rude and doesn't care about my feelings although she's the complete opposite in real life.

Your girlfriend's lack of affection and attention in this vision may actually be a response to your own feelings for her in wake life. This does not mean that you do not love or care for her though. In many cases, this type of dream is seen by those who are becoming more comfortable and content in their relationship. Rather than the strong romantic feelings that characterize early love, you may now be settling into a deeper, more meaningful commitment. However, in some cases this symbol is seen by those who have recently become annoyed or dissatisfied by their partner, perhaps due to something they learned about them recently.

Girlfriend being distant

My girlfriend was being cold and she acted like she didn't want to see me. I'm a male.

Dreaming that your girlfriend is giving you the cold shoulder may actually be a reflection of your own cooling feelings towards her. Perhaps you recently noticed a habit that has put you off, like that she is a bit messy or materialistic. Alternatively, this may be a natural progression from the initial love and lust that mark the beginning of a relationship to the more subdued, intimate love that defines a more long-term commitment.

Girlfriend on the phone

To dream that you are having a phone conversation with your girlfriend or seeing her talking on the phone indicates your deep longing for solitude. This dream vision is a symbol of the hubbub which characterizes your life, in which dealing with people accustomed to the din and negotiating your way through the chaos of everyday living have been the norm ever since you can remember. It has come to a point which made you finally decide that you needed your own space and time for a quiet reflection, whatever it may bring or wherever it may take you.

Sex with a girlfriend

I dreamed about having sex with my girlfriend.

Dreaming of scenes of desired sex or seeing your fantasies being played out is a sign of insecurity. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these are hindering you from realizing your goals or objectives. It can also refer to your incapability to satisfy your sexual needs or the needs of your partner.

Beating up your girlfriend

Dreaming the you are beating up your girlfriend or your girlfriend is beating you up is a sign that you would soon experience a happy and fulfilling period in your life characterized by meaningful relationships, self-sufficiency, contentment and inner peace.

Walking with your girlfriend

Dreaming that you are taking a leisurely walk with your girlfriend is a symbol of the ultimate betrayal. You would never expect that someone close to you whom you have trusted to within an inch of your life could cause you the most unimaginable pain by turning against you or discrediting you for personal gains, unmindful of other lives which might be affected in the process. This dream is a stern warning that sometimes, the real culprits live closer to home or are right under your nose, so you might consider looking into your social circle and doing a bit of detective work.

Your girlfriend dead

Dreaming about seeing your girlfriend dead or dying signifies a happy and contented life in reality. Contrary to the dream vision, your relationships with those you regularly come in contact with are "full of life", and the activities and projects you are currently undertaking are showing signs of progress and gearing towards success. You have never been so fulfilled in your life before, and you would do everything to stay this way.

A girlfriend who cheats in dreams

Hi, I am a male and I have been having similar dreams. I don't usually remember my dreams but lately when I sleep at my girlfriend's house I keep having dreams of cheating. In the dreams she has sex with some other guy and I kinda wait for her to finish up. Once in my dreams I cheated on her but she was nowhere around. She's been such a loyal companion and I have no reason to believe that she'd cheat on me but I don't know what to do or what to think about this.

Dreaming that your girlfriend is cheating on you means you have abandonment issues and insecurity when it comes to relationships. You have probably experienced being left behind or neglected by people you love or look up to. Their rejection could have seeped into your subconscious states, so even if you are in a stable relationship, your fears of being rejected keep haunting you. The recurring aspect of this dream suggests you are deeply in love with your girlfriend, so the fear of being abandoned grows stronger since the risk of getting hurt is higher. You need to come to terms with your bad experiences and learn to separate them from your current relationship, otherwise you could end up sabotaging a perfectly secure romance.

Girlfriend leaving you

If you are in a happy relationship and you dream that your girlfriend or boyfriend is breaking up with you, it means you feel that something is off with your partner. Maybe they have been strangely distant or you have been fighting a lot more recently. Whatever the case may be, you are worried that you are drifting apart and this fear has seeped into your subconscious. It is also possible that someone with malicious intent is fueling your paranoia and making you doubt your partner's loyalty. This is a good time to reconnect with your significant other and open communication lines to avoid any misunderstanding.

A girlfriend you have not seen in a while

To dream of a chance meeting or conversation with a girlfriend you have not seen in a while is a grim warning that someone could be ratting you out or poisoning your friends with ugly rumors about you when you are not around. You would not want to go through the unnecessary pain of being an outcast as a result of damaged relationships. If those attempts to destroy you should succeed, it would take excruciatingly long time for people to finally realize you are not what they thought you were all this time. By then, the pain may have been too much for you to take them back to your life.

Someone's girlfriend for females

If you are a lady, dreaming about having a conversation with someone's girlfriend is an indication that there is rivalry and bad blood between you and someone in real life who is not necessarily the person you were talking to in your dream. This person may be jealous or mad at you for showing interest in or having an affair with her romantic partner or husband. It is also possible that you are the one who is jealous with this person for having an inappropriate relationship with your lover or spouse.

Talking to girlfriend

Dreaming that you are talking to your girlfriend symbolizes your deep hatred or scorn towards someone in real life with whom you would find yourself in constant friction. Since no amount of compromise or arbitration would convince you both to meet halfway, your perennial conflict would only leave a bad taste in your mouths in every encounter, so there is no point in placing you under one roof or expecting any semblance of civility between you. Until Hell freezes over, you would be better off apart and having virtually nothing to do with each other.

Throwing a girlfriend out

To dream about throwing your girlfriend out of the house or apartment you have shared for a long time indicates that your attempts at reconciling with your girlfriend and earning back her trust in real life would come to fruition, and you deserve it. Your sincerity and great effort would convince your girlfriend that love may be sweeter the second, or third, or nth time around, and she would give the relationship another chance. This dream indicates that you were really meant for each other from the get-go.

Inviting your girlfriend to your house

Dreaming about inviting your girlfriend to your house or current place of residence indicates that you may soon go through a period of conflicts with your real-life girlfriend due to your trusting and naive nature. Seeing your kindness as a form of weakness, your girlfriend may have found a window of opportunity to abuse or take advantage of you in one way or another, whether or not she is aware of it. In any case, the ensuing confrontations could leave your hearts, as it were, deeply wounded, and whether you could turn the tide depends on you both.

Your rival as your girlfriend

Dreaming about your rival taking the role of your girlfriend is a forewarning that there are forces trying to destroy your current romantic relationship and they seem hell-bent on seeing both of you not only leading separate lives but also devastated. You should have the strength coupled with sound judgment to be able to play down these threats if you think the relationship is worth fighting for.

Girlfriend asking for help

Dreaming that your girlfriend is asking or begging you for help but you refuse to is a reflection of your own inadequacies in real life. You seem to be constantly in need of a helping hand in everything you do, and your effort, or the lack of it, would not be enough to go ahead and finish a project entirely on your own. You would always have others actively involved if it means getting things done efficiently. Whether this is a brazen display of your laziness or just a lesson on proper guidance, it is something you yourself should look into and work on. There is nothing more fulfilling than being independent.

Getting acquainted with girlfriend's friend

To dream that you are getting to know your girlfriend's friend or friends tells a different story of a life characterized by inhibitions and restrictions. Your set of beliefs as a result of your upbringing may be the reason for your stunted growth and development. Your limited way of thinking may have prevented you from becoming the best that you can be. Your fear of the unknown and your unwillingness to trudge the path less travelled may have caused you to miss "half of your life" and kept you from enjoying its many splendors. This dream could be telling you to lead a life that knows no bounds, or spend the rest of it fretting over what might have been.

Girlfriend reciprocating love

I proposed to a girl. I love her madly. I saw in my dream that she is saying "I love you". I wasn't in front of her, maybe she was saying "I love you" in front of a mirror.

Having a dream about experiencing feelings of love or being loved is a good sign of happiness and confidence about things you try to accomplish in your life. If you happened to be uncertain about or question reciprocity or true feelings coming from your lover, it can be an indication of encountering minor obstacles on the way to achieving or completing your plans or projects.

Girlfriend's husband

I dreamt that my girlfriend's husband discovered our relationship. I thought he was going to hit me, but he raised his hand up as if to slap or punch me, but he high gives me and said "I understand".

This dream vision of your girlfriend's husband finding out about your relationship with her and if such an affair already exists in reality could be a sign that you are subconsciously realizing that something is going to go wrong between you and your girlfriend or something is about to happen to make the relationship worse than it is now. Even though you did not experience any confrontation or hostility expressed by the girlfriend's husband in this dream, you are most likely to experience episodes of jealousy or find yourself in some competitive game or conflict with your girlfriend. You could also be harboring fears related to your girlfriend discovering soon that you did something which she thinks could undermine or threaten the stability of this affair. This could be related to you being unfaithful to her or having secrets which you think could damage this relationship if revealed to her.

Introducing girlfriend to mother

My mom met my girlfriend and her parents and me and my girlfriend almost kissed. She has never met my parents in real yet and we never kissed yet. What does it mean?

Dreaming about your girlfriend meeting your mother can mean one of two things. On one hand, it may indicate you are currently experiencing some stress in connection with your relationship. On the other hand, it may represent the feelings of anticipation for this event (meeting each other's parents) in the future. It's not clear whether you and your girlfriend almost kissed in front of your mother or not, but, in general, this sign represents your feelings for her and your hesitation to rush things in the relationship. You may have some fears about scaring her away or getting in over your head.

Hearing back from the girlfriend on the phone

For 4 days my girlfriend is not talking to me nor she is replying to any texts, but I continue praying for her before God. Tonight I saw that she picked up my call, but she didn't tell me the reason for it and she happily ended this call.

Envisioning your girlfriend answering the phone means you have recently heard or received some news which you initially considered unimportant or trivial. This vision suggests, however, that you should think about this information some more, as there is some reason your subconscious mind is still focusing on it. Maybe some significant knowledge can be gleaned from it which might help your present situation.

Girlfriend building apartments

My girlfriend built an apartment complex and it turned out great. So she built another one, which was flooded by heavy rain and washed away.

Seeing someone building a house predicts upcoming changes in your life, usually positive in nature. This most likely means you are about to receive a promotion you have been hoping for or make some other financial gains. However, the image of the second house being flooded and washed away suggests some struggle between good and evil. You may have selfish desires you wish to fulfill with your newfound wealth instead of saving it or sharing it with the rest of your family. You may need to use a lot of self-discipline to avoid spending the money solely on yourself.

Girlfriend being attacked by roommate

In the dream, my girlfriend and I were coming home to our apartment after finding out she was pregnant and Jason was home (he was our roommate in the dream). Charlie (my GF) went into our bedroom and Jason came at me with a knife and stabbed me multiple times. When Charlie came out of the room, he attacked her and killed her by slitting her throat. I was still alive, I struggled but managed to kill Jason and I held Charlie as she died her blood was all over me and I woke up still feeling like I was covered in her blood. It felt like there was nothing I could do to protect her.

Learning that your girlfriend is pregnant in a dream vision, whether or not she is in real life, suggests that she wants to help you with something you are currently working on. While this could be a physical project, like a school assignment or the draft of a business agreement, it is more likely something emotional you are or she is going through, such as grieving about the passing of a loved one. This is because being stabbed indicates internal turmoil and stress. This may even be amplified if you are concerned about the health and safety of your girlfriend. However, you need not worry, as seeing your girlfriend die indicates the opposite, meaning she is about to experience a period of excellent health. The scenes of her death could also symbolize entering a new phase in your relationship with her, such as making a serious commitment, moving in together or even becoming parents.

Being naked together with girlfriend

Dreamt of both myself and my girlfriend naked in a room.

Envisioning both yourself and your significant other being naked is a highly ominous sign with multiple possibilities. These range from moderately upsetting disagreements to cheating to calamities that rip apart the very fabric of your relationship. While this particular vision gives no clues as to if or how this fate can be avoided, being compassionate and communicating openly with each other may help prevent the other person from drifting apart or at least create a strong foundation to protect both of you from the effects of misfortune.

Girlfriend forced to marry her brother-in-law

I had a dream that my girlfriend's sister has died and her parents ask my girlfriend to marry her sister's husband. My girlfriend also has a small son, so her parents asked her to marry him and settle down as her sister's husband is a wealthy man and she marries him and leaves me.

Dreaming about an unusual situation in which people close to you get married involuntarily or against their will is usually seen as a sign that someone has been digging their nose into your business. This may be with your permission, such as after meeting a new friend who is getting to know you, but it can also indicate the presence of a stalker or friend who is incredibly nosy. While they could be looking into your life for their enjoyment, they could put your reputation in jeopardy if they learn sensitive information about you and spread it around.

Being told by something to kill girlfriend

I had this dream where I had no control over my actions, but I knew someone or something was controlling them. For some reason it was happening at my grade school, but it looked way different. This "thing" controlling me kept trying to get me to harm or even kill my girlfriend and it has tried on numerous occasions. I remember her saying that she couldn't be with me because of it and I remember being devastated because I couldn't control it. What could this dream mean?

This is an issue of control. Dreaming that you are being compelled to act against your will is a testament of your need to always be in charge. Maybe there are aspects of life that are going against your expectations and you are constantly trying and pushing to get it back on track. However, this also reveals that somewhere inside you is an awareness that some things are completely out of your control. Relationships and life in general work in ways which are oftentimes beyond our capacity to comprehend, hence we can only attempt to do what we think is right and what is best for the people we love. Attempting to kill your girlfriend as commanded by an invisible being speaks of emotional outbursts and an unpredictable temperament. You could be exhibiting certain harmful behaviors and attitude that is offending people close to you. The dream could be telling you to reflect on your conduct in real life to gain clarity and perspective.

Girlfriend dragged away by mysterious force

I have a recurring dream of my girlfriend being taken or dragged away from me no matter how much I try to hold on to her. She gets taken away from me, but I never see what has a hold of her and I always wake up before anything else happens.

Your relationship may have reached an impasse, a lull, or is going through a rough patch. Your girlfriend being taken or dragged away from you in this dream alludes to feeling distant or disconnected. Whether or not you are aware of it, you seem to sense a flaw in your relationship that is causing a change of heart. Perhaps it is not as exciting as it was earlier and you are seeking the passion to return to where it was once abundant. You may need to search within yourself to see whether it is you causing her to become distant. It is possible that unspoken and unmet expectations are the underlying motivations behind your dream vision.

Someone posing as a girlfriend

I had a dream my girlfriend left, then came back, but the person was not her and I could not verify known info, but she tried convincing me she was my girlfriend even though they looked identical, it was NOT her. I also remember purple or blue flowers.

Dark blue or purple flowers suggest that you are a romantic at heart. You may put up a tough act in front of your friends, but you truly like being in a relationship and sharing a deep connection with someone. Unfortunately, having a stranger as your significant other, despite the physical similarities to your girlfriend, portends growing dissatisfaction with the relationship. Maybe things are not progressing at a good pace or maybe you two are moving down different paths. In either case, you are unlikely to be happy with the current situation for much longer.

A female friend wearing girlfriend's clothes

I saw one of my very close female friend wearing the same clothes as my girlfriend. What does it symbolize? Why would I imagine my friend wearing clothes of my girlfriend?

Envisioning your friend wearing clothes that you know belong to your girlfriend symbolically represents being suspected of cheating. This means your girlfriend may be suspicious you are up to something, whether you actually are or not. Perhaps you are not as open with your thoughts and feelings as you should be, or maybe you have a past that makes her doubt you. In either case, you may want to do better in order for your girlfriend to trust you more.

Harming girlfriend due to unfaithfulness

I saw my girlfriend. She had a scar on her face. I felt like she was cheating on me, so I decided to check her phone. I saw her messages and realized she was cheating on me, so I slapped her. Then I took her face and rubbed her scar on the wall, hurting her more. In the end, I started crying.

The scar on your girlfriend's face could reflect unresolved issues between the two of you. Perhaps you had previous issues and arguments that have not fully healed, leaving behind lingering resentments. The scar could also be a reflection of you projecting your inadequacies onto her image. Once trust is broken, it gets harder to restore it. So the act of cheating in the dream may be validation of your uncertainties about the current state of your relationship. On the other hand, to see yourself in a situation where you are being cheated on by your partner or lover can also be a positive sign, depending on the actual status of your relationship. If you have no issues whatsoever, it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be worry-free and satisfied.

Girlfriend in a blue dress

I dreamt my girlfriend came visiting in a sky-blue dress. And she had marks of as healed black left eye!

The color blue is generally associated with sadness and suffering. Your girlfriend's dress in this dream alludes to emotional distress which stems from the relationship. Her implied suffering in this vision could also be the projection of your assumptions regarding her well-being. Perhaps you sense something off with her in real life. The marks of a black eye is symbolic of ongoing disagreement. It is possible that you are not on good terms and one or both of you are not communicating with the other. To resolve any existing or potential issues, it is necessary to open up and help each other out instead of being emotionally unavailable.

A girlfriend who does not exist consoling

It was about me having a girlfriend, but I don't have one in real life. But in the dream I do. I was in my bed upset about something and she came up to me and hugged me and then she said to get up, then we left.

Dreaming about a girlfriend that only exists in your dream is an ill-omen. It represents the possibility that somebody you know is spreading malicious gossip behind your back. These ugly rumors, in turn, could lead to friends and close acquaintances losing trust in you. Should these ill-driven attempts to harm your reputation succeed, you could become an outcast among your peers.

Girlfriend in a pearl shell

I had a dream of fish and finding my girlfriend in a pearl shell. What does that mean?

Depending on whether you have a girlfriend in waking life at the moment or not, this dream could reveal two possible meanings. If you are single, this vision could be indicative of your shyness and self-image which needs to be improved in order to be noticed by someone you like and want to impress. If you already have a girlfriend, finding her in a pearl shell could mean she is either hiding something from you or she is excessively concerned about her looks and appearance to the point of paying less and less attention to your needs and wants in this relationship.

Girlfriend naked and in playful mood

My girlfriend was lying in front of me, fully naked, on a tea-colored sofa. I don't clearly remember this scenario as being real in my dream or if I was watching a picture of it on my cellphone as if she had sent me such. But I remember her being in a romantic mood and I was also cheerful. The next day she complained about feeling awkward when she woke up, as if something wrong has happened, will happen, or is happening. What does this mean? Did my weird dream make her feel weird?

Seeing your girlfriend naked in a dream reveals the current state of your connection with her. Perhaps in your mind, you feel that you are ready to level up or get to the next step, whether emotionally or physically. Nudity, after all, represents being vulnerable while in a relationship with your partner. Oftentimes, how we feel influences our actions in reality. As such, your girlfriend may have sensed something different in your real-life dynamics. It is also possible that she is contemplating getting more intimate with you, which is why she felt awkward when she woke up. She could be mirroring your train of thought, feeding off the energy she senses from you.

Parting ways with a girlfriend

I have a girlfriend and we are in a long-distance relationship I just woke up from the worst dream I have ever had. In the dream, my girlfriend showed up at my house (I have never seen her in person before) and when she did, we hugged and cried and everything. I expected us to do it, but then after we hung out and stuff she broke up with me because she thought I was cheating on her, does this mean she is cheating on me? Does it mean we will break up? I need to know.

This dream does not necessarily mean that your long-distance girlfriend is cheating on you, rather it points to the possibility that someone you know may be spreading malicious gossip about you. These rumors may involve your girlfriend or your romantic involvement as a whole. While this could cause your close friends and relatives to lose confidence and trust in you, it should soon blow over. As long as you do not directly engage with any of these people about their gossiping, you should be fine in the long run.

Girlfriend with cows and sheep

I dreamt of my girlfriend having lots of cows and sheep.

Dreaming that your significant other is having domestic animals may be your subconscious evaluating her qualities as a potential partner and mother. For example, cows often represent abundance, especially in regards to food. This could mean that she is a good cook or very handy at housekeeping. The sheep represent the other side of the coin, namely that she is not particularly ambitious or has dreams beyond what you expect of her. If you have big goals for the future, this trait could put a damper on your future relationship with her.

Girlfriend dying unexpectedly

On a family cruise ship, met this girl, my star, more than wife status, a soulmate of mine. Lifted me beyond belief. My dream was that my dad surprised her with me while I was at work (I work with him), I turned around to see her presence. We enjoyed our time together and ate dinner. But after promoting a local club (I promote) I turned around to see her on the floor. I woke up as soon as I held her in my arms. She died somehow.

Dreaming about the death of a loved one could be interpreted in both a positive and negative light. The positive interpretation is one where reality is the opposite of what happens in the dream. You are in fact perfectly happy and your wife is full of life, contrary to the circumstances perceived in the dream. The negative interpretation has to do with your fears and anxieties about losing her, because everything is going smoothly, you may be starting to fear the worst. Alternatively, you may also be unwittingly taking her for granted, hence there is a chance you are no longer as close and connected as you used to be.

Girlfriend not helping when drowning

I'm in a bathtub drowning and my girlfriend is there, but she isn't trying to help me, she is just watching.

Drowning, in the context of a dream, is a highly poignant image suggestive of being overwhelmed with tasks and challenges that you have likely brought upon yourself. Your girlfriend's lack of action in this vision actually says more about your feelings than hers, as it suggests you may find her attempts to help or take care of you bothersome. While this vision does not show any negative feelings on her part due to this situation, you may consider treating her with more kindness and being more appreciative of her attention to your needs.

Girlfriend's face in the darkness

Last night I dreamed that I was in a dark room with my girlfriend. I don't recollect being able to see much of anything at all but her face. I looked into her eyes, which were very beautiful and I felt so in love and happy. While staring into her eyes they suddenly changed to a glowing white color in the dark, I went from being happy staring into them to being scared and woke up.

Dreaming about feeling love and adoration for your girlfriend has positive connotations. It symbolizes your deep and profound love for her. The subconscious feeling of being completely involved with her stems from your desire to be as close to her as possible. However, being alarmed or scared in this dream is symbolic of the deeply-rooted fear that you have of losing this pure and adulated love for her. The best way to keep your love intact is to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and give it some time for your feelings to mature and develop into something meaningful and worth pursuing.

Parting ways with girlfriend to go to college

I dreamt about me and my girlfriend going to college next year and we said bye and went in different directions.

Dreaming about a specific person symbolizes this individual's presence in the forefront of your mind, meaning you either thought about or recently interacted with your girlfriend. Separating from her in this vision suggests you may have to take a great risk in order to make a great gain. While it may be scary to let go of something or someone you have cared about for a long time, doing so may open you up to new experiences, offering you opportunities to grow and become an even better version of yourself.

Discovering girlfriend after suicide

The dream is I am walking into my girlfriend's room where we have a serious relationship. I find her dead on the floor with pills next to her and the bottle on the nightstand. The room is dimly lit and I could hear the sound of soft music playing while I am crying in the dream staring over her body, I blink and have this very weird out-of-body experience. I am woken up standing up with tears running down my face. This has happened 2 times now. I never have sleepwalked before.

A dream wherein you see your girlfriend dead as a result of suicide has negative connotations. It suggests that she is having a relationship with someone else. It may also be a forewarning that things could turn ugly soon, giving rise to conflicts and leading to the possibility of a breakup. However, the soft music playing in the background symbolizes new beginnings, which is further reinforced by the out-of-body experience in your dreams. Going through such an experience could signify a spiritual journey that you would undertake. It could even help you come to terms with whatever happened in the past and encourage you to start your life anew.

Girlfriend stung by bees

Me and my girlfriend were sleeping. There were like 30 bees coming out from under my girlfriend's shirt. She got stung by bees five times.

The image of your girlfriend being stung by bees represents a hurtful situation. It may either be physical or verbal, and this painful experience may involve your girlfriend and someone close to you or her. Perhaps you need to be prepared and watch out for any such situation threatening to happen. This dream should be taken as a warning to avoid any potential conflicts and hurt you may be about to face soon.

Girflriend playing head games

A girl I had an on again off again fling. She really liked me and I never truly did. But one day it just clicked and I wanted to giver her a chance. But it was too late and she got a boyfriend in the meantime. But after her relationship ended, I gave her a chance. But suddenly and abruptly she chose her abusive boyfriend over me. The dream was about said boyfriend and this girl inviting me on a date, leaving me to third wheel. I was comfortable with the entire ordeal then woke up.

A dream wherein you are completely comfortable being the third wheel in an ex-girlfriend's relationship represents your real feelings in the waking world. You mentioned that you do not really have affection for this woman and that you were just giving her a chance. Seeing her with another guy is synonymous with you being set free of the guilt for not going out with her. In a sense, your peace of mind while on the date reveals your effortless acceptance of the situation. You are relieved that she found someone new and that you do not have to try and have a relationship with her.

On a boat with girlfriend

I'm on a boat with a girl I assume to be my girlfriend and her family by how I acted with her. Her dad is driving and the water seems calm till all of a sudden a huge wave comes to the side of us and tips the entire boat. As we fly through the air, I hold onto said girl and she ends up breaking her arm and I blame myself for not letting go before impact with the water.

Traveling by boat is a symbol associated with misfortune and loss. Perhaps you are in a dire situation in wake life or you have recently been affected by the passing of a loved one. Your troubles may have left you in a bad state, and you may have trouble managing on your own. The woman who appears to be your girlfriend in this vision could be the manifestation of the kindness others show you in your time of need. You probably have some good friends you can rely on or share your feelings with, either platonic or romantic in nature. However, the father-figure in your vision may actually represent the presence of an individual who is only pretending to be your friend. While others are showering you with affection and compassion, this person would use your distraction to create even more problems for you. This is seen in the symbol of the giant wave that tips the boat. Your entire group of friends may be at risk, as your guilt likely predicts some entanglement that would cause multiple people trouble. Although you may be suffering, it is important not to let your guard down so you can prevent such an occurrence from taking place.

Sharing a girlfriend with another man

Woke up from a nap in my room, the apartment was empty and friends where gone. On a beach, the pool or taking shots in clubhouse. Girl I like was in the hot tub having sex with my friend, and she said, "I still like you too!". Decided we can share her, but it was my turn and went to take a shot first. Came back, he was with her again, but she said I could join. I felt awful when I woke up!

Dreaming about being left alone at the beginning of the vision likely reveals feelings of isolation and rejection in wake life. It is possible you have recently felt neglected or misunderstood. The mixed signals you got from your crush further support this idea. Her declaration that she likes you suggests you have made progress in your relationships with others by becoming better friends or companions. However, her sexual interactions with your friend could mean you are still not satisfied with the results. While it is important to work on all your relationships, you need to be patient and allow things to develop naturally.

A dead girl as someone's girlfriend

I dreamed of my friend having his new girlfriend who is already dead in true life.

Envisioning your friend having a romantic relationship with an already-deceased person is a reflection of your attempts to bring some positive changes or personal transformation into your friend's life. During the time of your friendship, you may have been exposed to some resistance or reluctance to accept your advice, that is why your dream vision is accompanied by the images of the person who no longer exists, suggesting stunted personal growth or indifference you think is negatively affecting his life.

Girlfriend naked and with someone

I caught my girlfriend naked with a friend of mine in a room.

When you dream about seeing someone naked in a dream it could mean that you are about to discover something about them that is shameful, what we might call "skeletons in the closet". This could be something not necessarily connected to your relationship with them, but which could eventually lead you to question whether they are the right person for you. Since you mentioned your friend was also in the room, it could be related to him or her.

Husband's girlfriend being sick

My husband's girlfriend wearing white top, green dark blue long skirt. Sick with some bone illness, looking at me with light brown eyes. Me suggesting her doctors and medical information.

Dreaming about someone you know becoming sick, although it can contain an ambiguous message, could actually mean that your waking life is currently without any kind of major disappointments or bad luck. You may even be feeling quite happy that things are looking promising for you and that you are successful and financially stable. Everything that you have and cherish is admired by those around you, especially people outside your normal circle of friends.

Being naked and taking a bus with girlfriend

I have a gf, we dated for a year and she is this type that lies a lot... Not supporting, she is cheating... I don't like her but yet can't let her go... I was dreaming we both came out of a building and I was wearing just shirt, no trousers or boxers, trying to hide my nakedness in that same dream... We stood at the bus stop looking for a bus to take us home. But it was a bus meant for one person, the she entered and left before me. Then another bus came and when I entered and got to my bus stop, she was not there.

Trying to hide your nakedness in the dream signifies guilt. Hiding the truth about how you feel about your girlfriend is making you feel guilty and ashamed. Your inability to tell her the truth could be enabling her to continue cheating and lying because she thinks you are clueless about her misdeeds. In addition, getting left behind by your girlfriend means your reservations about ending the relationship give her an upper hand. In the end, she could turn the tables around and make you look like the guilty party. So ultimately, your subconscious is pressuring you to deal with the issue, confront your girlfriend and get out of this toxic relationship.

Running from people with a girlfriend

My girlfriend did something to some people and they were chasing her trying to kill her. I was running away with her to save her from them. The people that were chasing us were killing anyone we talked to.

Dreaming that there are people trying to kill your girlfriend means she is crying out for help. Even though she is trying to hide her problems from you, you have noticed signs that she is not her normal self. This could have something to do with other people's expectations of her. Certain friends or co-workers are pressuring her to conform, but this means she has to go against her principles and beliefs. As her boyfriend, it is your duty to assure her that she does not need to change herself to be accepted by society. Knowing that you believe in her would be enough to quiet her fears and insecurities.

Girlfriend making out with someone else

What does my dream mean? I was in my home, my girlfriend's friend brings over her ex and then they start to feel on each other for some odd reason. I couldn't do nothing to stop them, all I could do is talk. They start to kiss, I ask "What's going on?", they say "It's OK". Then it jumps from our room to our living room, they are on the sofa snuggled up and she is asking me if it's OK if she f"&"s him and tells me to leave, like to the hallway. I said "If that's what you want, I'm out of here".

The presence of your girlfriend's ex in a dream vision means you feel threatened by her ex which is rooted in your insecurity. Being insecure makes your subconscious explore your irrational fears about your relationship in terrible ways, like this scenario where your girlfriend gets intimate with her ex. On the other hand, her ex could represent her general past. You are probably having trouble embracing her past, personal baggage and general upbringing. You act like you accept her wholeheartedly, but there is a part of you that is deeply uncomfortable and possibly ashamed of her past. The only way you can feel secure and happy with your girlfriend is if you truly accept her for who she is, including her flaws.

Girlfriend on the opposite river side

I was on one side of a river and my girlfriend on the other side, people were on the way to kill her and I was running to save her, then I woke up.

The river in your dream represents the natural flow or progression of your life. Since you and your girlfriend were standing on opposite sides, it means there is a gap between you. Specifically, your goals and paths are diverging, hence you are finding it hard to imagine a future with her. In addition, the threat to her life in the dream is actually your own desire to change her. You want her to have the same desires as you do, but this would mean making her turn her back on her own aspirations. Perhaps your subconscious is merely encouraging you to re-evaluate your relationship and whether there is still a possibility that you can meet halfway and stay together. Otherwise, you may just end up resenting each other.

Sex with girlfriend's mother

Hi. I am male, me and my girl living together. Yesterday I was sleeping and woke up from a dream where I had amazing time and sex fantasy dream about her mother. It's not bothering me, just really wanna find out the meaning of this dream, why I dream having sex with my girlfriend's mother.

Nothing good can come from seeing this vision. Sleeping with your girlfriend's mother suggests there is a negative influence in your life. Someone who is above you in society, such as a parent, teacher or supervisor, may make you feel less than you are. Perhaps you put too much stock in what this individual thinks of you, leading you to take their criticism to heart. It would be better if you ignored this individual and focused on yourself during this time.