Dreams Related To Giraffe

Giraffes coming into town in trucks

I saw many giraffes coming in the town in trucks. Yellow beautiful stripped giraffes.

Giraffes can show that you have not yet fully explored the potential that you have inside. They can signify hope, but also, sometimes, danger. If the giraffe or giraffes were looking directly at you, it means that your inner self is going to make bad decisions or do exceptionally good things. Generally, if the giraffes are looking to the right, it is positive and to the left, negative, maybe danger is ahead. The appearance of a truck reinforces the giraffe image, as it also signifies that you have some emotional baggage that may need to be jettisoned.

A giraffe preventing from planting a tree

I had a dream that I was planting a lemon tree. Just as I got it planted, a giraffe came by and plucked it up as a whole and moved it. I planted it again and again, and the giraffe would pull it up and move it every time.

Planting trees is a highly symbolic image to see in a dream vision. It is often tied to the idea of increasing your wealth or becoming financially-independent. Specifically, it points to finding new income, usually in the form of property or inheritance, though it can also include new revenue streams from business and commerce. However, the notion about a giraffe interfering with the growth of your tree could signify the presence of a person or hindrance which prevents your endeavors from becoming fruitful. Until you are able to remove this counteracting force, your wealth cannot take root and grow.