Dreams Related To Gift

Receiving a gift

Receiving a gift during the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive symbol, similar to how it is perceived in reality. It predicts good luck in a general sense, sometimes referring to a favorable turn of events or receiving prizes or recognition for your efforts. For those in the field of business and commerce, profitable deals or lucrative offers may come your way. This is especially true in cases where the outcome of such endeavors seemed negative or uncertain.

Women and girls who dream about receiving a present in a dream vision may soon meet their match according to this symbol's interpretation. This newcomer would be self-sufficient, talented and charismatic, making the pair well-suited for each other in their looks, abilities and personality. In most cases this refers to a romantic connection, but on occasion it can also refer to a friend or potential business partner as well.

Ex-boyfriend sending a gift

I had a dream my ex-boyfriend send me a gift which was a beaded necklace and a kind of hair piece which I immediately put on my head. What does that mean? We broke up in February this year.

In a dream vision, receiving a gift from someone you know in reality suggests they are about to become a real nuisance in your day to day life. In this case, your ex-boyfriend may be bothering you because he is jealous of other guys you are hanging out with. Of course, it is also possible he misses you and would try to bully you into giving him another chance. In either situation, you should try to avoid any outside pressure and make a decision for yourself whether or not you want him around.

Unopened gifts

The image of untouched, unopened presents, whether you are hesitant to disturb them or have been too busy to do so, is probably the manifestation of an upcoming dating game you are about to become involved in. You are probably about to engage in some affair or get close to someone you would rather others not know about. Another, slightly different interpretation of this same scene could predict your crush or the person you admire most returning your affection, even if you have been too scared to approach them or make your feelings known.

Gift in a white bag

Gift in a white bag.

Dreaming about receiving or giving a gift which is placed in a white bag indicates that you could be close to getting involved with someone romantically, but things may be up in the air for some time before it happens.

Making a gift

The process of creating or crafting a gift for someone during a dream vision represents the fine control you have or could have over your financial situation. Your ability to manage fiscal responsibilities, physical needs and wants is second to none, and friends and family alike probably seek your advice on matters of money or investments. Careful attention to your accounts and wallet means you are able to live peacefully and know that your day to day needs are completely taken care of.

A gift from a stranger

Receiving a present from someone unfamiliar to you in the dream world, either a complete stranger or someone you cannot identify during the course of the vision, predicts soon becoming the target of someone evil and powerful in reality. This man or woman would use their influence to negatively affect the workings of your daily life, disrupting your relationships, ruining your reputation and preventing you from making progress on your goals. In a sense, the present is deceiving. You may think this individual is helpful or kind at first, but the pretty packaging is distorting their true nature.

Choosing a gift

The act of choosing a present in the universe of dreams may represent your current financial distress or lack of financial planning in reality. Even in your dreams you are thinking of buying material possessions without concern for your savings or future needs. The vision could be a warning from your subconscious to consider immediate purchases more carefully so that you might save money for a rainy day and become more secure and knowledgable about money matters.

Sending someone a gift

In the context of a dream, the act of sending someone else a present may signify the loss of an opportunity to turn the tide of events in your favor or resolve an issue to your satisfaction. You may not have been paying attention or were indecisive, leading to this missed chance. Another possible meaning predicts being criticized and ridiculed by those in your area. It is likely they are disappointed with your recent behavior or lack of decorum. Their rebuking would also make you feel angry, small and ashamed to have been caught in such a compromising position.

Gifts offered by deceased brother

Dreamt about my baby brother who passed away last year. He came to say hi, final goodbye, and asked me to choose a gift from a picture. Between a black dog or two golden cats. I chose the golden cats. Then I cried in my dream and woke up crying.

Dreaming about your dearly departed younger brother is often thought to predict having a long and happy life. Even though you may still feel grief over his loss, you can honor his memory by choosing to live your own life to the fullest. This choice is seen symbolically in the images of the black dog and the golden cats. The black dog represents disappointment and betrayal, while the golden cats are often interpreted by Eastern sources to mean good luck and fortune. Choosing the cats represents your subconscious mind's understanding that you are ready to accept his passing and welcome new blessings and opportunities into your life.

A birthday gift

Receiving a birthday present is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It is often thought to predict luck and good fortune for your current projects and activities. Giving a birthday present to someone else during a vision does not have the opposite meaning. Rather, it represents a lack of respect for the person you gave it to or, if you did not recognize the person, it suggests a general tendency to be disrespectful or flippant.

Not receiving a gift you expected

Not receiving a gift you were expecting during the course of a dream vision may mean you tend to give up easily or not uphold the promises you make to others. You may be seeing this vision as a reaction to the lack of trust and confidence you perceive coming from those who know you well in reality. This symbol may also reveal that others do not hold you or your work to a high standard because of this issue. They either believe you do not know how to achieve the desired outcome or that you are incapable of being accountable.

A gift from someone you know

Envisioning a friend or family member from reality handing you a present in the dream world may reveal that this individual would soon become a thorn in your side. When you see this person during the course of your everyday life, you would be constantly reminded of the trouble they have brought down upon you. In this way, the present you received is misnomer, looking simple and nice on the outside while hiding its problems within.

Unable to come up with a gift

Wanting to bestow a gift on someone but being unable to do so, whether you could not find something of appropriate value or could not physically hand the present to your intended recipient, suggests future trouble for your financial situation. You may find your wealth depleting or decreasing with no way to offset the loss. Additionally, business transactions that were once favorable could soon dry up or become a burden. This situation would cause great hardship for you and anyone connected to your monetary endeavors.

Tea cups as a birthday gift

In a dream I was given a belated birthday gift by someone I know who shares the same birth date. Wrapped in a pretty white bag. A set of 4 copper tea cups with lids.

Receiving a gift in the dream world alludes to learning new insights and perspectives from your social circle for personal and professional development. Hence, the gift itself represents a lesson or belief you may be lacking in the waking world. Because copper is usually associated with healing and connections, the copper teacups specifically allude to your need for growth in faith and spirituality. These attributes may be necessary in order to help you find your path and gain clarity about your motivations.