Dreams Related To Gender

Being an opposite gender

I woke up as the opposite gender. No one noticed.

For a female, dreaming of being a man means you are anticipating a radical change in your existence. However, this change you are waiting for would end up anticlimactic or even disappointing for you. This change could range from finding a new job, moving to a new place or even coming out of the closet. If you are male and you dream of yourself as the opposite gender, then this reveals emotional instability and mood swings. Although this could also mean that you are going to experience an existential crisis. Your mind is going through different possibilities because you do not know yourself that well yet. To find your true self and your purpose in this world, you need to submit to introspection.

Gender change

A dream vision involving a change in gender, whether this involves yourself or another person, might indicate a feeling of being disconnected. For example, if you envision yourself as a transgender man or woman, it might mean you do not identify with the prevailing gender roles. Perhaps you are more inclined to follow the opposite of what a heteronormative society expects of you. This gender swap may also point to trouble, such as unforeseen results in a big investment. The market may not behave as you expected and this could lead to a significant loss.