Dreams Related To Gay

Having gay sex

I am male. I have a dream that I have a sexual intercourse with a man, that means gay sex relationship that too with my friends. I need to know the dream interpretation. Thank you.

A dream wherein you are having sex with someone who is the same gender as you signifies your appreciation of values and characteristics typically associated with men. You may have a strong sense of manhood and try to exude positive male qualities, such as integrity, respectfulness and courage. Most men are raised to believe they need to fight and conquer others to earn admiration, but you understand that you only need to overcome your personal faults to become better. You are focused on maintaining these qualities which is why this vision manifested in your subconscious.

Husband in a gay relationship with a coworker

My dream happened last night, I had the same one 3 times in one night of husband doing gay stuff with his male coworker.

Although this vision may seem strange or even shocking, it could represent your worries and concerns about your husband spending more time either at work or with his co-workers. Dream visions about spouses turning gay rarely mean the same situation in real life. Your dreams could also be fueled by his frequent absences from home or not performing like he used to when it comes to the intimate aspect of your relationship.

Having gay sex after being chased by someone

I had a dream about me and my best friend running from someone. Then we stop and asked each other if we wanted to have sex. So then we went in a tent and had gay sex. What does this mean?

Engaging in a sexual act under unusual circumstances or as something you would not normally do could indicate that your current lover or sexual partner, if you have one, could be exerting a lot of pressure on you or try to dominate you physically or emotionally in order to get complete satisfaction. If you felt in this dream that the experience was pleasant or fulfilling as far as your real-life fantasies are concerned, it could be a sign of insecurity and low self-confidence. You may have feelings of inadequacy about yourself and these aspects of your personality may be hindering you from realizing your true potential.

Being gay for gays

For homosexuals, dreaming of being a gay man or woman likely reveals loneliness and isolation. Perhaps you have not found the right circle of friends which you like and trust with your secrets, and this is making you feel alone. Maybe you feel like no one is paying attention to your needs or understands what you are going through. In a sense, being yourself in the dream is actually a reflection of the possibility that some people may be rejecting your true identity in reality, so you are seeking out like-minded individuals to make you feel wanted.

Your child becoming gay

Dreaming that your child is gay or confesses to being gay could reveal brewing problems in your household. You may not be paying enough attention to the needs of your children or other members of your family. Maybe someone in your family is struggling with a problem and you have failed to notice the signs of struggle or even depression. As such, this could be your mind's way of reminding you to be more observant and attentive to your loved ones instead of getting distracted by other less important tasks.

Same-sex marriage

I had dream about being married with the same sex. So, before the marriage I had some obstacles in my way before getting to the event, such as I was caught in traffic. After that, once I came, I was surrounded by my cousins and close family and I apologized to them for the delay and I was quite happy that we were getting married, although suddenly we were ambushed by strangers who wanted to kill us. Can someone please help interpret this dream.

Dreaming that you are marrying someone of the same sex depicts your need for self-acceptance. This is especially true if you are not homosexual in reality. You may be experiencing an identity crisis and you are trying to piece together all aspects of your personality to gain a complete understanding about yourself. The ambush towards the end may be indicative of societal pressure that may be keeping you from expressing yourself fully. It could also be a representation of certain individuals who are preventing you from achieving your full potential, maybe out of envy or spite.

A gay person in general

As a dream symbol, a gay individual is often a bad sign for the dreamer especially if you have homophobic tendencies. You may come to regret a comment or inappropriate statement you have shared lately since this could cause conflicts and serious problems between you and someone in your social circle. Furthermore, if you were acting antagonistic or hostile to the gay person in your dream, then the bigger the mess and backlash you would have to deal with after your reckless and careless statements.

Being noticed by a gay person

Dreaming that you have been noticed by a gay person in a romantic way could be an indication of a drastic change in your life. This is especially true if you are straight in reality. As such, the gay's romantic interest towards you represents unwanted and perhaps distressing adjustments or shifts in your day to day. You may have gotten comfortable or even happy about how things are going and then all of a sudden you are thrown for a loop. Perhaps your significant other would leave you or you get laid off from your job and you would have to struggle to find happiness again.

Indifferent towards a gay person

Being indifferent towards a gay man or woman in a dream vision could have both positive and negative connotations. On a positive note, this may be indicative of your ability to quickly and easily resolve issues or concerns, whether they are minor or serious in nature. However, the negative interpretation of this symbol has to do with emerging problems. If you are relatively problem-free today, then expect new issues to pop up. Problems, no matter how big or small, can still take a lot of time and energy to tackle.

Becoming gay

Dreaming of becoming gay usually reveals remorse. Changing your current sexual orientation in a vision represents decisions that you may want to take back. Perhaps you have done something against your better judgment and you quickly regret doing it, be it a mistake at your workplace or treating a friend badly. You may also be feeling guilty as you start experiencing the repercussions of your actions. Maybe you need to stop being too reactive when you are emotional to avoid possible problems.

Being gay can also be an allusion to your duplicitous nature. Perhaps you are not being fully honest even with the people who are closest to you. So you tend to change your personality or pretend to be someone else depending on the group of people you hang out with. Eventually, however, your multiple masks would start to weigh heavily on you and you could suffer an identity crisis especially after your friends confront you about your inconsistencies.

A group of gays

Encountering a group of gays in a dream vision pertains to domestic issues and possible identity crisis. Your love life could be hanging by a thread due to trust issues. This dream symbol points to the possibility that your significant other would commit adultery or cheat on you. Alternatively, you could be battling your personal demons. Maybe who you are is not who you want to be and you are having a hard time accepting what you have become. Ultimately, whatever problems may be hiding beneath the surface, this could create unnecessary tension between yourself and others.

Having a gay relationship with someone

Dreaming that you are in a gay relationship despite being straight in reality is an indication of regrettable deeds or actions done recently or sometime in your past. While you are remorseful and repentant about the seriousness of what you have done, you are also keenly aware that the damage has been done and it is irrevocable. You can only do so much to rectify the adverse effects of your actions, the final step would be to be accountable for your mistakes and take the lessons to heart so you would not make the same mistake again.

A family member turning gay

Dreaming that a member of your family becomes gay, or admits to being gay, can be an indication of useless pursuits. While you may think that you are using your time wisely by working on your passion project, nothing productive would come out of it. You may also be making new connections by attending events or social gatherings hoping to open some doors for your career advancement, but it would turn out to be a total waste of time as those contacts would not be too forthcoming after your initial encounter or meeting.

Gay sex

Heterosexuals dreaming about gay sex could be experiencing an identity crisis. This crisis does not have to be about your gender. Rather, you may possess certain traits or characteristics which you are refusing to acknowledge or perhaps you want to get rid of this side of yourself. Alternatively, there could also be aspects of your current existence which you need to re-evaluate, maybe because you are not happy or maybe this particular concern is holding you back. This aspect could be a relationship or your current job.

A lesbian girlfriend who looks like a boy

I am a girl and I'm lesbian. And my girlfriend looks like a boy and I keep dreaming she gets a gender change and becomes an actual boy and tries to have sex with me, but I say no and then they go and have sex with their ex girlfriend but I keep saying no.

Your dream serves to highlight the issues you may be having in your relationship with your girlfriend. For instance, the change in gender may reveal your disappointment towards her. Perhaps you are looking for something she has been unable to give you, whether it be sexual satisfaction or emotional support. Then again, maybe you sense a change in her in the waking world. She may be acting differently or she is not as attentive as she used to be, hence this transformation manifested in your dream. Moreover, when she sleeps with her ex in your dream, it suggests a lack of trust on your part and maybe some insecurity. You do not feel secure in your relationship, so your mind is conjuring up possible scenarios which could cause conflict between the two of you.

Having a boyfriend for a lesbian

Dreamt that I had a boyfriend and kissed him but I'm a lesbian.

To kiss someone in a dream, regardless of your real-life sexual preferences, suggests wish fulfillment. Perhaps you want to know what it feels like to be with someone romantically, or it could be a yearning to be loved by someone, and not necessarily this boy whom you saw in the dream. Alternatively, this vision could reveal jealousy on your part. You could be wanting someone who is in a committed relationship right now all to yourself, but are in a position where you cannot really do much about it.

Having a baby for gays

I had a baby I don't know how because I'm gay I don't know how I knew it was mine, it was in college for some reason. A student was playing with it in college, me and my mum don't talk and she had the baby and I kept trying to see it. The baby was left in the car, when I went round hers and she wasn't there and her bed was covered in leaves. I don't know why but I had this massive urge to have this baby.

Babies in the dream world oftentimes represent new beginnings and opportunities. Hence, the baby in your dream is a positive symbol for fortuitous circumstances about to present themselves to you in line with your desire to move forward. Similarly, the bed covered in leaves symbolizes growth and self-discovery. The dream illustrates that you are starting to get comfortable in your own skin and slowly discovering your true passion. Fortunately, change is just around the corner, as represented by the baby. With a little effort and courage, the fresh start you have been yearning for could be yours soon.

Being the first lesbian president

I dreamt that I was FLOTUS. That we were the first lesbian couple in the White House. And my platform was equality. Although I did try to tell everyone I was bisexual.

Dreaming that you are in a position of power suggests you are very ambitious and are inclined to participate in activities and events which would raise your social status in the eyes of your peers. It is neither a positive nor a negative symbol by itself, rather it reflects the way you see yourself in wake life. The idea that you were lesbian and fighting for equality could be related to issues you are passionate about in reality, though as a dream symbol, it could also suggest a tendency to alienate those who do not like to be in the spotlight. This means that while you do not mind standing out, you could make others feel uncomfortable, leading to some unnecessary conflicts in the future.

Looking for a girl while being gay

I was dreaming asking someone to be my girl but I'm gay, I was talking to my friend about her.

Asking someone to be your girlfriend does not necessarily mean that you have romantic feelings for the girl. In your case, this means that you may feel a kinship towards her because of a shared interest or because of similar circumstances. You probably want to get to know her better because you feel like you can be good friends in reality. Alternatively, you may desire to have certain qualities of this girl. It could be a physical attribute that you want for yourself or a personality trait that you admire and would want to emulate.

Being accepted as gay by boyfriend's family

I am a guy. My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to two months now, but he has never told his parents about me for fear of their rejection of his sexuality (as they have in the past). In the dream I was at his house when his dad, brother, and mother came home. He told me to hide from them but I go curious and looked up. His dad called my name and said he is okay if you want to come out. We know who you are. I then proceeded to hug him (the dad) while crying. Both parents seemed happy.

Dreaming about your boyfriend's family reveals your yearning to get to know your partner on a much deeper level. This also signifies your frustrations about your current relationship status. Being told to hide represents his reluctance to reveal your relationship to his family for fear of being rejected. So his dad's acceptance in the dream actually represents your optimism. While you cannot predict the family's reaction if your boyfriend does introduce you to them, this dream vision is a reassurance that you remain hopeful about a positive outcome. You also believe that his parents may have softened over the years and so they are more open-minded as well as accepting of their son's sexuality so long as he is happy.

Boyfriend becoming gay

A dream where you perceive your husband or boyfriend in a relationship with a man varies in meaning. For one, this dream suggests that you feel as if your partner or spouse is keeping something secret from you. This intuition is slowly creeping on you, yet you are afraid to confront him. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are not sure anymore about your feelings for this person. This change may have been due to past mistakes or perhaps you have already fallen out of love. Alternately, it is likely that you crave your boyfriend or husband's attention. Therefore, looking at your current situation will reveal its exact interpretation.

Friend turning gay

Rather than being about other people, dreaming that your straight guy friend is dating another male or a member of the same sex symbolizes your vigor and artistry. People are attracted easily to you because of your bright personality and ability to adapt to any situation well. This positive energy is best seen when meeting new people, for they can feel like you are "home," and they can easily let their guard down around you.