Dreams Related To Gas station

Gas station from afar

A gas station you happened to notice from a distance tells of turbulent matters that will challenge your relationship with your family and close friends. Mutual blame placing, quarrels, scandals or prolonged fights are also possible.

Overflowing gas at a gas station

Seeing gas overflow from the tank while fueling up your car means you will experience a season of favorable changes (like being able to get something you have wanted to own for a long time).

Owning a gas station as a business

Being the owner of a gas station is a sign of a sudden boost of funds from an unanticipated source for your family or business. Your relatives, family members, parents or new investors are the ones who will help you.

Counting miles to a gas station

If you are counting the miles to a gas station while driving, it means you will have to be responsible for maintaining peace when family or friends refuse to agree with each other and listen to each others opinions.