Dreams Related To Gang

Kidnapped by a gang

Being kidnapped by gang members or a particular gang suggests you need to be more wary of your surroundings, especially when near your own place of residence. Someone may be watching you carefully because they are upset at your lack of a reaction to their behavior or because you have decided to no longer have anything to do with them. This individual could be stalking you, so it would be wise to check your locks at night and be in close communication with a trusted friend or family member.

Confrontation with a gang

I'm at home and these guys pull up with guns the first time I had a handgun and was able to shoot a couple, but the trigger was hard. I see a neighbor yelled at her and started running down the road and hiding, called the cops, they came and took me to some kind of a fair, but had to get there by boat, then car. I got separated from the cops and saw the Hispanic guys that came to the house, they followed me. Then one stabbed me, then I was sitting at home, not stabbed, with a friend and I saw a car pull up. I grabbed a handgun and tried to call the cops, but the phone was dead and they shot me.

While this vision may be very alarming or upsetting, it is not entirely bad in terms of its interpretation. In general, being surrounded by strangers carrying guns can predict upcoming joys or blessings that come out of the left field, meaning you did not expect they would happen to you anytime soon. However, this is placed near the image of being stabbed, which can indicate experiencing events that are likely to cause emotional instability, such as deep sadness, shame or guilt. Together, these signs may mean you are about to go through an emotional period full of ups and downs. This roller coaster of emotions is likely to leave you feeling drained and stressed when all is said and done.

A gang of black men

My husband and I were in some city, parked our van. We could see the parking lot to the right of our apartment building. My husband and I noticed a group of people entering the parking lot, like a street gang. Our apartment was to the left, and the man from the right side came out. He was a black man. I think we were in a black neighborhood like Harlem. I think my husband called the police as I watched the gang circling an individual in the parking lot. I woke up before the violence began.

Seeing a street gang threatening someone in a dream likely reflects your sense of powerlessness or fear in reality. A person or group of people in your social circle, or perhaps at work, may be overpowering you or ganging up on you. It is also possible that you may be working on too many projects or handling a lot of responsibilities, so you feel overwhelmed by the things you need to take care of. In this context, the parking lot as the site of confrontation becomes a significant dream symbol. Oftentimes the parking lot symbolizes a break or time off. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to slow down and take care of yourself before your mind and body succumb to the stress.

Gang trying to kill me

In the dream, being chased by a gang trying to kill you can be a metaphorical representation of feeling overwhelmed and fearful in your waking life. It is a situation or group of people that you perceive as a threat to your well-being or success. It is important to evaluate your attitude towards this situation and consider ways to avoid or confront it, such as seeking support or changing your approach to regain control and prevent potential losses.