Dreams Related To Gambling

Gambling and losing

If you dream of gambling and losing, then this is a good sign that you will gain the insight needed to get rid of some lingering issues or problems that once seemed impossible to solve and have had you occupied for quite some time now.

Watching others gamble

To see others gamble in a game you are not playing is warning that you could find yourself becoming involved with people who may have intentions to deceive and manipulate you if you are not careful about who you choose to include in your inner circle of friends.

Gambling and winning

If you are gambling and winning the game, then it is probable that you are about to lose a close friend who was once in sync with you but has now started developing different viewpoints, which will eventually cause this person to start traveling down a different life path than yours.

Gambling to debt

If you dream that you are about to gamble to a debt status, then you may find that you are able to use your self-confidence and your natural abilities to orchestrate significant events that will promote your business or project and make it a highly successful endeavor.