Dreams Related To Future

The future and it comes true

Similar to Vanga, seeing an event in your dream and then witnessing that same situation in reality suggests you have some latent clairvoyant abilities. You should pay close attention to the content of your future dream visions, as they may reveal key points about your future or the future of someone near you. This skill may require fine-tuning, or you may need to find ways to increase your dream detail retention, such as increasing your amount of sleep or sleeping in a different position.

Future events

Dreaming of events in the future reveals your potential for being a clairvoyant. Like Vanga, you are capable of perceiving events and encounters which have not happened yet. While this is an innate capability, you still need to heighten your senses and practice in order to get clearer and more accurate visions. These visions may manifest while you are dreaming or you could experience a trance while going about your normal day. You may need the guidance of an experienced psychic to bring out your full capability.

Happy future life with the boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend whom I live with have no children together yet. In my dream we were about 7 years in the future. We walked into our apartment. There we stared in awe and amazement at our 5-year old daughter and toddler son. We were seeing them for the first time, but our children knew us and were calling us mommy and daddy. Me and my man were just amazed and very happy! It was like we had traveled to the future because our kids knew us.

Envisioning your future children in a dream symbolizes your strong desire to establish a strong connection with someone you consider important in wake life. This could be a new connection, but considering these were your children with your current boyfriend, it is more likely that you wish to improve your relationship with him. You may or may not be having some troubles now which are getting in the way of your complete happiness. You may subconsciously wish to get closer to him in order to make your dreams become a reality. This would bring you great happiness and satisfaction for many years to come.

Future being revealed while in space

I had a dream about standing in line whilst the people in said line were chained whilst I was not chained. The line started moving as guards keep telling us not to tell the person or thing that we were meeting their plans. This whole ordeal happened in space. The person or thing we were supposed to meet would supposedly foretell the future of each of us. I have seen one woman confess her plans and the said person or thing got upset and started killing the guards and whomever was in control of us.

Standing or waiting in line with a group of people in a dream is usually associated with patience and timing. Seeing that the others in the same line are chained could reveal your proactive and assertive personality. Perhaps you think that your friends and colleagues in the real world are too shackled by their limitations and worldly preoccupations that they are not advancing or improving as quickly as they should. Alternatively, you may think they are not realizing their full potential because they are endlessly comparing themselves to others and mindlessly following what others are doing. You, on the other hand, are free to leave the line which means you can explore other opportunities and find new work which would challenge you. However, just like everybody else you may be anxious and fearful about your future, as indicated by the entities foretelling your fate. And because guards are symbols of wisdom and self-discipline in dreams, their death could represent irrationality. In a sense, succumbing to your fears or letting your apprehensions about the future take over could cloud you judgment and keep you from grabbing opportunities as they come.

What does it mean to dream about future events

Traveling to the future

Traveling to the future during a dream vision reflects both your hopes and worries for the future. In a sense, the act of traveling represents your desire to see what would happen over the coming months and years. Other symbols in the vision could also lend to the interpretation. For example, traveling to the future and being surprised about what you see could predict getting some exciting or shocking news soon. Alternatively, destruction and chaos in the future may reveal something terrible that is about to happen.

Trying to change the course of the future

I was trying to fix the future, trying to save people from dying. When I finally try to find everyone before something bad happens and told them I was from the future, I have seen what happened. This guy looked at me that I was trying to save and said "Someone has to die, you can save everyone". But I was trying to fix the future of bad people coming after innocent people.

To dream that you are saving others to alter the future in some way reveals your fears about your own future. Perhaps you think that the status quo is headed to the early demise of mankind or at the very least has a bleak perspective. However, the death of one person to ensure the survival of everybody else is a reflection of your sense of futility. On some level, you may believe bad things that are happening or about to happen occur for a reason and that certain situations are out of your control. There could be a significant milestone in your near future, so this inability to predict the outcome of big events is highlighting your apprehensions about what is to come.