Dreams Related To Fruits

Receiving a fruit from someone

Someone dreamed that another person is giving me a fruit. What's the meaning of that please?

A fruit in dreams typically refers to a blessing, financial gain and overall growth. As such, in someone's dream where a person gives you fruit is great news for you. It means luck would soon be in your favor as you earn more money, gain recognition for your work or be given a unique opportunity to invest in a lucrative venture.

Eating fruits

Dreaming that you are eating fresh fruits is an indication of a rotting set of beliefs and deteriorating moral standards. Being exposed to the sleazy "side of town" or associating with the wrong types of people could have shaken up your foundations of good behavior and slowly corrupted your mind. Alternately, this dream vision could also mean losing an inheritance, most probably as a result of your disobedience to the wishes of your folks who, out of dismay, decided to cut you out of their will.

If you can still remember how the fruits tasted in your dream, you would find a different symbolic meaning to this dream. If the fruits tasted succulent and sweet, you could expect encouraging news related to your career or business. If the fruits had an acrid, bitter, or acidic taste, the accompanying facial reaction normally expected from someone eating these fruits would sum up the symbolic meaning of this dream in your life. The pain, sadness and suffering which you would soon go through could contort your face into a grimace and leave you in tears.

Picking fruits from a tree

To dream that you are picking fruits from a tree symbolizes the fruits of your own labor. Because of your hard work and determination, you would soon revel in your accomplishments in relation to your work, project or business. It could mean closing a deal which would entail a considerable monetary incentive, or increasing profits from applying unconventional marketing strategies which turned your business around.

For an alternative interpretation, to dream that you are picking fruits is a symbol of an opportune time. You are currently or will be at a stage in your life in which you would be inundated with a lot of opportunities at work or in your business, and you might find it difficult to pick a single choice because they all seem to lead to success anyway. Moreover, the dream vision indicates that this is the perfect time for you to go ahead with your romantic pursuits, as you would have a greater chance of success in love from this point onward. You could even get the surprise of your life soon, that is, finally getting hitched to the person of your dreams.

Fruits getting ripe

Dreaming that you are observing fruits in the process of ripening on tree branches in a time lapse vision is symbolic of your dreams and aspirations one step closer to becoming reality and just "ripe for the picking". The odds are in your favor that you would soon gain success in your chosen path in terms of your career, business, project or relationships. Consequently, people would accord you the respect and admiration you greatly deserve.

Looking for a fruit

It was a midday and I was looking for a fruit all by the waterside. I was looking for the fruit?

Having a dream vision involving the midday sun means that your personal knowledge and experience allow you to make the right decisions even under extremely difficult conditions. You may have lived through complicated situations in the past from which you have drawn the correct conclusions in order to make rational decisions since then. However, the symbol of searching for fruit implies that you do not have a clear idea about your place in life, so you have been searching for your true purpose.

Variety of fruits on the table

To dream of seeing a variety of fruits on the table indicates a mind-blowing encounter you will not forget. Such an encounter would subject you to activities which would rouse your senses and give you immense physical pleasure. This dream indicates that you should be unafraid to express your innermost desires and emotions in response to your feelings of euphoria. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest and reciprocate in the same way to guarantee your partners' complete satisfaction.

Giving fruits to someone

To dream that you are giving fruits to someone is a symbol of mutual love. It indicates that the person in your dream will become an important part of your life. If the person is someone you wish to be romantically involved with, there is a high likelihood that you will share the same feelings of love for each other in waking life. Your undeniable chemistry and the fact that you have a lot of things in common will work to your mutual advantage should you continue to nurture your relationship and later decide to make a lifetime commitment.

For a different interpretation, dreaming about giving fruits to someone suggests that you will initiate and make the first move in building a relationship with the person you wish to be romantically involved with in real life. This dream vision indicates that if you lack the initiative or take a passive stance in the developing stages of your love story, there is a good chance that it will not blossom.

Selling or buying fruits

To dream that you are selling or buying fruits indicates that you are part of a deal or negotiation in relation to a project or business which, although seemingly promising and showing signs of hitting the big time from the start, would sadly make very little progress despite your own best efforts, straining the relations of all people involved. The same dream vision also symbolizes other people's unexpressed indifference to you. They would appear more than eager to have your ideas and opinions shared with them, but they will dismiss the same as bearing little or no significance to the group's collective project as soon as your back is turned.

Conversely, to dream of selling or buying fruits is a symbol of your desire to enter into a romantic relationship. But you would still be in the stages of getting to know the person and trying to figure out whether the person shares the same feelings with you and is capable of reciprocating your love, or whether the person has only good intentions about building a relationship with you. If you think you know enough, you will be ready.

Local fruits

Dreaming of seeing or eating fruits grown locally or in your own backyard indicates a sharp increase in your income or wealth. It could be the result of a promotion at work, a beneficial partnership, a closed deal, or a sudden increase in demands for products in your business. If you are unmarried, this dream vision indicates that you would soon tie the knot with your one true love and begin to build a close-knit family, which is what you have always dreamed of doing together.

Unripe fruits

To dream that you are seeing or picking unripe fruits portends a failure stemming from your lack of insight, planning and the necessary skills to continue a project or business venture which you started rather haphazardly. This dream vision is a lesson in preparedness. Before losing any more time, money and resources, you might consider changing strategies, or scrapping the project altogether and starting all over again. This time, you had better be sure you have done a lot of feasibility studies.

A fruit orchard

To dream that you are walking through or seeing a fruit orchard symbolizes a blissful married life. A loving spouse, a growing brood of adorable kids, a pleasant home and the entire family in the pink of health and secure in the love of each other's company, not to mention blessed with material wealth, are what makes your life worth living for.

Dried fruits

To dream of seeing or eating dried fruits is an indication that your well of hope and zest for life may be slowly running dry. It does happen to everyone once in a while. Indeed there are times when you would feel uninspired, and all you would ever see is the futility and meaninglessness of life. But the reason you are here is exactly to find meaning to your otherwise pointless existence, and you cannot allow yourself to feel despondent for too long. You have to use your intellect to be alive and brimming with enthusiasm and positivity again, like having that caffeine fix to jolt your senses back to their optimum efficiency on an otherwise coma-inducing Monday morning in the office.

Looking at a variety of fruits

See myself and my daughter standing around beautiful fruits.

Dreams about seeing a variety of fruits can be interpreted as your subconscious desire to have more children. The presence of your daughter together with you in this dream signifies your contemplation about having another child and how it might affect your relationship with the daughter. It could also be indicative of you being hesitant to bring a new addition to your family when you think about previous experience(s) you have had raising or supporting her. In general, seeing fruits in a dream can be a symbol of strengthening your spirituality, becoming more optimistic and energetic, which is essential for achieving your life goals.

Offering fruit to a friend

To dream that you are offering fruits to a friend is a symbolic vision of your knack for playing cupid. It indicates that you have or would play an important role in helping a friend build a romantic relationship with someone you might know or someone you had set up for a date with your friend. As a result, the couple would thank you for serving as a bridge in their love affair and for helping them find real happiness and joy in their union which, by the looks of it, would seem destined to last a lifetime.

Picking a fruit for a child

Handing and picking fruits for a child in the dream realm suggests that you would harvest the fruit of your hard work in real life. It could be an oracle indicating that despite the worry you currently experience if you persevere further, success is guaranteed. Hence, despite the mishaps and frustrations along the way, it is best to keep going.

Eating overripe fruits

To dream that you are eating overripe fruits indicates that you are not too lucky in your career, project, business or love life at this point. Some developments may give you reasons to be happy every once in a while, but these would prove short-lived and might only aggravate your disappointments. Perhaps your present situation is teaching you a lesson in patience. After all, there is time for everything. With a little perseverance, it will be worth the wait.

Fruits ready to be harvested

I saw plantain trees with unripe fruits on them, one banana tree which was bent to the ground with its fruits ready to harvest and I used a knife to cut the bunch of bananas. I also picked two coconuts and used one to break the other, but the one I broke was rotting inside. Please what does this dream mean?

Harvesting fruits in dreams suggest both leisure and labor. Perhaps some of your endeavors or projects are now starting to bear fruit and you are getting ready to reap the rewards. On the whole, however, your dream seems to lean towards more personal meanings and interpretations. For instance, bananas are phallic symbols and are often associated with sexual partners and romantic relationships. In your dream, there are two banana trees, one with unripe fruits (plantain) and the other bent to the ground bearing ripe bunches ready for harvest. The unripe bananas could pertain to an individual expressing sexual interest or affection, but who is likely not yet ready to commit, hence you may benefit from practicing caution in interacting with him. Meanwhile, the tree bearing ripe fruits may well be the viable option, as this person is likely emotionally available and looking to settle down. The two coconuts likewise present this dichotomy, one reveals a rotten core once broken. As such, be judicious in your decisions, whether in professional or personal commitments.

Gobbling fruits

I was eating some fruits quite hastily. It was a moment I wanted to gobble them up one after the other.

Dreaming about eating fruit in a dream vision usually points toward a decline in moral behavior or your internal ethical values and standards. You may have recently learned or seen something which affected your view of your fellow humans. You could say you have lost faith in the good nature of people. The vigor with which you consumed the fruit could also point to this being a recent event, though that does not change the seriousness of the frustration you may currently be experiencing.

Fruit made of rubies

Eating fruit made of rubies.

Eating fruit is normally associated with declining morals or with a lack of faith in the spiritual or otherworldly. This means you may have given up a particular set of beliefs you had as a child or that you have turned away from the supernatural in favor of rational science. Perceiving that the fruit is made of rubies, however, suggests that your lack of spirituality or ethical behavior may be negatively affecting those around you, especially people who have known and cared about you for a long time.

Rotten fruits

Rotten fruits, such as an apple being devoured by worms, refer to a missed opportunity in life. This may be about a missed connection with someone who could have been a good romantic partner or someone who could have helped you grow professionally. This may also refer to a passion you have never managed to pursue. Fortunately, you will still be able to get a second chance at a missed opportunity, so watch out for the perfect time.