Dreams Related To Fridge

Opening a fridge

Opening up a fridge during the course of a dream can have different interpretations depending on whether it was full or not. A cold, empty fridge refers to a lack of something in your life, often plans or close connections. A fridge full of food and beverages means that your personality is open and kind. It also alludes to good relationships that bring your much satisfaction.

A fridge on the street

It was dark, I was standing in a line of people on a street waiting to turn at a stoplight, I was kissing a young man (I recently almost had an affair with but never met in person during that time). He left, I turned around and opened a refrigerator (I inherited a few years ago from my grandmother). In the freezer I found many Ziploc bags with crust cut from bread in them. She had put the crust from one piece of bread in each bag. He came back we kissed and I showed him the bread crust. I was like "Wow!".

Dreaming about a refrigerator is often connected with the idea of needing to change some aspect that affects your waking life, whether it is a relationship, your working situation or your living conditions. It seems, then, there is some part of you that is dissatisfied with how things are currently playing out. This is followed by the image of finding bread crust in the refrigerator, a slightly ominous symbol which reflects your difficulty with accepting or working through hardships. You tend to ignore bad things and hide them away, but now (through opening the refrigerator door) you have exposed them once more. In order to get through this troubled time and find peace within yourself, you may need to utilize some unexpected resource. Kissing someone you wanted to have a close relationship with at one time could predict some exciting resolution to all your difficulties.

A blue raven in the fridge

I was at my childhood home with my mom when I opened up the refrigerator. In the refrigerator there was a blue raven with its beak teared off. It walked out, clearly injured and stammering everywhere, and made it out the back door.

Opening a refrigerator alludes to your aloof, even cold, personality. You cut people off easily after the slightest argument or conflict. The blue raven which got out of the refrigerator symbolizes one of the people you have cut off. The torn off beak means this person took the falling out badly. While this person may have betrayed you or abruptly ended your friendship, they have more than paid for it. This could be a good time to reconnect and perhaps rebuild a relationship that you valued very much in the past.