Dreams Related To French

Making out with a French girl

I'm a male, so I had a dream about a French female and my actual girlfriend. The French girl was tempting me so bad and I didn't want to do anything because I had a girlfriend but the French girl kept on. Eventually she was lying on top of me and my girlfriend came in and asked what was going on and I said nothing and she walked away. What I find weird was after she walked away I woke up. I woke up, I sat for a few, went back to sleep to find myself in the same dream just different elements.

Dreaming that you were seduced or tempted in the dream realm often reflects a tendency to blur the line with ethics in reality. You probably try to get away with things based on technicalities even though you and everyone around you knows your true intensions. The fact that this French girl was able to go so far as to be on top of you means you would be overcome in the end. However, others are finished with your antics and would probably begin to avoid you or even call you out on your poor choices.