Dreams Related To France

Trapped inside a house in old France

I am 46 and female. My dream was set in 16th century France, I was at a music festival where I found a handsome man playing a guitar and singing, I was mesmerized, I then went down a muddy path on a journey to a little house alone, a big fat ugly man told me I wasn't going to be free again, I asked for water, whilst he was getting me some, I ran through every room in the house moving barricades such as furniture and nailed up boards to try and escape. I then woke up a bit freaked but okay. Thanks.

The setting of this vision, a music festival in the France of the past, represents your happy place in reality. It suggests that you are in a good place right now, and this positive energy would only attract more fortune and blessings. Music may play a role in this positive atmosphere. Wanting water could reveal a desire to have even more success, pointing toward some discontent even in your relatively carefree state. Running through the house and trying to find a way to escape supports this idea, as it symbolizes needing to get away from something in reality. In this case, it seems your current peaceful existence is too boring and simple for you. You desire wild success and adventure perhaps. It may be time to pursue some of your more lofty ambitions and goals.

Family moving to France

Brother and sister in law moved to France with my two nieces. I was inconsolable the time I saw it and spoke to them.

France is often perceived as a place of love and romance, so dreaming that people you care about move away there may actually represent feelings of loneliness or isolation in waking life. In a sense, you may be feeling cut off or separated from the love and attention of those around you. This may literally be connected to your relationship with your brother and his family, such as a conflict, or it could refer to someone else outside of your family.