Dreams Related To Fox

Dreams about foxes or red foxes meaning

A fox in general

Foxes, in a general sense, often refer to being deceived or becoming involved in fraudulent activities. In some cases, you may have a natural inclination to be deceptive and secretive, using lies and half-truths to get what you want. This vision can also mean you are gullible and tend to fall victim to the flattery and deceptive tactics of con-artists. Another interpretation of this symbol is pertinent to those who are currently embroiled in legal battles or litigation. It suggests that you may lose your court case because the lawyer representing you is either incompetent or in the pocket of the other side.

Your attitude, disposition or general feeling during the course of the vision could further improve the accuracy of the interpretation of this sign. Feeling frightened or threatened by the presence of the fox in your vision could reveal falling victim to fraud by either making a poor decision based on inaccurate information or having your identity stolen. If you felt happy, pleased or even compassionate towards the fox, it is possible you are the one doing the tricking and scheming.

A dying fox

A dying fox came up to me. It was taken from me. Then I watched it die in front of me.

A dying fox, whether it is passing from natural causes or was hurt by a human, is often thought to be a negative symbol related to unsuccessful ventures or poor choices. If you have been working on a problem at work or have been in the middle of a tough situation in your personal life, it is likely that your efforts to rectify the situation would be in vain. You would be very disappointed, and you would likely have trouble moving on for some time after.

A black fox

A black fox is considered a highly nefarious symbol in the realm of dreams. Coming across one during the course of a dream vision predicts the spending of a large amount of money on something pointless or futile. While you may expect to gain great happiness, wealth or excitement from this possession, the effect of your purchase is likely to be much less positive than you expected.

Black foxes attacking

I'm a woman, I dreamt about talking to black foxes and fighting them as they attacked, to save a treasure in my hand.

The symbol of treasure in the dream world is not as auspicious as it might seem on the surface. It is an image associated with wealth that is less obvious than a pile of money or gold. For example, the treasure in your hand may refer to an underutilized skill in your arsenal. Perhaps you currently work at a job that does not allow you to showcase your true talents, or maybe you are putting a lot of time and energy into a skill you do not actually enjoy. This is combined with the ill omen of the black fox, a symbol indicative of pointless endeavors and wasted resources. You may be trying to justify your current attitude based on the job market or future trends, but ignoring your heart's true desires and your own abilities could lead to ruin in the end if you are not careful.

A defecating red fox

I dreamed that a fox defecated under my table, as I was watching. I even lifted the white tablecloth. It was a red fox with a bushy tail. I didn't try and stop it. It was with its behind towards me. I woke up while it was in process.

A red fox in the dream realm may predict an upcoming encounter with a new, alluring romantic partner. While you may be drawn to them because of their charm, you should be on your guard because this individual is likely out to deceive or dupe you in one way or another. This vision becomes even more reliable and pertinent if you have recently become involved with someone in reality. The defecating animal represents the mess you would have to clean up after this encounter. You should avoid taking whatever this man or woman says at face value and take precautions to protect yourself from fraud and gossip.

A pack of foxes and a dog

I was driving and it was hard to control my car so I stopped at this house. As soon as I got out I saw 2 foxes around the property then when I got close I saw 2 other foxes, they ran away in unison acting like a wolf pack. When I turned around I saw a black and orange dog, probably a rottweiler. It bit me and then the owner of the house came out with another dog. She told her dog to let me go and it did. She apologized then let me leave.

Cars are generally thought to represent our lives in the dream realm, so having difficulty controlling a vehicle is often synonymous with aspects of your life being beyond your control. This is supported by the other images in your vision. The presence of foxes reveals there are those near you in reality who are not as honest as they pretend to be. These cunning individuals may be on the verge of starting some serious problems for you. This could be amplified because there were two pairs of two foxes in this vision. In dreams, the symbol of two suggests gossip or rumors circulating about you, so perhaps the unfaithful friends around you are planning on ruining your reputation by revealing a secret of yours. This culminates in the image of being bitten by a dog, a symbol associated with confusion due to anticipation of conflict. This dream is warning that, should the worst happen, it would be best to explain the truth as quickly as possible lest those who do not know better jump to the wrong conclusion.

Chasing an orange fox

I had a dream about a former lover giving a presentation in a lecture hall, during the presentation I remember chasing an orange fox, for some reason I felt like the fox was her pet and that I had helped raise it. When I caught the fox, the fox curled up to me and seemed at ease. I looked up at my former lover and she smiled at me.

A lecture hall, as in a school setting, represents a busy or stressful lifestyle or work routine. On the other hand, the image of a fox in dreams often points to deceit or cheating. Based on these symbolic visions, you could be experiencing some burnout or fatigue at the moment and subconsciously seeking relief and a more relaxed daily existence. You could also be blaming your ex lover for your current situation or work-related issues, possibly because she did not provide enough support or did not listen to your concerns when you were still together. Cuddling the fox also means you tend to forgive others for the lack of attention or support on their part and depend on your own resourcefulness and wits to navigate through your life.

Interpret my dream about a fox or red fox

A friendly fox

In a dream, a fox that appears to be friendly or affectionate can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to partake in a brief, superficial love affair with someone new. Any attempt to make the relationship last longer than it should or to become deeper than surface level would likely lead to rejection or to the immediate end of the fling. It would be better to keep things casual than to force things and end up disappointed.

Running into a fox

Walking about and randomly encountering a fox in the realm of dreams suggests you are soon about to come into a large sum of money. Oftentimes, this refers to getting rich overnight or in a short amount of time, for example, by winning the lottery, gambling or being selected in a sweepstakes. Naturally, you would feel very lucky and blessed by your good fortune.

Hunting foxes

Envisioning yourself in the process of hunting a particular fox or a pack of foxes could be interpreted as a sign of upcoming engagement in morally dubious behavior. In many cases, this symbol is associated with activities related to fraud or two-faced behavior. In the first sense, this refers to money related issues where you could lose wealth due to a poor investment or identity theft. The second is more commonly connected to becoming part of an extramarital affair or being seduced for the other person's gain. In either case, you are likely to feel a loss of self-esteem, causing you both physical and mental pain for many years to come.

Fox sneaking into a yard

Discovering a fox in your yard in the context of a dream vision is often thought to represent the presence of enemies or competitors in reality. Just as the fox may be hoping to attack and kill animals on your property, such as chickens or rabbits, so does this vision predict your opponent preparing to strike against you. Their efforts, if successful, could greatly hurt your image in the public eye, making it difficult for others to like or trust you even if you did nothing wrong. If the fox is successful in hurting your animals in the vision, you may have issues avoiding this trouble, but if you kill or scare off the fox, you may be able to avoid most of the negative effects.

Catching a fox

Catching a fox during a dream vision could mean that someone you trust is about to turn against you. Specifically, this vision means you would soon learn that someone close to you is about to stab you in the back, confusing you and shaking you to the core. Someone you know is using your trusting nature to take advantage of you, most likely by asking you for many favors or taking your money. Now that you know of the lies and deceit, you can see how much trouble this has caused and can formulate a plan to protect yourself or get back at the ones who used you.

Killing a fox

Envisioning yourself ending the life of a fox during the course of a dream vision, whether you intended to do so or not, can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to shake off something that has been annoying you in reality or that you are about to finally overcome some negative aspect of yourself. For example, you may be able to get away from someone who has been bothering you, fix a problem that has been causing you headaches or finally quit a bad habit. This same vision could also serve as an indication that you have no rivals to be concerned about or that your enemies are no longer a threat to you.

Fox fur

Fox fur, as a dream symbol, is often considered a lucky sign. This is the case whether you specifically envisioned the fur on a live fox or simply imagined a fox-fur product, like a coat or wrap. This symbol predicts joining activities or events that would be a lot of fun or very interesting to attend. By participating in these occasions, you would create happy memories you would cherish for many years to come. However, if the fur in your vision seemed to be dirty, shabby or otherwise poor in quality, the symbol takes on a different meaning. It suggests your enemies are in a weak position and are therefore unable to cause trouble or interfere with you comings and goings.

A dead fox

Envisioning a fox that has died, whether from natural causes or human intervention, is often thought to be a negative symbol related to unsuccessful ventures or poor choices. If you have been working on a problem or have been in the middle of a tough situation, it is likely the results of your actions would not help your case. Furthermore, if you were hoping to meet or reunite with someone, it is unlikely they would be able to do so, either because they physically cannot or because they do not have the same desire.

Wrestling with a fox

Trying to wrestle a fox is usually interpreted as a negative symbol in the realm of dreams. It means your rivals or enemies have just formulated a plot to hurt and torment you. By itself this symbol does not indicate what kind of attack they have in store, so you should be wary of anything out of the ordinary related to those who normally wish you ill.

A fox as a pet

Having a fox for a pet in the context of a dream vision is often considered a very negative symbol to behold. If you employ a housekeeper, babysitter, gardener, contractor or employee, it is likely they have acted deceitfully against you. You would probably find out the exact nature of their betrayal very soon and would have to spend a lot of time, money and energy cleaning up the mess left in the wake of their disloyal behavior.

A male fox

Specifically envisioning a male fox in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that your current lover, relationship or romantic interest is not destined to amount to anything special. While you may have had high hopes for a future with this individual, you are likely wasting your time, money and energy prolonging the inevitable. You may even be making the separation process more difficult by waiting to break things off.

A fox cleaning itself

The image of a fox cleaning itself is often thought to represent a small, minor annoyance making its way into your daily existence, likely in the form of a person. This symbol predicts someone trying to sweet-talk, brown-nose or kiss up to you in order to get on your good side. However, you would probably see through these ambitions and spend a lot of time and effort trying to avoid the person or persons attempting to earn your favor.

A fox running

If you see a fox running off in the distance or darting across a road or path you are on, you should be worried about your closest friend or ally. This symbol is often interpreted as a negative sign because it predicts being inconvenienced, hurt or annoyed by the behavior of someone you consider very trustworthy. However, if you noticed that the fox was running in a circular pattern, it suggests someone is about to give you some good, well-meaning advice. You should listen to the wisdom they are trying to share with you, as it would likely serve you well in your future endeavors.

A fox for pet owners

For those with family pets or emotional support animals, the image of a fox could be considered very ominous. It contains the prediction that your beloved pet may be about to catch some terrible disease that could cause suffering or death. You would likely feel extremely sad and heart-broken that your pet is going through this.

Being attacked by a fox

Seeing yourself fighting off the attacks of a fox in a dream vision could allude to the presence of smart, strong and capable adversaries in reality. These competitors are likely willing to do anything to get ahead, including ruining your carefully built reputation. Ignoring their attempts would be the gravest error, so you should do your best to nip any problems in the bud.

A fox in your bed

Beds and bedroom furniture are closely associated with romantic affairs, so seeing a fox on your bed could mean you are about to gain a rival or competitor for the affections of the person you are currently interested in. Furthermore, you may need to fall back on some dishonest, dishonorable or inappropriate methods to eliminate their claim and assert your superiority.

A fox with kits

The image of a mother fox and her kits has two possible meanings, a positive and a negative one, depending on your circumstances. If you are currently working on a project or have started a new endeavor, it is possible you would find favor shining upon you, making your efforts in this direction relatively successful and profitable. However, this same vision could indicate the presence of cunning, dangerous rivals who are gathering their forces in order to make an attack against you. If you have had recent brushes with competitors in wake life, you should be wary and go canny.

A fox in a cage

Seeing a fox trapped in a cage is a neutral symbol with somewhat positive nuances. It suggests your current rivals or competitors are unable to make any attacks against you, meaning you have the chance to grow and improve without interference or backlash. However, this should not be interpreted as a sign that you can let your guard down. Rather, you should use this down time to make preparations and get ahead of those who seek to hurt or embarrass you. A fox in a cage is also sometimes associated with fast career growth or luck with gambling.

Tracking a fox by its paw prints

Tracking or following the paw prints of a fox in the dream world is often interpreted as a warning. It suggests you are about to become involved in some shady, illegal or immoral activities, either willingly or unwillingly. If you perceive this image in your dreams, you should be wary of strangers or those you barely consider acquaintances. Anyone who wants to get on your good side for seemingly no reason probably has an ulterior motive. It would be wise to question anyone you do not completely trust or understand.

Eating fox meat

Eating the meat or flesh of a fox is often thought to predict upcoming fights or disagreements with someone in your social circle. This quarrel could originate with someone you are quite close to or be with someone you are not very familiar with but were hoping to strengthen the connection. It is possible this friction would prevent you from becoming close to this person or from being close again.

A fox in the river

A fox that is crossing or wading through a river in the dream universe is usually interpreted as a positive sign. It is associated with being given advice or an opportunity that would dramatically improve your current financial or emotional situation. In some cases, this refers to monetary help or a job offer that would help get you on your feet, but it can also refer to other bits of wisdom that would see you through difficult times and change your philosophy about your place in life.

If other people or animals were attempting to remove the fox from the river in this same vision, this symbol takes on an almost opposite meaning. In this case, you would want to carefully consider whether or not you should follow the advice you are given, as doing so could lead to negative effects or total ruin. While the chance you are offered may look lucrative and pleasing on the surface, the repercussions may mean it is not worth your time or effort.

A fox snatching other animal's prey

To envision a fox in the process of catching and killing another animal's prey is often considered an indicator that the dreamer needs to be more careful or pay more attention to their surroundings. This is especially true if the dreamer is planning to undertake a mission or start a new project. They should consider their options and weigh the pros and cons of each potential action.

A fox dropping its prey

If you envision a fox with its prey but later see the fox let it go or lose it, it may mean you are in a dangerous or difficult situation. It is possible you are not yet even aware of the trouble you are about to find yourself in. A fox letting go of its prey is akin to a warning to not let your guard down because someone or something is out to get you. In most situations, the problems and obstacles would be caused by someone jealous of your success or concerned that your progress would negatively affect their plans.

A fox chased by hunters

Dreaming about a fox being chased by hunters or a hunting party is generally considered a positive symbol with one small caveat. This portent suggests you would be able to overcome or completely mitigate the efforts of your rivals to hurt, embarrass or otherwise trouble you. You would do this by employing your sound judgement and shrewd acumen. However, you need to be aware that your timing would be a critical factor in the success of this endeavor.

A fox without a tail

A tailless fox is a happy symbol for those currently in the grip of battle with a hated rival. This symbol predicts you would be able to use your smarts to get the upper hand when dealing with a fierce competitor. This could literally refer to smarts and athletic endeavors but is equally applicable to feats of the mind, such as negotiations in the business world. In particular, you would make use of past techniques once used against you to turn the tables on your current enemies.

Fox kits

Envisioning the offspring of a fox without their parents in the dream world is often considered a warning about your own children, charges or students in reality. You would need to give those youngsters who look up to and depend on you more attention and support, especially teenagers and young adults. They may currently be harboring some secret or idea that, if left not discussed, could lead to misunderstanding, misguided thinking or poor life choices.

A fox playing dead

A fox playing dead is a highly ominous symbol to behold in the realm of dreams. It predicts the presence of a powerful enemy who is gathering power and waiting to launch their first attack against you. Their goal is the complete and utter destruction of everything you hold dear. It is possible they would try to use one of your weaknesses against you, so you should pay attention to any people or objects that could be used to bring you to your knees.

A fox yelping

To hear a fox yelping in a dream vision could be the manifestation of loneliness in reality. You probably feel cut off from the rest of the world, isolated and all alone. The cause of your separation from others is likely your own lack of interest or involvement in the lives of those you consider friends and family. Perhaps putting more effort into your relationships and making some room in your schedule for social interactions would cure you of your melancholy.

A red fox

A fox that seems particularly red in the dream realm may predict an upcoming encounter with a new, alluring female. While you may be drawn to her because of her beauty and charm, you should be on your guard because this woman is likely out to deceive or dupe you in one way or another. This vision becomes even more reliable and pertinent if you have recently become involved with someone in reality. You should take care and avoid taking anything this individual says at face value.

Fur of a black fox

Envisioning the fur of a black fox in the dream world, particularly as a piece of clothing or fancy garment, is a positive symbol associated with financial security and increased wealth. This improved monetary situation would likely come as a surprise or gift, meaning it is not related to any efforts you are currently making. However, just because your hard work would not produce these results does not mean you should not exercise good judgement when choosing when and how to spend your newly acquired wealth.

A fox with a human head

The image of a human head on a fox's body is often thought to represent the presence of someone in wake life who is out to do you harm. You may have thought this individual was kind and had good intentions, but in reality, they are manipulative and only want to hurt, use or abuse you. Before this vision, you may have thought this man or woman was sincere, but nothing could be further from the truth. You should be wary of any advice or suggestions they give you and possibly avoid their company if at all possible.

A fox transforming into a girl

I was in a house that wasn't mine with a fox in my arms. It wasn't said but I just knew that I had at one point saved this fox. I let the fox down and as it went to the bed opposite mine it transformed into a naked girl. This girl loved me and we began to make love.

Entering an unfamiliar house in your dream could mean engaging in a fresh venture or gaining an advantage in business. However, the appearance of a fox in your arms suggests deceit and betrayal from someone you trust. While saving the fox could be viewed as an act of goodwill on your part, the presence of this animal warns you against characters who are cunning and dishonest. Making love with the fox that transformed into a naked girl could be a manifestation of uncertainty or a possibility of an encounter that puts you at a disadvantage or even great risk.

A fox eating a racoon alive

In my dream, I saw a fox running, not too hurried, but just going away. From this fox, under its belly, I saw another tail, which I thought looked like the tail of a stray cat we have here. Then I saw a raccoon chasing the fox, and attacking its belly. The raccoon kept tearing at the fox's belly, ripping its flesh open to reveal a smaller raccoon, still alive inside that the fox had eaten. The other raccoon had saved it. What does this mean? It feels significant. I am female.

Foxes, just as in wake life, are often associated with lies and deceit. This vision then of a racoon inside a fox could indicate that to cover one lie, another must be told. This means that the liar (either you or someone you have the opportunity to observe on a fairly regular basis) may find themselves almost exposed leading to another lie to cover up the tracks of the first. Whether or not the liar learns from this situation and gives up such a way of behaving or not is unclear, but the fact that the animal which was eaten was still alive may indicate that this is far from over.

Riding a fox

I had a dream that I was riding a fox. What does this mean?

A fox in this dream symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness. Dreaming about riding a fox means that you have mastered the art of ingenuity. Things would definitely take a turn for the better. You may feel that things are going your way because you have acted wisely and used the right tactics to get whatever you desire. Be prepared to embrace good tidings because you have been astute and making the right decisions.

Followed by foxes and pregnant

I saw myself going to the hospital and on the way two white foxes snatching my dress. After reaching the hospital I saw my parents happy and the doctor said I am 3 months pregnant.

Visions of foxes are usually symbols of deceit and can contain predictions of dealings with cunning and dishonest people, such as a lover who cheats. The notion of foxes jumping on you and snatching your dress could predict that you may experience a detour while pursuing your dreams causing you to stop and calm down for a little while. However, the news about being pregnant at the end contain positive energies. It could mean that, even though it will be hard, you would be able to reach your dreams and fulfill your goals while relying on support and love of those who are close to you.

A pet fox biting on the hand

Hello, I had a long dream where I was in an angry mood at my university party. I'm going to cut it short, a guy came to me with a pet fox. This fox made my mood better and I asked if I could pet her. He said yes and I petted her for a while but she started to bite my hand. She had really sharp teeth and my hand bled for a while but I did not take out my hand out of her mouth. After a while this fox turned into a mesmerizing woman while my hand still bled. I'm a guy and thank you.

The school setting of this vision suggests you are under some stress in reality. Your poor mood may also be a reflection of this situation, showing how greatly you are affected. The source of your stress could be related to your interactions with an individual or a small group that you consider yourself to be in competition with. The image of the fox reveals the presence of competitors or enemies who have plans to attack your reputation or legitimacy. You may not be sure exactly what they have in mind or how to counter their efforts. Seeing the fox turn into a beautiful woman, then, can be interpreted as a sign that they would try to deceive you by creating uncertainty or making something appear better than what it is. It would be wise to go canny and question everything you receive or are exposed to.

A fox shooting people with a machine gun

I had a dream that a machine gun was attached to a fox, and wherever the fox's head pointed, the gun pointed. The fox was riding on top of a bulldog, who was running about a city. I was just a watcher of the dream, I did not shoot or get shot at. People were being shot everywhere. There were people in a toppled-over city bus trying to climb out. I watched one woman climb out of the window of the bus and get cut up from the glass and fall, and another climbing out got shot by the machine gun.

Your vision seems to have a very negative meaning, although not necessarily for you. Your presence as an observer in this dream is your subconscious desire to sort out the tangles in someone else's life. The setting of the dream, a city, points toward obstacles and roadblocks. This means that someone you are close to may be going through a troubling time or may be about to embark on a new journey that you fear would be too much for them to handle. Based on this dream vision, you may be completely right. The machine gun represents the serious damage caused by getting involved in this situation, suggesting you friend is in grave danger of getting hurt or bringing negative consequences to other people in their life. Furthermore, the idea that the gun was attached to a fox who was riding a dog may reveal that the main cause of your friend's downfall is the presence of a cunning, evil individual who only seeks their ruin. You may want to step in and help your friend or at least discourage them from this course of action, but getting involved may turn some of the ire and danger of this vision onto you. It might be better to let things sort themselves rather than risk all the trouble and difficulty that could arise.