Dreams Related To Followed

Being followed by a woman

Generally, if you are followed by a woman in a dream vision, it could mean that you are avoiding something or someone in your life. This woman could symbolize a person who is pressuring you to make a decision you are not comfortable making. If you are being chased by a girl, then perhaps you are suppressing your inner child because you are duty-bound to be pragmatic and reliable by your employees or your own family. Your unconscious self could be reminding you to live a little, and you are told to have fun once in a while. Otherwise, you might miss out on the many possibilities this life has to offer.

Being followed

Being followed around in the dream realm is an ill omen to perceive while in REM sleep. It suggests that someone is feeding or leeching off you in reality, using you to achieve their own selfish goals with no thought for your happiness or comfort. For young people, this could be a friend who likes to cheat off your homework or "share" your snacks. For older individuals, this could mean a grown child who does not pull their weight around the house or a neighbor who constantly needs attention and validation. You should set boundaries and let these energy vampires know they will no longer be tolerated.

Being followed by a man

If a man is following you in the dream world, it could mean you are avoiding something. You might be saddled with responsibilities you are refusing to face or being chased by the consequences of your actions in life. The person stalking you in this dream represents problems that will not go away on their own, especially if this is a recurring dream scenario. If you are being followed at night, perhaps your subconscious is telling you that your problems are caused by your shadow self. In order to live with peace of mind, it could be necessary to face your inner demons to break the cycle of self-sabotage.