Dreams Related To Fog

Being in a fog

Finding yourself in a fog represents your gloomy demeanor. Your judgment is clouded by the multiple problems you have to deal with, such as personal issues compounded by national and global concerns. The return of supposedly extinct viruses, such as the bubonic plague, along with the rise of strongman leaders are making you fearful about the future and anxious about your own mortality. Unfortunately, you still have responsibilities to handle, so it is essential to manage your pessimism in order to function properly.

Fog inside the house

Fog that is inside your home represents the gloomy atmosphere in your real household. There could be a member of your family suffering from depression and this is worrying the rest of inhabitants, including you. The person may not be acknowledging their mental health issues, so it is difficult for you to recommend professional help. On the other hand, the fog could also symbolize misunderstanding. There could be accusations of cheating, unexplained expenses or the general air of distrust. A family meeting or an intervention may help clear the clogged up communication lines in your home to restore harmonious relationships.

Fog or rainy weather in dreams explain meaning

Intimidated by fog

Standing inside doorway with boyfriend. I go outside and start to run, but a ghost-like fog started pushing me backwards until I was back at the doorway. It made me lose my breath. I went back in the door and my boyfriend said he told me not to go out there.

Both the images of being in the doorway and the fog represent the state of uncertainty that exists in the relationship between you and your boyfriend at the moment. This suspended state is most likely related to a major decision you both have to make or a choice which could dramatically change your lives if followed. You also seem to be the initiator of this move, but your attempts are either blocked and ignored by the boyfriend, or there could important repercussions, in your mind, for both of you which could be preventing you from taking the next step.

Murdering people in a fog

I'm in a thick fog helping people, then all the people i know start shooting, me stabbing me, trying to kill me. So I let go of my mind and start murdering them all like an animal and I love it and the taste of their blood, then I wake up.

A dream wherein you see yourself on a killing rampage is a manifestation of the aggression which you keep suppressed in your waking life. The notion of you helping people who are turning against you is perhaps an indication of such things happening in your life as well. Perhaps you are fed up with assisting ungrateful people around you. Also, the notion of enjoying murdering them represents your desire to give those people a taste of their own medicine. However, it would be better to focus on the positive aspects in your life. Instead of letting your feelings fester inside it would help you to have a detailed talk with those close to you.