Dreams Related To Flowers

Receiving a bouquet of flowers

For young, unmarried women, receiving a large, beautiful bouquet filled with fresh, beautiful flowers is a positive sign in regards to her love life. It indicates the presence of numerous attractive suitors who are interested in forming a romantic relationship, meaning they are willing to do whatever it takes to earn the love and respect of this woman.

A pink flower on the table

Standing in front of a circle table with no chairs. I was playing with some sort of a flower, it was pink and green in the middle and if I played with it the right way this big black thing would launch.

This vision seems to point toward some upcoming event in your home or related to one of your close family members. The pink flower in particular points toward this event being a reunion of sorts, as many of your family members may live slightly farther away than allows for easy travel. The round table may represent some opportunity to easily reconnect or interact with these individuals. Just as a round table has no head, so does this symbol mean you would be on equal footing with the other members. The lack of chairs, however, suggests your efforts to get into the good graces of at least some of the members would be in vain.

Meaning of dream about white flowers

White flowers

Seeing pure white flowers in a dream vision is almost always associated with being the recipient of bad or unfavorable news concerning your personal affairs, either in a verbal message or a written correspondence. The information you receive may leave a bad taste in your mouth, causing sadness, disappointment, and even despair. The exception to this is if it is a young, unmarried woman who dreams about white flowers. In this case, white flowers can indicate an upcoming marriage or engagement.

Red flowers

Dreams which center around the image of red flowers can have multiple interpretations, depending on where you are in your life. Red flowers are sometimes associated with success in relationships, meaning that a current partnership could lead to marriage in the future. Additionally, they can indicate success in business ventures as well, suggesting improvements in your work situation or making big profits. While this sign has positive connotations in these situations, if you are currently suffering from some illness or health problems, seeing red flowers in a dream could predict further complications which may end in death.

Artificial flowers

Having a dream vision in which there is a presence of artificial flowers, such as those created using plastic or paper, symbolically represents your decision to cut ties with someone close to you. This means you could be considering ending a relationship you are in or ending a friendship with someone you have known for a long time. In either case, your actions are likely to cause some feelings of regret due to you actions, possibly as a result of pushback or other people not fully understanding your reasons.

Yellow flowers

Specifically envisioning flowers that are yellow in color in a dream vision, whether they are pale and light or have a strong, bright color, suggests that a goal you are currently working toward is destined to face some challenges or difficulties, possibly leading to a complete stoppage of progress. This situation could cause delays and make you feel frustrated and angry.

Flowers in infertile soil

Dreaming about flowers which grow in the ground but are wilting due to poor soil or nutrition is often interpreted as a sign of experiencing difficulty or misfortune in your personal life. This symbol is especially connected with the idea of the sudden passing of someone important to you, such as a family member or a close friend. Additionally, flowers which struggle to grow in infertile soil may also indicate finding a path to a better place or social standing in society, one in which you are well-respected and admired by all around you.

Flowers growing inside your house

Growing or taking care of multiple household plants, including flowers, in a dream vision represents an aspect of your personality which is unwilling to trust those you have just met with your true thoughts or feelings. You likely wait some time before revealing what you are really thinking to others, causing them to be slightly taken off guard when you show your true personality.

Dreaming about plants or flowers covered with dew

Flowers covered with dew

Dreaming about flowers which have little patches of dew on their petals, leaves, or stems is often interpreted as a negative sign that your current projects and endeavors are destined to result in chaos and, ultimately, complete failure. There is little to no chance that you would be able to reverse or prevent this situation from happening despite your best efforts.

Smelling flowers

Having a dream about literally stopping to smell the roses, or any other type of flower, is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with loss or unfortunate circumstances. This is usually the case if the flowers give off an unpleasant or pungent odor. If the flowers smelled sweet and fresh, however, it could indicate the opposite, meaning you are more likely to find yourself in a favorable or advantageous position in life. Having the sense or feeling that you enjoy the scent of the flowers can be a manifestation of excitement and anticipation that occurs before a date with someone new in your life.

A flower in a pot

Being given a potted plant in a dream vision, such as a present or housewarming gift, usually predicts hearing news or receiving a message about the passing of someone you are familiar with and possibly close to in wake life, such as a friend or family member. There is a chance, however, that this person may not be particularly influential or significant in you personal life.

Flowers destroyed in a garden

Dreaming about having a beautiful flower garden, whether you have one in wake life or not, and then watching as someone pillaged and destroyed it, is often interpreted as an ill omen concerning your personal health and safety. More specifically, this sign in a dream vision indicates the presence of a powerful enemy who is conspiring against you. Their motives and interference in your life may have been concealed or protected until now, but they are likely more than willing to take whatever large-scale actions are necessary to assure their rise and your fall.

Completely surrounded by flowers

Becoming completely surrounded or encircled by beautiful, flourishing flowers, whether they seem to form a light layer or almost suffocate you with their density, symbolically represents the immense time and effort you have spent on another person, particularly a significant other or lover. This means, the greater the density of flowers, the more love and affection you have showered upon this person. While usually associated with relationships, this sign can also be connected to platonic friendships or familial love, indicating that people in your life inspire warm, happy feelings within you.

Dreams about receiving or giving flowers

Bright and fresh flowers

Envisioning fresh, bright flowers in the context of a dream vision, such as those in a beautiful vase on the table or growing in a lush garden, is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with moments of happiness and pure bliss. Especially beautiful flowers are also considered connected to material wealth and finances, indicating an increase in financial assets or the acquisition of valuable collectibles.

Dreams of bright, beautiful flowers accompanied by a noticeably fragrant and pleasant scent wafting from them further indicates positive developments in relation to romantic endeavors. It could predict an upcoming date or introduction to someone who is likely to make a strong, lasting impression on you. Your relationship with this person may also result in a number of wonderful, pleasant memories you can look back on fondly for many years.

Dreams about flowers or flowering plants in the field

Making a flower crown from field flowers

Being in the middle of a large field and creating a wreath from the flowers which surround you is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with romantic relationships. More specifically, visions of this type indicate the start or a new relationship with someone you already have an interest in. This vision further suggests a deepening of the love between the two of you and a perfect complement of talents and personality traits which would lend themselves well to a long-term commitment or marriage.

Round flowers

Envisioning flowers which have petals that form a particularly round shape represents the shape of a mother's womb. This means that on a subconscious level you have a deep respect for or dependence on strong female figures in your life, such as your mother. a teacher or another influential woman. Your close bond with this person is likely to have given you the strength to accomplish many things and may be a continuing source of wisdom for many years to come.

Receiving flowers

Receiving a bouquet of flowers is a positive omen to perceive while in the dream realm. It is often considered a sign of joy and good fortune, especially for those who have an important event coming up, like a wedding or the birth of a child. Alternatively, giving someone flowers or watching someone else receive flowers could mean that your positive emotions are having a chain effect, bringing a little joy and sunshine to everyone within your sphere of influence.

A lot of flowers from admirers

Dreams about being given a number of flowers as a sign of affection from an admirer or lover is actually a fairly negative sign associated with long periods of loneliness and isolation, especially from romantic partners or potential mates. You may have had someone you were genuinely interested in, but your fantasies regarding this person are likely to remain only that. The relationship would not be able to progress as you wish in wake life.

Dream interpretation for flowers or floral bouquets

Flowers growing in a meadow

Seeing multiple flowers in a vast, open field, whether you collect them or simply enjoy their fragrance, symbolically represents an upcoming series of events that contain little joys and make your life feel more comfortable and content. These events are likely to be integrated into your daily life and schedule, making the multiple small episodes of happiness an integral part of your existence. You are also likely to become aware just how happy and blessed your life truly is.

If you collected many flowers while enjoying this large, beautiful meadow, it shows an aspect of your personality which spreads joy and happiness to all around you. This is accomplished through your small acts of kindness toward others and willingness to help them with a smile which does not only positively affect the ones you help, but everyone around. Your good character also gives you happiness and peace of mind, further inspiring you to continue your work and develop this special ability for the benefit of others.

Flowers rose

Roses as flowers generally represent success and achievement. In some cases, this symbol may precede winning an award or getting recognized for your hard work. But none of this can come to pass without effort and determination.

Dreams about strange colors of flowers or plants meaning

Gathering flowers

Finding yourself In a park, field, or garden gathering flowers, either to make a bouquet for someone else or to put on your own table, represents your quest for knowledge and your innate talent for accumulating, storing, and recalling this knowledge. Wanting to learn more and more may have also led you to question your own place in life and what your true calling or destiny is.

Watering flowers

A dream vision centered around the idea of watering flowers, whether those flowers are growing wildly or are part of a perfectly trimmed garden, suggests a peaceful, fulfilling home life. This means the relationship between your immediate family members and even your extended family is likely to be strong and supportive.

Wilted or dried flowers

Envisioning wilted, dying, or dried out flowers in a vision predicts misfortune and bad luck for your personal affairs or for the affairs of those closest to you, such as family members or good friends. These troubles are likely those that would place a lot of stress on relationships, such as a separation, loss of trust, or health problems. The result of this situation may cause a lot of friction between those involved and leave everyone feeling raw and on their guard.

Pricking fingers by a flower

Dreaming about receiving flowers from another person, whether it was a single flower or a whole bouquet of them, and then pricking your finger on it predicts going through a hard, troubling period with your partner, spouse, or lover. Specifically, this sign suggests that the other party has not been faithful in some way, likely cheating on you or taking some action which would ultimately jeopardize the whole relationship. Being injured by a flower you receive as a gift may also represent the suffering you may experience after someone close to you betrays you or acts inappropriately towards you.

Planting flowers

Taking care of a garden and growing your own flowers is often interpreted as a sign of upcoming challenges or a difficult problem. However, you should not worry, as this sign also suggests you are able to rely on your intelligence and experience to find a wise, efficient solution which would clear up everything quickly and easily, letting you get on with your life with minimal disruption or stress.

Flowers of unusual color

Having a dream about flowers that are unusual in color, such as green roses or daisies, often represents becoming too entangled in the affairs of someone else's personal life. This normally includes prying into private matters and putting your nose where it does not belong, but it can also include getting too close to the lover of a friend, such as hitting on or openly flirting with them. It is very likely that your friend can sense your inappropriate gestures and read into the words you say. They may confront you, verbally or physically, over your behavior and actions if you do not put an end to it immediately.

Creating flower arrangements

Making a bouquet of flowers or arranging flowers within a vase as a gift for someone else is often interpreted as a positive sign. It indicates being the recipient of surprising but pleasant news which gives you a sense of relief, joy and elation that is likely to last for a long time to come.

Tearing flower petals off

Having a dream about tearing the petals off of a flower, either to decide a lover or in frustration, represents a personal tendency to let your emotions get the best of you, leading to out of control, reckless behavior that may cause many difficulties and conflicts in wake life. The results of words and actions said and done in the heat of the moment suggests a pessimistic outlook on life and difficulty seeing the good in people and in life which can affect multiple aspects of your existence, including your business opportunities, social relations and personal affairs.

If, after pulling all the petals off of the flower you gave it to another person in the same dream, it indicates that your rash behavior and negative outlook on life is most likely due to being under the influence of someone else or being dominated by another person. This person's ability to have an effect on your mind and body may override your better sense of judgement, making it difficult not only to control your own actions, but also to explain and express what is happening to you.

Flowers and fruits on a branch

For females, dreams involving flowers and fruits growing together on the branches of a tree indicate the woman's ability to see herself as attractive and appealing to members of the opposite sex, meaning she is able to inspire erotic images and desires in men. However, this self-perception may or may not be accurate or reflect the true nature of the situation. Forcing the sense of femininity and womanly appeal on herself may cause difficulty in starting and maintaining a relationship, especially in the long-term.

Giving flowers to someone

Having a dream where you presented flowers to someone, whether it was a gift or an award, indicates an upcoming opportunity to express your deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation of someone in wake life. This is especially true if the person you gave the flowers to in the vision is someone you care about deeply or has influenced your life in a significant manner. This sign suggests using every available opportunity to show your thankfulness for this person's assistance or support.

Giving flowers to a stranger

Giving flowers to a stranger of the opposite sex whom you have just met can indicate a fateful encounter with someone who may be your soulmate or destined partner. In this case, you should share your true feelings and beliefs with this person as soon as possible, learning everything you can about each other. There could be immediate attraction between you and this person, but without the development of a real relationship, it may go to waste unless you two can communicate thoroughly and often.

Putting a flower in a vase

Having a dream vision about putting a single flower or multiple flowers into a vase, no matter the type or design of it, is often interpreted as a sign that your life has no major problems or difficulties at the moment. This balance and peace can be felt throughout your everyday life and gives you the opportunity to spend more time being concerned about others. In return for your kindness and assistance, your relationship with these people is likely to improve and grow deeper, giving you much satisfaction.

Flowers growing quickly

Envisioning flowers growing from seed to beautiful bloom before your very eyes or watching such a flower unfold in fast-forward motion is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with unexpected but pleasant news. More specifically, this symbol points toward hearing back from someone or receiving information about something you have been awaiting for some time and with much anticipation. The better the quality of the flowers, meaning their size, color, and freshness, the more positive and lucky this news is predicted to be.

Unable to reach a patch of flowers

Dreaming about a patch of beautiful flowers that blooms in the midst of barren land but being unable to reach this fertile oasis for any reason, is often interpreted as a sign that you are getting closer to an important goal that may have questionable moral implications. While being successful and making progress are generally considered positive experiences, you must also consider the price at which you buy these good feelings. This vision is, in this case, a warning to consider if the goal, which could have negative consequences for others and possibly yourself later, is worth the good feelings it is giving you now.

Picking flowers to make a bouquet

Being in a dream in which you gather or collect a variety of beautiful flowers in order to make a bouquet or flower arrangement is predictive of an upcoming situation in which you meet or run into a friend you have not seen for a long time, possibly due to drifting apart or a physical distance between you. However, despite the initial happiness or nostalgia, it is likely this meeting is to end poorly and cause some awkwardness or bad blood between you, as with time both of you have become different people and no longer have much in common.

Flowers displayed in a window

Having a dream about flowers that stand out to you because they are placed in a window, such as a display at a florist or as a decoration in someone's house, often serves as a prediction of upcoming misfortune or a series of events where the outcome does not suit you. The result of this situation may trouble you greatly for some time and cause feelings of dissatisfaction and annoyance.

Unseasonal flowers

Gathering flowers outside of the season in which they normally bloom, such as cherry or peach blossoms in the fall or hydrangeas in winter, is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with misfortune and bad luck. More specifically, this symbol indicates a period of hardship characterized by disappointment, challenges, and, occasionally, medical problems.

Someone covered with flowers

Having a dream vision about someone being covered or blanketed in a thick carpet of flowers symbolically represents a grave that is being decorated with bouquets and wreaths. In this way, this symbol can be interpreted as a sign that the person envisioned in this dream or someone close to you may pass away soon, resulting in you receiving an invitation to their funeral service.

Flowering shrubs or trees

Dream visions that contain the scenery of flowers which bloom in small bushes or shrubs carry the prediction of having a financially successful life. This means you are likely to experience prosperity both at work and in your home life, particularly concerning money matters.

A flower with a broken stem

Envisioning a single flower with a broken stem, caused by either drooping or a swift tear, is often interpreted as a negative sign. It warns of the imminent end of a relationship with someone close to you, either a friendship or romantic partnership. The loss of this person's companionship may cause a long period of grieving and even depression.

Flowers losing their petals

Having a dream about flowers which are losing their petals, such as those that have been left in a vase or on a display for too long, reflects the internal turmoil you are experiencing in regards to issues with raising your children. This could be due to a lack of resources, such as being unable to provide adequate nutrition or weather-appropriate clothing, or it could be related to problems with your relationship with them, for example having different values or schedules which do not allow you to interact much. While they may seem to be handling this situation well on the surface, your subconscious is urging you to dig deeper, as it suspects there may be more than meets the eye.

Blue flowers

Seeing blue flowers in a dream vision, whether they are in a vase inside a room or growing freely in a garden, is often considered the manifestation of deep spiritual ability and a talent for explaining and connecting with the other side. You may also have a more romantic, idealistic personality, avoiding hard scientific facts or pragmatic situations.

Putting fresh flowers on a grave

Being at a grave site or funeral home and seeing yourself placing fresh flowers or a wreath on the grave of someone you know, particularly if that person is still living, suggests there is a point of disagreement between the two of you. While you may not recognize the feeling when you are conscious, you probably feel as though your life would be better if this person were not around. Their interference in your life and affairs may seem like an obstacle to getting the praise, recognition and rewards you think you would receive otherwise.

Flowers of many colors in a car

I had a dream I was at work and I remember walking out to my van and it was gone. I was about to panic until I saw this nice whit car with all of these flowers in it, they were red and orange looking lilies, purple and yellow with yellow buds, and others just lined up on the arm rest, on the passenger seat. I still didn't know who it was for until I got in and stuck my key in the ignition and it started up. That's when something said "You were due for an upgrade", it was like a sports car.

This dream vision of stumbling upon a variety of flowers in the car is a representation of your personal reassessment and the obvious need for a change. You could have recently gone through some kind of separation from a love partner or a close friend and could presently be seeking someone's company in your life. You could be bored and dissatisfied with your daily routine, such as going to and coming back from work or performing your everyday duties like a robot. Your mind is preoccupied with the idea of going away somewhere or finding more exciting people to spend your free time with. The nice car filled with flowers in this dream, therefore, serves as a signal for you to try to break free from the mundane existence and come up with ways to live a more colorful life.

Gathering and eating flowers

Well, the dream happen to be a survival test, a vacation, and I and my love were walking with the guide eating plant life, catching animals, but what the highlight was, I picked up a carnation flower and ate half of it, the other half was hanging from my mouth, and I gave her another carnation flower. I woke up realizing I was eating in front of her and giving her something that was hanging from my mouth.

This vision centers around the idea of the flowers you ate, and the interpretation depends to a great extent on your feeling during this time. Dreaming about eating flowers can predict experiencing loss or misfortune if the taste was bitter or unpleasant. However, if the flowers tasted good to you, it might suggest a favorable event or circumstance you are about to experience. Dreaming about eating flowers and liking them could also reflect your anticipation about an upcoming date or romantic rendezvous.

Being told to bathe with flowers

I have dream a young girl was telling me to bathe with flowers inside my water. Because inside the dream I was bathing with a bowl full of water an put a soft drink inside the water and she showed me that the top of it contained fine yellow flowers inside the top and she said I should add it to the water and bathe with it. So I woke up from this dream.

Bathing is associated with cleansing, transformation and renewal. Your dream shows you two ways you could bathe - one with soda in your water and the other with yellow flowers. The former reveals your usual coping mechanism whenever you experience a burnout or face trying times. Maybe you are the type who likes to unwind through hedonistic pursuits to get away from your problems. On the other hand, the young girl is showing you another, more sensible way to achieve happiness, which is to focus on improving yourself. The yellow flowers added to water allude to a much deeper kind of cleansing, not just the superficial kind. The dream is telling you to change tactics and start being kinder and more generous to others as this way of being happy lasts longer and radiates positivity onto others.

Flowers on the outside of a window

I was standing in front of a window then I opened up the blinds as I was looking out of the window, I saw three big flowers pods. The top half of the flower petals were bright red and the bottom half were bright yellow and the green leaves were at the bottom of each. The first flower was really big, the second one was medium and third was small. I could barely see it, but I could tell it was the same as the others.

The flowers with red and yellow petals that you saw from the window represent your ambitions. You are likely a very driven individual who makes decisions based on passion, symbolized by the red petals, and tempered by your own wisdom gleaned from personal experience, signified by the yellow petals. Furthermore, the crystal encasing the flowers pertains to your quest for self-actualization. In essence, the flowers represent various challenges on your path which you must go through or overcome before reaching your desired destination.