Dreams Related To Floor

Sweeping the floor

Sweeping the floors during the course of a dream vision is often considered your unconscious mind's attempts to get rid of bad thoughts or negative energy clouding your judgement. Perhaps you have been weighed down by a lot of work or are currently in a situation that causes you a lot of emotional pain. These unresolved problems may even be affecting your ability to function normally. As such, it would be wise to find a way to unburden yourself, perhaps by talking with a friend or taking some time to yourself.

Water on the floor

The imagery of water on the floor, from spilled water from a glass or house leaks, for example, portends arguments in your house which might lead to serious problems if someone does not intervene. If you are cleaning the water by mopping it up, it means you might have to act as a mediator to prevent the fight from escalating. Your ability to manage your emotions makes you a good arbitrator during heated situations. Alternatively, a loved one might harbor a negative view on life because of the current state of the world, and the water represents their spiritual journey to find purpose and meaning amid the constant cycle of bad news.

Floors breaking apart inside the house

So I'm in my own house, and somehow suddenly I see that the floor is breaking apart. But specifically, just breaking apart, not falling away. More like a fault line suddenly developing in my house. But the house is still standing, it hasn't fallen away. My wife is with me at the time, there were some other people also, can't remember, maybe my parents, maybe my friends. The dream was disturbing, to say the least.

Houses in dreams represent who you are as a person, while different rooms in the house refer to the different aspects of your personality or emotional state. The floor is your foundation or your source of security. Hence, to see it breaking apart in the dream, sustaining cracks similar to a fault line alludes to events that could test your values and principles. The presence of your family possibly means that the upcoming shake-up may involve or affect your loved ones. Small cracks can lead to bigger problems, hence the dream may be a cautionary message regarding seemingly inconsequential spats and arguments that could lead to more serious conflicts.

Walking on a dirty floor

I was walking barefoot on a very dirty wet floor and in the end I met my husband and some friends.

Being barefoot in a dream while walking on dirty dump floor could symbolize the existence of uncertainties or concerns. It is possible that you currently face some dubious, unfamiliar, displeasing or frightful situation. This specially applies if you were not enjoying the walk. Moreover, the situation might involve people that are close to you, such as your family or close friends. Alternatively, you would feel the need of seeking their support and comfort. You might benefit from trying to prioritize your everyday routines and avoiding any extraordinary, new or irregular behaviors and circumstances. This strategy could prevent you from experiencing unexpected or negative complications.

Cleaning the floor

Cleaning the floor, such as mopping or sweeping the dirt away, portends the untimely passing of a family member or close friend. It could also symbolize a departure, such as moving away from you or distancing themselves from you because of irreconcilable differences. This profound loss will leave a hole in your life which will take some time to heal.

The floor collapsing under feet

I'm a male. The dream takes place in the house I grew up in, and the floor is falling out. No matter which room I go into, in each room it's getting worse and worse. In each dream the people are the same but they change. Sometimes it's mom, or sister, or my ex of over 10 years. Sometimes it's my dad (deceased). One thing is always the same. The floor is falling out from under me.

Houses in the dream world often represent the dreamers themselves. In this case, your childhood home was filled with familiar faces from your past, a sure sign that this is directly related to your current position in life. As the floor is considered the foundation of the house, having it fall out from beneath you represents a lack of security in your daily existence. Given the figures in your vision, it is likely relationship troubles that are causing these doubts. Seeing those who are already long gone from your life, either those who are no longer existent in this world or those who are no longer present for other reasons, serves as a reminder that everything is fleeting and that sometimes opportunities to fix what is wrong pass us by. But the images of those from your present mean that there is still time to rectify mistakes and show others how much they truly mean before it is too late.

Unable to finish sweeping floors

I can't stop sweeping the shop floor where I worked 35 years ago. Other employees are waiting for me to clock out but not helping me finish.

Sweeping the floors reveals a desire to get rid of negative emotions and destructive thoughts. Since the floors you were sweeping are the floors from your old previous workplace, it means you want to move on from past mistakes or old grudges that may be holding you back from achieving more in your career or personal life. You probably have a lot of regrets or even unresolved issues from your old job which are affecting how you work or live today. So the act of sweeping means you want a clean slate and a fresh start by keeping the life lessons to help you get ahead while letting go of the emotional baggage.

Hair on the floor

Dreaming of hair on the floor can represent losing something important to you, such as a relationship, a job, or an aspect of your identity. It symbolizes the feelings of sadness or grief that you are experiencing as a result of this loss. Additionally, you need to change and shed old habits, beliefs, or persons that are no longer serving you. As we know, long hair can be seen as a symbol of femininity or beauty and also reflects your desire to feel more attractive or confident, losing hair and seeing it on the floor implies that you are in a transition period and ready to acknowledge change and move forward to ready yourself for more achievements.

Slipping on floor

According to the evangelist Joshua, slipping on a wet or slippery floor carries a very prophetic interpretation. The wet surface implies there has been a recent need for reflection on a relationship or friendship. You may suspect that something is off. While it may only be the hint of a bad feeling or an inkling in the back of your mind, the part of your mind that reacts to fears and discomfort is calling the shots. Consider your next moves carefully, as making a mistake may cause unintended ripples in the puddles of your life.