Dreams Related To Flat British

Having a flat from the past

I keep having a recurring dream, it's a flat I own but secretly. I keep ending up in this flat either to decorate or just visit and it's in a place I lived with my grandpa. But then last night it was decorated exactly the same as the living room I had in my real flat 25 years ago but this flat keeps popping up in my dreams. I'm waking up in some fright states sweating or crying.

A recurring dream about an old flat or a secret apartment means you like to dwell in the past. You carry a lot of baggage from previous experiences and these thoughts or memories are holding you back from fully embracing the present and looking forward to the future. So seeing this place redecorated as another living space from your past means that you are still not ready to close old chapters, tie loose ends and let go of memories weighing you down. The results of decorating that evoke feelings of sadness in you represent your vivid memories and experiences from the past which will never leave you no matter how much you try.