Dreams Related To Fired

Fired from a job for inappropriate behavior

I dreamed that I was on the school bus with a few students and adults, like summer school, and before I got off the bus here comes my boss ran to the bus and told me that I touched a kid and threw away the evidence before getting off the school bus, and then he fired me and told me that I had to get a ride from the judge to work tomorrow to ask for my job back. Please help, I've been dreaming about my boss taking my job away from me and I've recently gone through a bad breakup and we have a son together! I finally got to the point where I feel okay with that situation and I think I am ready.

Dreaming about being accused of wrongdoing is a warning that there could be negative gossip circulating about you behind your back. When you discover this it would make you very upset. When your boss appears in your dream it usually means that you are subconsciously afraid of or intimidated by this person. It can also indicate your own inadequacies to handle the work that you have been assigned. Losing your job in a dream, for some form of misconduct, reflects a real-life situation where your progress is hindered my minor problems. However, if you have a positive outlook and determination, you will normally be able to overcome these obstacles while learning to relish challenges in life.

Being fired

To get fired in a dream vision is an indication of problem solving happening while in REM sleep. According to Jung, your subconscious processes information you gathered while awake and creates dream scenarios to provide a sense of cohesion. In this case, getting fired suggests your mind is finding ways to solve your current predicament. Specifically, if you were fired due to poor conduct, then you may be dealing with toxic friends who are spreading negativity in your social sphere. If the reason for your termination is unclear, then perhaps it is your own ineptitude or immaturity that is to blame. Personal growth will be the first step to improving your situation.

Getting fired

Jungian sources attribute this dream symbol to your subconscious working through problems you are facing in reality. In essence, while your conscious mind is at rest, your unconscious mind is opening itself up to different ways in which this issue could be solved or mitigated. Further clues could give a better interpretation of this symbol. For instance, if you were fired for your own poor conduct, it may reflect the presence of individuals whose negativity is not helping you improve your situation. On the other hand, being fired without cause could mean that your own emotional maturity is holding you back. You would need to address these aspects of your life before you could solve the larger problems at hand.

Being laid off

I was working for others who decided to make me leave.

Dreaming about being fired or let go under any circumstances in a dream vision predicts a similar situation (or the possibility of such a situation) in wake life. Namely, this sign points toward a glitch or problem at your place of work that, while not technically your fault, is likely to fall on your shoulders. However, even when faced with an almost insolvable challenge, your positive outlook and energy are the tools you can rely on to find a solution and get things back on track.