Dreams Related To Finger

Cutting a finger

Left index finger cut in half lengthwise, no blood, no one hurt.

Dreaming about cutting your index finger implies separation or distancing yourself from someone, but most likely just temporarily. Maybe you are only afraid of this happening so you are projecting these fears into your dream.

Fingers merging together

I am a female. I dreamed my index and middle fingers merged together and became one.

The index finger is typically associated with authority and leadership, while the middle finger represents a rebellious streak. In the context of your dream, the merging together of these two fingers could reveal your motivation to clean up your act and be more responsible. Perhaps you are about to meet a mentor who would guide you into realizing your full potential by diverting your passion, energy and creativity into more productive activities.

Growing an extra finger

I dreamt I grew an extra finger next to my thumb.

Noticing an additional finger growing next to your thumb in a dream vision could reflect your unusual dedication to a particular goal or hobby. You could be spending more time than you should on this one specific area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies or familial relationships, to suffer. This dream vision may be a warning to pay more attention to other aspects of your life so that you continue to be a well-balanced individual.

Searching for a missing finger

I'm female. I dreamt I was helping an old friend's youngest daughter hunt for her missing pinky finger. In my dream I was worried my oldest son had it. It turned out he had been hiding it and he gave it to me. I don't remember anymore than that.

The main symbol in your dream vision is that of the missing finger. This sign is associated with being on the receiving end of cool or passive behavior from someone you like in reality. Helping to find the finger suggests you desire to improve the connection or overcome the indifference this individual feels towards you. While you may feel this man or woman is acting rudely, their actions do not stem from a desire to avoid you. Rather, this individual may be shy or dealing with issues you are not aware of. Alternatively, there also could be a cultural or personal difference in how each of you deals with certain situations, causing a minor rift to form when a different approach is suggested or tried. Your fear that your son was hiding the finger can reveal that you do not want to take responsibility for this miscommunication, and your lack of self-confidence may prevent you from taking the first step toward solving this interpersonal issue on your own.

White heads on a finger

I'm a male and last night I had a dream of long white heads like the ones you squeeze from your nose, but it was coming out of one of my fingers (Index finger), and not just one, but a lot of them and when I woke up my finger was throbbing too.

The index finger symbolizes authority and aspirations. The white heads may represent negative emotions building up inside of you. For instance, you may be feeling confused about which path to follow, especially in connection to your career and professional journey. Alternatively, you may be too bossy or arrogant, so that you risk losing the trust and respect of your friends or colleagues.

A bleeding finger and half of the foot falling off

I dreamt last night that while sitting on a couch I cut my left index finger, but did not know what from, it bled a lot before I was able to get the bleeding to stop by applying pressure. When it finally stopped, I stood up to get a band-aid and fell over. Upon trying to stand, half of my left foot fell off, there was no pain and very little blood. I freaked out a bit and my friend Dave taped it back together for me but while he was helping me get in the truck it kept slipping and I was afraid it would reattach crookedly before we got to the hospital. Dave was very calm and just laughed it off and kept telling me it would be ok. At the hospital the doctor examined the portion of my foot that fell off and explained I was very lucky, only the toes showed signs of gangrene and I should have had it checked out months earlier. He seemed baffled when I explained to him that the injury only occurred 15 minutes ago? It was a really bizarre dream and I'm only a few weeks away from traveling abroad by myself for a year and worrying this dream might be an omen of some kind! Please help!!!

First of all, the image of cutting your index finger refers to losing your authority or credibility. It means you could lose your current position at work or opportunities that are available to you at the moment. Meanwhile, injury to the left foot, such as when half of the foot fell off, alludes to a lingering sense of imbalance or instability. You could be at a crossroads in your personal journey right now and yet you remain indecisive and uncertain about which path to take. Furthermore, the tape and band-aid both symbolize temporary solutions. While you may opt to do something with your time and your resources, they are not enough to deal with long-term effects. It is possible that you are trying to avoid pressing issues in your life by distracting yourself with escapist pursuits. For instance, traveling to new and exotic locations may seem like the right thing to do, even a productive use of your time, however, the problems and baggage you would leave at home are still going to be there when you return. This dream vision could be your mind's way of telling you that you need to weigh your options more carefully and prioritize accordingly because there may be immediate issues that you need to deal with before they become more serious. Ignoring or setting aside those issues may only serve to make things worse. This could cause a lot of headache later on when you do decide to face any existing problems left behind.

A finger popping out of the hand

I dreamt I looked at my right hand, then I was aware that my finger came right out of its socket from my palm like I pulled it and it popped out. No blood, like it was just clicked in as though it was prosthetic, strange.

Dreaming that a finger pops out, falls off or separates from your hand symbolizes resignation. The right hand usually represents assertiveness and willpower, so losing a finger reflects a sense of hopelessness or a belief that you cannot do anything to change a situation. You could be working on a project or venture which would take a negative turn and instead of finding a solution or using your resourcefulness to work around a problem, you would end up being defeated by your circumstance. The same dream could also signify upcoming legal issues in reality. You may have to participate in a court litigation in order to resolve legal disputes. Your relatives may file claims about properties or assets which would force you to hire a lawyer or reach an amicable resolution through a settlement.