Dreams Related To Figurine

A glass figurine of a dog

I dreamed that my mother and I were in a store and she bought a glass figurine of a mother poodle with 2 pups that she had owned prior. About a month later while on vacation after this dream I found the same figurine in an antique shop.

Dreams can often influence our reality. Perhaps there are some mystical powers at play. Maybe this dream helped guide you into that antique shop to find the very same glass figurine seen in your dream. On the other hand, you may have caught sight of this item previously and your memory stored it for some reason or another. Whichever it is, the symbol depicted by the glass figurine seems to hold a personal significance for you to see both in a dream and in reality. The material, glass, alludes to fragile bonds with others. The poodle, meanwhile, represents class and sophistication. The circumstances may be an allusion to your upper-class aspirations. It may be advising you to take care of powerful and influential connections if you want to get further and achieve a higher standing in the social strata.

Pulling out figurines from a bag

I am a single 37 year old woman. My dream was about pulling out of a bag, a white figurine of a couple both holding champagne glasses and then I pulled out another that looked the same with champagne glasses except it had "I love you" written on it. Then I pulled out a silver wedding band ring. I was then in the other room and I felt something turn me around and say "Look!" several times.

A wedding ring, whether the dreamer is single or married, represents a promise of eternal love. In your case, it means you are about to meet the person you would spend the rest of your life with. Since you are pulling a variety of wedding-related mementos or symbols from a bag, it seems like you are feeling pressured about settling down and starting your own family. Fortunately, the wedding ring seals the deal. The final act of being turned around to look suggests that finding your one true love would catch you by surprise. The person could have been around you all this time, you just have not entertained the possibility for romance to blossom.